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  1. Stay healthy and safe with this covid-19 pandemic going around, also have a great christmas & new years. happy1

  2. I'm busy with staying healthy & happy with this COVID-19 stuff, i won't be returning to posting on here. I officially made up my mind on it, end of the subject. xtina7

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    2. G.T.D.A.B.


      @Royalty Ok, so your not mad.  I was joking on the last part bro.

    3. Royalty
    4. G.T.D.A.B.


      @Royalty Yea, it was misleading for you. Maybe, i never meant for it to be. happy1

  3. Gaga's 2nd single could feat Ariana Grande or Koda Kumi, maybe it's Ariana & Koda on the same track with Gaga. 

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    2. Kuchisabishii


      I didn't know she was rumoured tho. As for me "acting like musicians don't exist just cause you don't know their songs" I knew about her from learning that she sang a different version of Can We Go Back by Kelly Clarkson. Both received the writers demo.

    3. G.T.D.A.B.


      @Chris Morlock before Ariana was. lol

      @Freaky Prince don't try it, both Koda & Gaga were told to lose weight & their ugly. They'll never be famous.

    4. Kuchisabishii


      I don't really check for Gaga's rumours so.. jj3

  4. The curse finally got to Gaga & Justin. lmfao2

  5. This is a dig at Gaga for sure, i love both of them. Porcelain needs to calm down.
  6. The Pussycat Dolls won't least long. Melody is doing her solo music *Thank god!*, Nicole was told to take a back seat *lmfao! Love this shit*, The other dolls wanna sing on the new ep and told Nicole her time is up. 


  7. Not Heidi "Queen" Montag loving my tweet about 4 songs that need to be re-released on a EP. cry1

  8. Poppy's new label made her drop Titanic Sinclair, thank god they save her from him. lol3

    He was a creep anyways.

    1. Venom


      "Creep" is an understatement when he's guilty of assault, abuse, stalking, harassment, breaking and entering, destruction of property, yadda yadda, gave stolen ideas to Poppy and Borns, made Poppy an accessory in stalking, takes credit for Borns' and probably Poppy's success when they're not around, ruined an innocent man's career by having Poppy accuse him of abusing her, tried to ruin Grimes by having Poppy accuse her of bullying and stealing writing credits, made sure each of his ex gf's solo release plans would be ruined or replicated in pieces of his own projects, forced beef between his female associates and deliberately turned Poppy (and Debby Ryan) against Mars, etc.; but yeah

      Obviously Poppy was complicit and should be criticized to some degree even though she was clearly manipulated, etc. But dropping him was a step in the right direction.

  9. Does anyone know how to remove a watermark from a picture, if you could do it for me. I'd be so grateful for it. happy1

    1. Dr. Slay

      Dr. Slay

      You could always ask in the Graphics Request Thread! Though I can try giving it a go giveup1

    2. G.T.D.A.B.
  10. No, i ain't dead. I'm just chilling and relaxing offline, well kicking my feet up on the wall. cloud1

  11. If, someone asked me "Do you miss FOTP, i'd answer "What do you think? Boo!".ny1

  12. PM me for the Heidi Montag More Is More Remixes, if you want them hit me up. happy1

  13. I've been lovin' life a lot lately, i wouldn't change it for anything in the world. 

  14. Things come and go, but happiness never really fades away. dancey1

  15. Madonna has made me, look at music different with Dark Bullet. 

    "It's a beautiful life, but I'm not concerned It's a beautiful dream, but a dream is earned Keep your beautiful words, 'cause I'm not concerned

    It's a beautiful plan (Hmm), but I'm not concerned (Oh, yeah)
    It's a beautiful game (Hmm) that I never learned
    People tell me to shut my mouth (Shut your mouth), that I might get burned
    Keep your beautiful lies (Hmm) 'cause I'm not concerned"

    This lines speak to me.

  16. I can put MNEK on my stan card now, he has a great voice and i love his personality. cry7 Been bopping to his songs lately with Kelly Rowland's albums. 

  17. Watched Madonna and the Breakfast Club last night, Madonna has come a long way and can sing, haters should be ashamed of themselves for saying she can't sing.

    1. Pawn


      "Ashamed." No shade. Much love xo

    2. G.T.D.A.B.


      @Pawn I just fixed it.

  18. Someone saying i called two girls bitches and not having evidence of it the other night, i feel bad for ya son. You look like a damn fool right now. ny12 Plus, i have evidence from other people that i never called them the B word in the first place. mad3

    1. G.T.D.A.B.


      @Urbanov This is why, i can't stand some people in this world. file1

  19. Not someone saying "You sound like James Charles, when you talk."  to me last night on video games. giveup2

    1. Royalty
    2. G.T.D.A.B.


      @Royalty I got pissed off and went off at them.

  20. 2017 was very sad & crappy

    2018 was the year, i find my voice and confident

    2019 is gonna be great with the right people near me 


  21. I never felt better, like i do right now.

  22. The Madonna & Gaga thing, ain't cute anymore. It's super annoying now, can it just stop already. ny12

  23. Who i was yesterday isn't who i am today. ;)

    1. Shego


      The paradox of identity. kylie3

  24. I'm good, just waiting 4 Christmas and New Years 2 come. gaga11