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  1. Poppy's new label made her drop Titanic Sinclair, thank god they save her from him. lol3

    He was a creep anyways.

    1. Venom

      "Creep" is an understatement when he's guilty of assault, abuse, stalking, harassment, breaking and entering, destruction of property, yadda yadda, gave stolen ideas to Poppy and Borns, made Poppy an accessory in stalking, takes credit for Borns' and probably Poppy's success when they're not around, ruined an innocent man's career by having Poppy accuse him of abusing her, tried to ruin Grimes by having Poppy accuse her of bullying and stealing writing credits, made sure each of his ex gf's solo release plans would be ruined or replicated in pieces of his own projects, forced beef between his female associates and deliberately turned Poppy (and Debby Ryan) against Mars, etc.; but yeah

      Obviously Poppy was complicit and should be criticized to some degree even though she was clearly manipulated, etc. But dropping him was a step in the right direction.