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  1. He tried to get with Jeffree Star's boyfriend, he got banned from their house and ext.
  2. Britney has said she wants to retire from music and take her boys to a small town in the south.
  3. Her solo album is never coming out. Woman All The Way Down Rage Stand Up All Because Of You Back To Her Future (feat. Dima Bilan) Didn't Wanna Do It Night Of Your Life (Demo) Out Of Your League (Demo) Found Love (Demo) Любовь в каждом мгновении (feat. Lena Katina, Ligalize & Mike Tompkins) (English: Love In Every Moment) Держи Рядом (English: Hold Me Close) Breaking Me (Demo) Спасите, люди, мир (English: It's Time To Save The World) Просто забыть (English: Just Forget) Алло Любовь (English: Hello Love)
  4. This actually sounds good, when i played this track list. I was like "Damn!".,
  5. 1.The Bus (Intro) (1:33) 2.Pink Fields (4:11) 3.Midnight Sun (4:04) 4.The Wizard Believe (4:18) 5.Jailhouse (3:34) 6.Born to Be Remembered (5:18) 7.Gypsy Star (3:57) 8.Red Lights (3:02) 9.Some Like It Hot (feat. Kinetics) (3:23) 10.Subtitles (feat. Kinetics) (5:28) 11.On the Run (3:01) 12.London Bitch/Lost at Sea (3:50) 13.Wake Me When It's Over (3:37) 14.Get Me High/Back Against the Wall (5:02) Deluxe: 15.Yard Sale (Extended Mix) (3:51) 16.Warner Blvd (2:51) 17.Sparks (4:00) 18.Eleutheromaniac (3:47) 19.Pussy Power (3:08) I made this from the 3 EP's
  6. Watched Madonna and the Breakfast Club last night, Madonna has come a long way and can sing, haters should be ashamed of themselves for saying she can't sing.

    1. Pawn


      "Ashamed." No shade. Much love xo

    2. G.T.D.A.B.


      @Pawn I just fixed it.

  7. Borderlands: The Handsome Collection has all the DLC and Borderlands 2+Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition has all the DLC, plus some new stuff in it.
  8. Just paid for this tonight.
  9. @Kristina I updated this topic.
  10. She is also working on new music for a new album, plus she did a new song for "The Hills: New Beginnings". More Is More (Dave Audé Club Mix) & More Is More (Dave Audé Club Dub Mix) are hard to find online.
  11. Superficial: Recorded: 2007-2009 1.Look How I'm Doing 2.Turn Ya Head 3.Fanatic 4.Superficial 5.More Is More (Explicit Version) 6.One More Drink 7.Twisted 8.Hey Boy 9.My Parade 10.Blackout 11.I'll Do It 12.Love It Or Leave It Leaked songs, Promotional singles: Recorded: 2007-2012 1.Touch Me 2.Higher 3.Dramatic (Without Britney/With Britney) 4.No More 5.Overdosin' 6.Your Love Found Me 7.Party Is Wherever I Am 8.Fashion 9.Body Language 10.Sex Ed 11.Trash Me 12.Bad Boy 13.He
  12. @Divine Thanks for the mention, i wish you luck on this. I've been inactive lately, so i won't take part in this.
  13. Thanks for the mention, i wish you luck on this. I've been inactive lately, sa i won't take part in this.
  14. Grookey may be a combination of groove and monkey. Scorbunny may be a combination of scorch and bunny. Sobble may be a combination of sob and bubble.
  15. I could see Koda Kumi making a NA debut with some English classes in the near future, under the name Koda. Maybe in Canada for sure. Songs like Taboo, Lollipop, Freaky, Slow and Crazy 4 U would do good here.
  16. Someone saying i called two girls bitches and not having evidence of it the other night, i feel bad for ya son. You look like a damn fool right now. ny12 Plus, i have evidence from other people that i never called them the B word in the first place. mad3

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      @Urbanov This is why, i can't stand some people in this world. file1

  17. I knew you were a king, when i met you on here.
  18. I do, really think Maju Garzett doesn't get enough love in the game.