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  1. People saying Beyonce is a High School drop out and Britney didn't finish high school, just to let you know Britney did finish high school. 


    So shut the fuck up! lj1

    1. H.O.N.E.Y

      What was the point of mentioning Beyonce in this post? I mean she remains diploma-less, so.  wendy4

    2. G.T.D.A.B.

      21 minutes ago, H.O.N.E.Y said:

      What was the point of mentioning Beyonce in this post? I mean she remains diploma-less, so.  wendy4

      It was to take a dig at a user on here, her and i are both diploma-less.

  2. I wish, i was in Japan right now. I'm poorer then a hoe on the street curb. eve1

  3. This song is playing in my head. mad10

  4. I feel a farewell topic coming from me in May.gasp1

    1. G.T.D.A.B.

      @Royalty 7 years rotting on here, give me my life back and a singing career. Even Gaga's career needs a facelift. sistren1

  5. What crappy weather today, snow and ice rain. Plus normal rain. scream2

    1. POPBOIY

      I'm about to have an ice storm scream2

    2. G.T.D.A.B.

      @POPBOIY You Canadian as well?

  6. This people think they can hold a note, fuckers & bitches get outta here with your try hardness. mad6

  7. I'd rather be a loser and nerd then a has-been. 

    1. Onika

      I'm all 3 bey3

    2. G.T.D.A.B.

      @Onika You're not the only one. kii1

  8. What a jam.brit11

    1. LittleDudeNT5

      Nothing against Cupcakke or this song, but honestly her choruses are boring af dead2 

    2. Chris Morlock

      this song is LGBT Part II and its iconic. aretha1 

  9. I'm sorry, if i always laugh at your posts. They just give me life and make me crack up, when i'm in sad mood.

  10. One of the song with Dirrty by Xtina that gets me in the mood for dirty talk. ;)

  11. tumblr_oskzdjDQ941ufrqg1o1_500.gif

    "I'm driving this car it's on fire maybe because i'm driven for your love baby"


    1. Hylia

      That’s dangerous, you should call the fire department!

    2. G.T.D.A.B.

      @Hylia  It ain't taboo to let my feelings out.

  12. I was singing O Canada at midnight, when i got to the "From far and wide" part. I was cracking up so much.

  13. Why, you haven't seen me around a lot. I had to work out issues off of the forum and other things.

    1. Urbi

      GFY man. Sort things out and later come over. Not like this forum is dying anyway, but come and visit us whenever you have time!

    2. G.T.D.A.B.

      I had to work out issues with family, 2017 was a crappy and shitty for me. A death in March drove me into deep depression and it take me till September to snap outta it.

  14. It never gets old.gaga13

  15. Not J lo slaying me with her singles. shock1

  16. 2017 was a crap and shitty year for me, so bug off.

    1. Kyoteki

      Aoo log off if ur trying to focus on life..?

  17. Stop mentioning me in topics, i'm focusing on my life right now.

  18. Most of you know me as Lollipop, some of you know me as Driven, others know me as plain old Josh. I had a good run on here, i kinda gotta let go and let someone take my place.  :D

  19. Waking up and wanting to vomit ain't cool. dead0

  20. Cher's albums from 1991-2013 were some of her best work. brit11

  21. You're cute, but your personality is trash. No! I don't wanna suck ya off. scream2

    1. G.T.D.A.B.

      I ain't a pedophile, i'm a saint of god. 

  22. Iconic and legendary!

  23. I wanna be remembered for being nice and not being messy on here.

    1. Dancing Queen


      You are nicekylie1

  24. 2k18 is looking up already, i love all the love and support. I have gotten.gaga13

  25. She is back! ny11

    1. G.T.D.A.B.

      @Salvatore this talks about how some users are on here.kii1

    2. G.T.D.A.B.

      2 minutes ago, Mr.Gorgeous said:


      Yea, stan with me. clap4