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  1. Superficial

    Courtney Stodden - Reality (Remix)
  2. No, i ain't dead. I'm just chilling and relaxing offline, well kicking my feet up on the wall. cloud1

  3. If, someone asked me "Do you miss FOTP, i'd answer "What do you think? Boo!".ny1

  4. Superficial

    Heidi Montag - Glitter and Glory
  5. Superficial

    Check your PMs.
  6. PM me for the Heidi Montag More Is More Remixes, if you want them hit me up. happy1

  7. Superficial


    Before the whole Pop punk thing, she was a Country singer.
  8. Superficial

    Jennifer Lopez - Ain't Your Mama
  9. Superficial

    Jennifer Lopez - Waiting for Tonight
  10. I've been lovin' life a lot lately, i wouldn't change it for anything in the world. 

  11. Things come and go, but happiness never really fades away. dancey1

  12. Superficial

    She was on the highway and speeding, she went through a car pile up and hit that woman vehicle head on. It haunts her till this day. tbh
  13. She needs a new team. asap They up on Britney for Miley. Pretty much
  14. It would be a mix of In The Zone & Glory.