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  1. Superficial

    Celeb News

    She better not try it with no new music ever.
  2. Superficial

    Celeb News

    It ain't true.
  3. Superficial

    Dark Ballet (Good Version Without Vocoder)
  4. Superficial

    Ayumi Hamasaki is known worldwide, she could pull a US debut album with Interscope Records/Capitol Records. If she wanted too.
  5. Superficial

    She has a place in California, she is of 75% Japanese, 25% Italian descent.
  6. This makes me sick, this event was to be happy and get together.
  7. Madonna has made me, look at music different with Dark Bullet. 

    "It's a beautiful life, but I'm not concerned It's a beautiful dream, but a dream is earned Keep your beautiful words, 'cause I'm not concerned

    It's a beautiful plan (Hmm), but I'm not concerned (Oh, yeah)
    It's a beautiful game (Hmm) that I never learned
    People tell me to shut my mouth (Shut your mouth), that I might get burned
    Keep your beautiful lies (Hmm) 'cause I'm not concerned"

    This lines speak to me.

  8. I can put MNEK on my stan card now, he has a great voice and i love his personality. cry7 Been bopping to his songs lately with Kelly Rowland's albums. 

  9. Superficial

    The Daddy Issues (Deluxe edition) 1.Rubber Band Stacks 2.Happy Days 3.Changes (feat. Jack Antonoff) 4.Nasty 5.Paper or Plastic 6.Living Out Loud (feat. Sia) 7.Volcano 8.With Me (feat. Liz) 9.Bullshit 10.Danger Deluxe edition bonus tracks: 11.A Study in Duality 12.Opulence 13.Pop Rock 14.Bed Squeak 15.Feel Yourself (Alcohol) (feat. Cory Enemy) 16.Godzillionaire
  10. He tried to get with Jeffree Star's boyfriend, he got banned from their house and ext.
  11. Britney has said she wants to retire from music and take her boys to a small town in the south.
  12. Superficial

    Her solo album is never coming out. Woman All The Way Down Rage Stand Up All Because Of You Back To Her Future (feat. Dima Bilan) Didn't Wanna Do It Night Of Your Life (Demo) Out Of Your League (Demo) Found Love (Demo) Любовь в каждом мгновении (feat. Lena Katina, Ligalize & Mike Tompkins) (English: Love In Every Moment) Держи Рядом (English: Hold Me Close) Breaking Me (Demo) Спасите, люди, мир (English: It's Time To Save The World) Просто забыть (English: Just Forget) Алло Любовь (English: Hello Love)
  13. Superficial

    This actually sounds good, when i played this track list. I was like "Damn!".,
  14. Superficial

    1.The Bus (Intro) (1:33) 2.Pink Fields (4:11) 3.Midnight Sun (4:04) 4.The Wizard Believe (4:18) 5.Jailhouse (3:34) 6.Born to Be Remembered (5:18) 7.Gypsy Star (3:57) 8.Red Lights (3:02) 9.Some Like It Hot (feat. Kinetics) (3:23) 10.Subtitles (feat. Kinetics) (5:28) 11.On the Run (3:01) 12.London Bitch/Lost at Sea (3:50) 13.Wake Me When It's Over (3:37) 14.Get Me High/Back Against the Wall (5:02) Deluxe: 15.Yard Sale (Extended Mix) (3:51) 16.Warner Blvd (2:51) 17.Sparks (4:00) 18.Eleutheromaniac (3:47) 19.Pussy Power (3:08) I made this from the 3 EP's and singles from 2013-2015. Info: Yes, i put The Bus+Intro from 301 to Paradise together. I also did it with London Bitch/Lost at Sea & Get Me High/Back Against the Wall.
  15. Watched Madonna and the Breakfast Club last night, Madonna has come a long way and can sing, haters should be ashamed of themselves for saying she can't sing.

    1. Pawn

      "Ashamed." No shade. Much love xo

    2. Superficial

      @Pawn I just fixed it.