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  1. Who I Am

    https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2ZCb7J0lxwaO2opnSMURej Been boppin' to this.
  2. Who I Am

    Madonna can sing, she is doing the wrong genre of music. Rock fits her voice really well.
  3. They will get their ass beat still today, laws mean shit when a white person says the N word.
  4. Who I Am here

    The Madonna & Gaga thing, ain't cute anymore. It's super annoying now, can it just stop already. ny12

  5. Who I Am

    I remember Deepthroat came on while playing a video game once, i had to not crack up over it.
  6. Still waiting on the 3rd album to drop.
  7. Who I Am

    Sick of this crap. *logs out*
  8. Who I Am here

    Who i was yesterday isn't who i am today. ;)

  9. *Give a high five* Well said, man.
  10. Who I Am here

    I'm good, just waiting 4 Christmas and New Years 2 come. gaga11

  11. Who I Am


    On the backburner.
  12. Who I Am

    They were good songs, she kinda messed up. imo
  13. Who I Am


    @Yzma look at this crap!