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  1. It's sad knowing only Canadian and Japanese people know about her.
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  3. Who I Am


    She looks like a drag queen. lol
  4. Who I Am

    I could see Koda Kumi making a NA debut with some English classes in the near future, under the name Koda. Maybe in Canada for sure. Songs like Taboo, Lollipop, Freaky, Slow and Crazy 4 U would do good here.
  5. Who I Am here

    Someone saying i called two girls bitches and not having evidence of it the other night, i feel bad for ya son. You look like a damn fool right now. ny12 Plus, i have evidence from other people that i never called them the B word in the first place. mad3

    1. Who I Am

      @Urbanov This is why, i can't stand some people in this world. file1

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    She is working on AG6 right now.
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    An update:
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    11 tracks with 4 B-Sides=15 tracks That's my cup of tea.
  10. Who I Am here

    Not someone saying "You sound like James Charles, when you talk."  to me last night on video games. giveup2

    1. Who I Am

      @Royalty I got pissed off and went off at them.

  11. Who I Am

    Celeb News

    It's a good album, so you should give it a listen.
  12. Yea, we should be dragging R. Kelly in BG and not Gaga.
  13. Don't say that, it could still come out.