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  1. Alek


    Just made Ariana playlist to listen to while I clean the house.
  2. Maybe I'm being too serious, but like it's 2018 and shouldn't we stop putting these women against each other.
  3. NTLTC is slaying me so hard, I'm really excited for the album. Air doesn't disappoint and each era is better than the previous one, so I'm ready.
  4. She's doing her makeup rn, it's so weird.
  5. Alek


    Thanks, it's almost 10 pm here, I'll have to do it tomorrow. I just hope that it will be available...
  6. Alek here

    How long until Witness listening event on Youtube?

  7. Alek


    How long before the the youtube event?
  8. I don't think it's that big of a deal...