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  1. Come out in a sense that they didn't do any procedures and are not on hormone therapy, also some trans people don't do gender reassignment surgery.
  2. This is so sad...he must fee awful, then again he's dragging other people into his shit...so dunno.
  3. I believe that it is. I guess it's complicated because most of the people never had sex with a trans person, but people should see beyond that. I know some super attractive trans man and it's really hard for them. But if you think about it, your partner could come out as trans. What then? Would you dump them or feel less attracted to them?
  4. This, except for Freakshow.
  5. Alek


    Just made Ariana playlist to listen to while I clean the house.
  6. That photo is awful.... Kesha deserved better, Cosmo sucks.
  7. Maybe I'm being too serious, but like it's 2018 and shouldn't we stop putting these women against each other.
  8. Alek

    NTLTC is the best song, but LWYMMD is an iconic MV.
  9. It's kewt, but I expected smth like full Orchestral version of the song.
  10. NTLTC is slaying me so hard, I'm really excited for the album. Air doesn't disappoint and each era is better than the previous one, so I'm ready.