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  1. She's doing her makeup rn, it's so weird.
  2. Album

    Thanks, it's almost 10 pm here, I'll have to do it tomorrow. I just hope that it will be available...
  3. here

    How long until Witness listening event on Youtube?

  4. Album

    How long before the the youtube event?
  5. Congrats cunt @Kristina Why was Israel disqualified? And k at me flopping so hard.
  6. Came here to ask this. Gaga and Katy are nowhere near Bjork, they are just not that kind of artists.
  7. Other

  8. I don't think it's that big of a deal...
  9. Kewl. I used to this long ago, it also had themes, like a decade, also soundtracks..stuff like that, but there were no countries, I also like countries concept. A bit disappointed when ppl chose US and UK, bcs it's too obvious.