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    omg kalan nicoleeeeee it's her cousins wedding i can't omg they look beautiful i miss these girls i was chilling with 3 of them 3 years ago
  2. xXenia


    she looked so goooooood
  3. lmfao yeah clearly not her arm :') but cool for the person who got those altho like you should really shave the place that gets tattooed
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  5. xXenia


    she used these on myspace before she was famous my little flower
  6. xXenia


    might have been asked to do a little interview with buzzfeed for kesha i'll let you guys knowwwww
  7. xXenia

    glad to be back babes
  8. xXenia

    i cried i woke up and this was the first thing i saw i cried a lot also gifs cuz i want to watch this forever
  9. xXenia

    NGL i started stanning gaga harder again because of all she is doing for kesha and other abuse victims
  10. xXenia

    love this little nugget and her support for kesha and she sounds amazing
  11. xXenia

    even if this picture isn't evidence of what happened it's still creepy as fuck and him deleting it is protecting his own ass of looking bad , i'm surprised he didn't take down the sky ferreira/bonnie mckee tweets yet
  12. xXenia

    before her fame , 2008 on myspace , backstabber was my jam
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    thank you babeeee <3
  14. xXenia

    i know cases where the supposidly rape vicitm was lying have happened before but never ever have i doubted kesha's words and it makes my blood boil when people doubt her , cuz i know what for an unbelievably amazing and good person she is. i'm just glad for her rn i hope the swine rots
  15. xXenia

    me too so bad
  16. xXenia

    this is so good omfg pitbull can suck it she slays so hard .gif' alt='cry3'>.gif' alt='cry2'>
  17. i have one of those from 2010
  18. xXenia

    yaaaassssss they stan so hard
  19. xXenia

    i remember the TiK ToK era quite different
  20. xXenia

    why is everyone saying this looks like tik tok ? what ? no ?
  21. xXenia

    Lauren was part of the original band and her friend