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  1. Infrared


    wow i love this
  2. Infrared

    Celeb News

    bitch came to fuck it up. and fuck it up she did
  3. Infrared


    She doesn't have to be. But she's definitely penetrated a new base of fans, so you'd be very surprised. It was a very close race with Ariana - who is at her peak, so not exactly a small feat like you're making it out to be. I think the next era will be big, just depends on the type of music she releases.
  4. Infrared


    What are you talking about lmfao? OTR has 700+ points right now so releasing right now would've not got her a #1 Clearly a #1 doesn't mean a successful era. ASIB was successful on BB200 without Shallow being that strong at first
  5. Infrared


    well she has been on overdrive. ASIB era must have been exhausting. Movie promotion is way more constant than promoting an album. Her first real era since BTW + Enigma shows + all the side shit she's been working on + her breakup bitch has been resting after a well deserved work campaign
  6. Infrared


    Diamond Heart vs. La Vie en Rose A-Yo vs. Shallow Joanne vs. Music to My Eyes John Wayne vs. Diggin' My Grave Dancin' in Circles vs. Always Remember Us This Way Perfect Illusion vs. Look What I Found Million Reasons vs. Heal Me Sinner's Prayer vs. I Don't Know What Love Is Come to Mama vs. Is That Alright? Hey Girl vs. Why Did You Do That? Angel Down vs. Hair Body Face Grigio Girls vs. Before I Cry Just Another Day vs. I'll Never Love Again 5 - 8
  7. Infrared

    so 1989 - TFM Reputation - BTW and ME! - Artpop can't wait for Joanne
  8. Infrared

  9. I feel like this song will be the new Happy, Can't Stop The Feeling feel good song of the summer. Pop Radio is going to whore this out now that Ariana is slowing down
  10. this song was not it for me, but i'm sure it'll grow on me. It seems like one of those catchy songs you'll hear that'll force you to play it
  11. Infrared


    we love a video with longevity and 1 billion streams across all formats.
  12. Infrared


    It's probably done. She's just waiting for the right time.
  13. Infrared


    who knew there were all these alexz stans not her re-releasing old music. also does she change her hair between blonde and red every era Her artistry is hurt by her non-existent budget. It's pretty sad but atleast she serves us bops every now and then.