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  1. Infrared


    This is before FEFE though so the #1 is on lock
  2. Just added to Spotify and Apple music
  3. Infrared

    it's clear by now you're a troll or a dupe
  4. https://listen.tidal.com/album/93590429 The desperation for a #1 Atleast she'll finally get a #1 with a child molester.
  5. Except Scarlett is notorious for white-washing roles that were written for minorities who never get the privilege of receiving parts as easily as she does. She's one of the most basic actresses' I've ever seen, but she gets by because she's the stereotypical mediocre white blonde actress that sells in Hollywood But then I could play devils advocate and use this card against Idris Elba for James Bond, Black Mary Jane, or the Black Starfire. But then you remember minorities have had to fight tooth and nail just to be considered relevant in the movie industry. Just this past year alone, we had one of the first solo women superhero films in a while, the first black superhero lead / ensemble, and the first mainstream asian cast. It's actually fucking ironic because the role that Scarlett deserves the most is a SOLO black widow movie (although her character is boring), but that window has clearly passed and the whole russian agent plot has been killed to death . I would say if you're not here for it (not you, just the gp in general), just don't watch the movie and move on
  6. Infrared here

    Not Nicki Minaj vs. Jessica Dime. These street bitches have to get it together  bey4


  7. Infrared


    4th album flop meltdown is the final phase i love the sis but this is just going to come off worse to the gp
  8. Infrared

    Celeb News

    omg the barbie dreams rap she did that
  9. Infrared

    Cause sjws would scream and whine and protest about the middle east and also their shows would be heavily censored. I feel like Tel Aviv is for eurovision girls and burnt out pop stars at this point
  10. Infrared

    Why do people even go to oz anymore? Too expensive and the demand isn’t there unfortunately. Many pop girls are skipping it sadly
  11. is calvin just a singles artist now or are we getting a new album hopefully not funk trash
  12. Infrared

    kii not this new member dragging her like that
  13. Infrared here

    who can make cute avatars from gif's. If you do, i'll gift you a VIP oprah14


    tag a heaux if you know 

    1. Freaky Prince

      I've mastered my avi making skills lately oprah14 

  14. Infrared


    honestly i expected less and the rollout was garbage so good for her