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  1. hope his recovery goes smooth. He was brave for protecting those dogs rather than giving up. He saved their lives.
  2. Have you guys ever noticed on iCarly the entire main cast wears a shirt over another shirt brit5

    1. Kuchisabishii


      A lot of Nickelodeon live actions did

  3. what is that website. I literally haven't been on it in years
  4. It's a mixed bag - I enjoy Wandavision weekly, but also you're always wanting more. But I feel emptier after watching complete seasons of shows in 1 day and then having to wait a year or more. My favorite thing is binge watching a new TV show's previous season then watching the current season week to week. But obviously you can only do that once. But some shows don't deserve a week to week format. One major example is Insecure - the episodes are only 30 mins, there are only 8-10 episodes, and season 5 premiered after a 2 year hiatus I also feel like week to week shows (mo
  5. I don't think it'd happen unless her team really pushes for it. I think Christina doesn't care to perform on a show like this.
  6. I’ve seen several performances this year. Her vocal cords are as stiff as her legs moving from beat to beat. She serves visuals sure, but outside of that she’s one of the weakest performers in a while. You can downvote all you want
  7. Dua can barely hold a note, all she can do is subtle Ship this ctrl+paste thread back to atrl, do not collect 200 when passing GO.
  8. What is this party city outfit lmfao i really thought she dropped a turd in her chest but it’s even worse, it’s a chicken wing
  9. why are artists still screaming about the scammys lol.
  10. I went to middle school with the girl who owns the folklore store
  11. Ugh Taylor can fuck off. It’s not even a pop song. Let Gaga win this one category