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  1. Discussion she's coming, she's coming

    The clear bias
  2. General News Hate crimes rose by 5% in the US

    U.S has literally been funding terrorists for decades then get in their feelings when they're attacked The fact that Saudi Arabia was excluded from the travel ban says it all
  3. Taylor’s first week sales: What happened?

    She didn't do many promotion spots that week so basically all the orders were people who were expecting the albums.
  4. General News Humans sold for $400 in Libya slave trade

    it goes on all the time. Human trafficking is a big market. Westerners are surprised but it even happens in their own countries
  5. General News Hate crimes rose by 5% in the US

    he said sexism and racism doesn't exist while being sexist and racist
  6. General News Hate crimes rose by 5% in the US

    The past is not now. White people being bad in the past has fuck all to do with now. I don't see you blaming modern day African descendants for contributing to the systematic oppression of black people during slavery, when the actually sold almost all the slaves to white people. A lot has changed.
  7. Achievement Summerboy/Speechless/Teeth on Billboard's 100 Best Deep Cuts

    no jan
  8. Photos Joanne SNAPPED

    yas queen
  9. Bad Acting Again...

    why are you so bothered
  10. Charts HDD drags Billboard for miscounting reputation sales

    yeah HDD has the TEA, but Billboard has to keep it professional because they're held to higher standards. HDD has been wrong so many times about things HDD reads like a personal blog tbh which works with their indie aesthetic. Billboard reads like bought articles which works with the corporate aesthetic. You can't have your cake and eat it. We can even compare their covers and see the same thing vs.
  11. General News Charles Manson FINALLY dies at 83

    right after the AHS finale
  12. Charts HDD drags Billboard for miscounting reputation sales

    nnn HDD is far to pressed. STFU. Billboard numbers never match your numbers and it's shocking that they're trying to lead the pack when BB is superior.
  13. Celeb News Lena Dunham's racism exposed

    SCUM is trash
  14. Achievement Gaga wins "Favorite Female - Pop/Rock" at the AMA's

    this award show is so rigged but congrats queen
  15. Why is Memoirs that album?

    I was an original stan