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  1. Infrared

    Don't forget Harlem Shake Which went #1 because of Billboard's dumb rule change. Literally the downfall of the industry
  2. Infrared

    This is @Gabe.'s favorite song on ARTPOP I always thinks she's saying JEWS AND DRUGS. Definition of a pots and pans song.
  3. Infrared

    The production isn't bad, I just couldn't believe a grown woman would release such a dumb song.
  4. Infrared here

    Some points were made



  5. Going back to the thread YOU made that has nothing to do with the fact that it's less successful than Teenage Dream. No one said Dua wasn't a success and no one even mentioned Gaga was MORE or LESS successful yet somehow here we are again you guys keeping true to the narrative that she really does live rent free in your minds. It's a bit sad.
  6. literally looks the same except older and bulkier
  7. no one needs to live rent free. Shockingly you can listen to two artists at the same time ROM still top ten Spotify WW so I see why girls are mad
  8. someone pushed a few buttons. Not everyone has to think an album is 10/10. I'm pretty sure these same girls said Chromatica was just the same. and this thread was in response to someone calling it the TD of the 2020s which it's clearly not. I'm clearly not seeing what the issue is if that question is being answered
  9. Infrared

    Celeb News

    no ones taking a a backseat She's been the face of various products throughout her career while continuing to release music
  10. It's better than TD but it's not even like 1/12th of the success
  11. Infrared

    whatever she had at the beginning of last decade, she doesn't have it anymore Her vocals aren't mixed properly. and it feels vaguely similar to CTTR without the charm or pacing.
  12. Infrared

    Music Video

    The dance moves are serving Piece of Me Las Vegas and the outfit matches as well
  13. Infrared


    37 minutes streaming era a mess.