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  1. Both songs so aren't single material
  2. First time hearing this song and it's terrible.
  3. Photos

    she should perform with brunette tbh
  4. sign of the times is trying way too hard Zayn > Niall > Harry
  5. Achievement

    come back queen
  6. Performance

    talent. now she just needs to work on getting a crossover hit. MR was the beginning
  7. Yeah his case is confusing. Most people don't know he was already in jail - like me, so the not guilty verdict was confusing
  8. and Gaga easily topped Itunes with a majority of her singles. No one gives two shits about Itunes, anyone can top it for a second.
  9. Discussion

    If she releases another remix album, I'll slap her. Remix albums need to stay in 2002 where they belong.
  10. come thru with the tea
  11. Lady Gaga is back. After the lukewarm performance of her ARTPOP album in 2013, most people were ready to write the former pop and dance music sensation off...But today, Lady Gaga is back in full force. Her latest album, Joanne, sold over a half million copies in the U.S. in a few short weeks; she’s headlining Coachella; and she has been named the new face of Tiffany and Co." Lady Gaga took five actions that show companies how to make a comeback: 1. Acknowledge the need to change. 2. Introduce innovation that leverage your core strength. 3. Target your appeal. 4. Prompt reconsideration with high-profile, on-brand actions. 5. Build a loyal community before you need it.
  12. Viacom is really shifting their image. VH1 is becoming more hip-hop oriented catering to a black audience, whereas MTV is focusing more on reality pop culture for a white audience.