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  1. in the past there were called awards until they transitioned to badges.
  2. I'm looking at half your awards list and wondering where we should begin
  3. I wouldn't necessarily call Lemonade experimental. You're correct, it's dressed in different shades of R&B. The most out there she went is Don't Hurt Yourself and Love Drought. Daddy Lessons isn't all that innovative given her roots and it's an ode to southern blues. I think what makes it beautiful is how lyrically diverse it is and how all these different shades compliment each other. That was the biggest risk - using so many variations of R&B.
  4. Discussion

    I still BOP to it. It needs a break though because I've played it so much. But songs like Diamond Heart, JW, DIC, PI, and MR - instant wig.
  5. she won't disappear, she honestly could comeback because she's still very young
  6. I don't. Ya'll need to branch out more. Open your ears to new sounds.
  7. that's like comparing 21 and Britney Jean
  8. Celeb News

    keep it. work with some new producers please
  9. honey ikr IASF is a disaster. It's an album full of singles and demos. and we prefer Lemonade to Anti
  10. If you say Lemonade is her worst work you must have god awful taste
  11. Why would Hillary ever say something like this
  12. Other

    I'm pretty sure they didn't have footage of her crashing so they did the still with fake car crash sound
  13. Discussion

    Stage looks awesome. Despite the bad rep it's gotten pre opening, I wish her all the best.