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  1. Infrared

    I feel like GJWHF is more well known but it's literally her only classic.... Michael can take the L on that one since he has several
  2. Scooter is dumb for fucking up his career Dr. Luke tried this with Kesha and she won in the end
  3. Infrared

    I’ll be there in spirit!
  4. So the 2nd best. Whew the drag
  5. Merry Christmas is the best selling Christmas album of all time not everyone has that!
  6. Infrared

    not 2 days for everyone to come up with an entry
  7. Infrared

    it will be when they end up in the bottom trinity
  8. Infrared

  9. Infrared

    You would've been #1 if the person who rated you #7 had taste
  10. Infrared

    see post below
  11. Infrared

    biggest plot twist
  12. Infrared

    congrats to these girls
  13. Infrared

    we love to see it