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  1. here

    They legit had a guest host on Wendy @Sylk  I am....disgusted wendy4wendy4wendy4wendy4wendy4wendy4brit10



    1. Sylk

      Yes I can't even know what to say laughcry1 I haven't watched yet but I like Jerry so I'm perched to see rih1


  2. Music Video

    I feel like she would've given us style 2.0 and nobody wants that
  3. Music Video

    it's cute but cringe in a way Glad to see she's dropping the bad girl image and giving us the old Taylor. But the video feels like it's not in sync with the song The replay value is like a zero for me.
  4. exactly 90's R&B was never taken seriously and Bruno basically just copied it and took the success of artists that were considered novelty to white audiences. lol no. Urban music became mainstream with Doo-Wop, Disco, which eventually turned into 90's R&B and Hip-Hop Diana Ross, Donna Summer, Earth Wind and Fire, Bob Marley...sweetie Let's not try to give the hard work of black artists to white people EDM is a broad ass genre, and actually came from Jamaican music. Literally white people have been ripping off Jamaican music for years
  5. Jessica biel was just a lead in a critically acclaimed show but ok
  6. Born This Way Era teas. But I think BTW was more present especially cause edge of glory smashed and Gaga promoted everywhere
  7. States FUND Cities. Cities can't do anything with MONEY from the state That's I've been saying. Some cities are huge and to get from suburbs you need to have a car. Not many people can actually afford to live within american cities, and that's what I've been saying it's easier, better and more reliable to commute because the bus/train systems are garbage and making them free would do nothing. Trump literally lost the popular vote. Yes America is one of the biggest because have a big production here and huge land. If Germany was as big as America, it'd have the same issue. Germany is like 85% as big a California. The Democrats put many initiatives in place to decrease our ecological output though. Literally that's Obama's biggest legacy outside of Gay Marriage, DACA, and Obamacare. Trump could do way worse had Obama not enacted certain laws. How is the natural disaster argument stupid We had two of the biggest storms destroy Texas and Florida and fires devastate California in addition to snowstorms that damage infrastructure and cause delays. U.S is a complex country because we get so much devastation and it costs the government billions to fix so we can't just suddenly make things free Wtf is Germany dealing with
  8. Way to stereotype Most of the country supports staying in the Paris Agreement and stopping Global Warming. Being against this doesn't mean being against the environment. I said it was FLAWED for American cities because America is far bigger than Germany. You may have the same amount of people, but the area is not the same. People need cars to get around because most of the states are huge. I used NYC as an example because that's where I am located. Of course, it can work in some places. I never said it wouldn't but American infrastructure is not like other countries. Our infrastructure is getting seriously damaged and we're getting more derailments and accidents by the day. We simply don't have the funding, especially with the stupid tax cut and now they want this 18 billion dollar wall. Most states and state transportation systems survive by charging people because their federal funding is minimal. Here's Trump's latest plan to push the federal funding on states - https://www.clarionledger.com/story/news/politics/2018/02/13/trump-infrastructure-plan-mississippi/332646002/ Mississippi, like other states, has been struggling to find money for needed road and bridge repair. State business and transportation leaders have proposed raising the state's 18.4-cents-a-gallon fuel tax, but the state GOP leadership has refused this. Local governments have likewise struggled to fund infrastructure upgrades and repairs, including water and sewerage. Some say they have maxed out local tax levies and cannot raise more. and in terms of adding more, you're going to pay for overtime and extra workers? more busses? You simply cannot compare Germany to America Not to even add how our infrastructure gets wrecked by storms - hurricane, snow, fires, earthquake. Germany rarely rarely deals with that shit. Don't speak on things you don't know.
  9. You realize I work in New York. Basically all of those places you listed heavily rely on cars more than public transportation because they're gigantic. Everyone knows California and Texas are like two states you avoid public transportation cause you have to have a car to get around. as opposed to where I live the bus and train systems are already overwhelmed and public transportation is the BIGGEST transportation for the most part.
  10. here

    WAIT Britney's boyfriend is 23. I guess she can have fun since she already had kids and got married multiple times lol1  but damn he's young for her.

    1. Jae

      he's only 3 years older than me wendy4 

    2. Chun-ny

      We love a cougar 

  11. Don't forget Poker Face Didn't realize it was that disgusting director I mean Rosa Parks wasn't the first person to refuse to give up her seat on the bus. It's not about who did it first, it's about impact. Everybody knows the Glitter Suit and the Blue Outfit reference Britney Just like Single Ladies is just ripped off from a 60's dance move. B made it iconic. Sorry J.Penny
  12. Toxic video influenced several videos though including
  13. This wouldn't work in America because of how many people use public transportation and how much funding is required to upkeep it It'd been more congested on the busses and subway. Cities would legit collapse.
  14. The answer
  15. are we 12