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  1. i'm confused, I thought this was a best of playlist
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    Celeb News

    Oscar nomination is SECURED
  3. but it took them 4 years to certify ARTPOP
  4. Shallow the most nominated song of the season with All The Stars?
  5. why do we just keep applying that (08/09) rule to any pop girl with a semblance of relevance It's okay not to have anyone
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    no but I almost did with Coco
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    oh I see what you mean yeah that version is better
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    There's the Shallow - Radio Edit on Spotify that has the crowd removed sis
  9. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper have a problem. It’s a pretty good problem to have, mind you, but it’s a problem nevertheless. They were just nominated for multiple Grammys including Record of the Year for “Shallow” from “A Star is Born.” That film is also a top contender during the film awards season, so there’s a good chance they’ll be nominated at the BAFTA Awards too. But the Grammys and BAFTAs are both on the same day: Sunday, February 10, 2019. Which should they choose? O’Hara: “Gaga won’t attend the Grammys instead of the BAFTAs if she wants to be taken seriously as an actress. The Grammys already trashed her during her worst era, ‘ARTPOP,’ she won’t pick them instead of the cinema industry.” M: “She is a singer before an actress. I doubt her future movies will have as much success as ‘ASIB.’ This role was just fit for her since she’s gone through that personally. She should just send Bradley [Cooper] to BAFTAs and go to the Grammys. She won’t win Best Actress; Olivia Colman has that in the bag. Even British critics awards gave her that.” Os: “She should ditch BAFTA and let Bradley go … Gaga missing the Grammys will be a huge mistake. Sheeran and Swift already got snubbed, and she doesn’t want to be snubbed for ‘ASIB’ next year [when the entire album is eligible for awards].” https://www.goldderby.com/article/2018/lady-gaga-bradley-cooper-grammys-baftas-news-937506824/
  10. It joins Million Reasons 276 M Bad Romance 261 M Poker Face 260 M The Cure 240 M
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    Okay this slaps
  12. Not the metoo era Christina girls clinging for dear life over any recognition before they wait another long 6 years
  13. Xtina hasn't won a Grammy through her own name in over a decade This Grammy will most likely go the Shallow, since Maroon 5 has already lost both nominations. Shallow is already in SOTY and ROTY so it pretty much writes itself. GLY is the biggest pop song of the year, but looking at past nominees, it's very random.
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    Album of the year sweetie