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  1. Photos

    a LOOK
  2. wtf is happening The news is saying people are dead R.I.P
  3. Hopefully one of those things is English homework
  4. the award is based on the charts literally
  5. Discussion

    so how couldn't they pay that to kelly
  6. Achievement

    Global hit
  7. these weak ass internet trolls have to do better
  8. not surprised you always try this bait and switch shit How the mighty have fallen
  9. You literally are so obsessed with me, absolutely pathetic I've literally never talked to you for you to even personally attack me like that.
  10. Katy just performed on SNL though and it features Nicki Minaj and targets Taylor. Meanwhile Selena is getting 2 million WW plays (albeit spotify payola).
  11. Selena is bigger on streaming, but woo at another Katy single stalling
  12. Other

    It's TMZ. It's literally fat old white dudes jerking over sleazy gossip
  13. Iggy is pretty genuine and sweet. She legit doesn't deserve the hate.