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  1. Infrared


    not like anyone else is releasing
  2. Infrared


    I mean she never even worded Stupid Love as a lead single so I always felt something was fishy, and then the sudden drop off in promotion. American Oxygen teas. It's great that this era will get a re-do because I'm so tired of her fumbling the bag out of the gate and that's the most interesting thing about the streaming era, you're only as hot as your latest single, so if it flops, you just release another and move on.
  3. Infrared


    stream Joanne for healthy lungs
  4. Infrared


    I mean anyone could common sense could see this album was not coming the fact that ya'll though otherwise when she stopped talking about it after the second week of Stupid Love being out.
  5. Infrared


    pm me please thx
  6. Infrared


    literally my exact thoughts
  7. Infrared


    no thank you mam, literally sounds like 2011/2013 leftover. ATRL hags never post anything its frustrating so thanks for sharing
  8. Infrared

    it's 1 if don't count the 29 songs in front of it
  9. Infrared

    Celeb News

    No way in hell she made this playlist
  10. Infrared


    New Jersey here I come
  11. Infrared


    it wont, let's not make crazy threads now
  12. Infrared

    I'm not reading all of this. I really don't care if the song flops, so you do you.
  13. Infrared

    That's wonderful. Justin has always been the bigger streaming artist. Literally - on one - has claimed otherwise.
  14. I can't believe he's just dressed in some ratty ass tshirt and garbage haircut