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  1. He’s a dead man. But he’s safer outside prison than inside
  2. Infrared

    Celeb News

    he looks busted now but he made her happy I just think she needs to have her thank u next era and be single
  3. Infrared here

    I came out to my mom lmfao2

    and it's because my uncle looked at my instagram and asked her if I was gay and she then asked me rip4  


    well atleast that made it easy for me.

    1. Venom

      why was your uncle lurking on your Instagram creep1

    2. ajp

      You got a gay Uncle? oprah10

  4. Dope at Youtube Awards teas
  5. Infrared


    bitch i wanted ARUTW
  6. Infrared

    grammys really aint shit. Like dragging the show out and then rushing the winners
  7. Infrared

    she's like the country it girl now
  8. Infrared

    yawn so predictable
  9. Infrared

    i hate that they cut them off so fucking dumb
  10. Infrared

    ugh this is america is so fucking overrated. atleast give one to someone else
  11. Infrared

    not really. They knew there was a possibility of him not winning. We're all adults. They went on their own accord. Don't undermine someone else's win PERIOD just because you didn't get your way.
  12. Infrared

    im screaming how this award is still going
  13. Infrared

    well boo hoo. They shouldn't give an award just because he died but they could've atleast done a tribute
  14. Infrared

    for someone who doesn't care about grammys, she's watching it like their bitch