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  1. Infrared

    an imaginary feud made up by xtinct fans cut it out the feud is dead sis. GP stopped caring after 2014 and gays have moved on. anyways, Taylor by far because she'll be upset over one thing and begin to give some long winded speech about feminism and being a victim in the industry Im surprised we don't see Rihanna. She doesn't drag as much. Too busy making coins.
  2. Infrared

    He's not though. The only thing ruining her career...is literally her. Jay-Z is literally on of the SMARTEST black rapper businessmen. The NFL won't make a change unless someone steps up to the table and he's literally doing that and more. He's set to be the first black person EVER to own an NFL team. Instead of screaming, how about you give him the benefit of doubt. Colin and others have been screaming and kicking for years and literally nothing has changed. Winning, especially in business, isn't about screaming the loudest. It's about making smart moves with the right people.
  3. they're in two completely different places in their career sis Most people don't know who Normani is. This is her first legitimate solo single.
  4. well it paid off. The song is literally breaking streaming records and raking in thousands of dollars a week.
  5. Infrared

    Like Whitney did it 3 times in her career...it can be very confusing if you’re GP. and a bit lazy. Though I’d rather have that than “untitled”.
  6. well that's cool, because I was in NYC and they played Shallow and everyone sang along It's actually passed Poker Face and Bad Romance on some fronts so I could see why you're upset funny how it's the movie, but yet a few months ago fossils were saying the movie was flopping internationally if it's so easy to make a soundtrack song this successful and based on oscar buzz, I should see Spirit and other songs heading in this direction Literally no one is comparing it to My Heart Will Go On or IWALY. Fossils are really something Soon to reach 1 billion plays on Spotify. Stay mad.
  7. news really travels slow here. I feel like this has been on the internet for a week
  8. Infrared

    oh wow. let me get my wig together because I'm shook by this unexpected, unbiased answer
  9. Infrared


    doesn't sound like Gaga though
  10. sis that's pointless. It's about donating to candidate withs a gun plan. Everything is tied within the second amendment so unless a president/congress changes something, it's essentially wasted money. Atleast the parents dont have to worry about back to school costs on top of funeral costs as well as giving the communities a way to move forward. Personally, I don't think it's the BEST thing to donate to...but it's not the worst. I think her foundation can only donate and fund specific things, unfortunately. U.S Laws are rather strict, especially when it comes to charities.
  11. sounds like the next episode of Law & Order SVU
  12. Infrared


    does anyone have taste....he's not good looking
  13. She's not being accused. She was convicted, so by law she did plagiarize poor dat. Off her most successful song in recent years. He's about to make BANK.
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    You keep coming back to quote me so I guess it is