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  1. Her mini tour will have grossed between $63-$64m when all is said and done - not a bad effort for less than 2 months work. Her lifetime touring gross sits at more than $1.4 billion - a figure that puts her neck and neck with Madonna. When she restarts Vegas in a few weeks time, she will have become the top-grossing female artist of all-time.
  2. Its not called Breakaway - I think the journalist just got mixed up.
  3. 64,000 tickets for Celine's upcoming show in Quebec have put on sale - 5,000 of these are priced at $299, 15,000 are priced at $149, 32,500 tickets priced at $99 and 11,500 tickets priced at $69. This means that she will gross around $8m for the one show. The last time she played the Quebec Plains was in 2008 for a free concert to celebrate the 400th anniversary, to over 250,000 people. #Queen
  4. Rene has announced updated sales of Sans attendre to Journal De Montreal.. 1.162m sold including 273k in Quebec! Shipped well in excess of 1.2m worldwide - queen. Also, Celine will be travelling back to Quebec on July 27th to give a show to 50,000-60,000 people! AND, its rumoured that her upcoming English album - tentatively titled Water and a Flame - is to be renamed Breakaway!
  5. In her tenth year, over 3m fans and nearly $500m made - and she's STILL selling out. Comparatively speaking, Shania Twain in her first year had 3/4 sell outs this week. Celine's selling power is ASTONISHING! QUEEN!
  6. Yeah, sorry I worded it badly! Her career grosses... Vegas - $465m TC - $280m LTAL - $150m FIY - $100m+ Other - < $50m = $1,050,000,000 from touring/public concerts! She's one of only two women to achieve this feat, the other being Madonna, who overtook Celine as the top female touring artist of all-time halfway through her MDNA tour.
  7. Statistics from Vegas so far... 2003: $80.5 (145) 2004: $80.4 (154) 2005: $81.3 (155) 2006: $78.1 (147) 2007: $65.3 (113) 2008: $236.6 (106) 2009: $42.6 (25) 2010: No concerts 2011: $41.2 (57) 2012: $38.1 (56) $744.1m from 958 concerts! QUEEN.
  8. It charted in the UK based on her name alone - I reckon it sold circa 3,000-4,000 copies in the UK. To date, its shipped around 1.1m copies across the world and is the #1 selling Francophone album of the year, and one of the best-selling overall studio albums of the year - she has SMASHED it once again. I mean she is producing numbers in her 33rd year of the music industry, that some major artists cannot produce for shit anymore, at what is supposedly a peak time for them. She's still - along with Madonna - the premier female artist of all-time, and sits atop the tree [as it were]!
  9. She debuted at #2 on Mediatraffic's worldwide albums list with 202,000 copies [in front of Robbie Williams!].
  10. Yes, its out in France. It sold just under 96,000 copies in its first week. [95,569 copies sold including 5,229 digital copies so 90,340 in physical sales]
  11. Cheeky!
  12. That wasn't lipsynched. Also, she lips around 30% of her shows - and she performs five nights per week, some weeks. Hardest working bitch in showbusiness // greatest singer of all-time.
  13. Yeah, I loved that performance. She has such incredible control, that Prayer performance is better than some of her 90's performances of The Prayer
  14. I don't pay much attention to MediaTraffic. Let's Talk About Love - 32,000,000+ [had advance shipments of 10,750,000 and is the most pre-ordered album of the 90's, and possibly of all-time] Falling into You - 31,000,000 All the Way... A Decade of Song - 22,500,000+ The Colour of My Love - 16,500,000
  15. She's suffered with poor enunciation since about 2005. She's developed an affliction to "Vegas voice" - nasal singing is commonplace for her now, sadly.