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  1. it's very mulholland drive
  3. i hear the thunder coming down wont you rain on me
  4. are y'all watching BH? I promised myself I wouldn't, but caved in. I am LIVING for queen denise and garcelle's takedown of kyle. I cackle everytime she starts whining and runs off. the crown is heavy indeed
  5. Lambs please help me. I am desperately searching for this remix of 'The Roof' in full: The closest I have found is this: But it is not the same, or atleast, not the full song (the twitter clip above has the "last night I had the strangest dream... " verse. This does not.). Plus it's really bad quality. Please help I am desperate and going a bit crazy over this
  6. Good afternoon girls. I am a little drunk so I hope I make sense. I have not watched NY, almost done with BH because it's getting tedious. I do want to say: I find it .. disturbing that the girls are more worried about who said and did what then about what Dorit did with the ACTUAL DOG. Did LVP set Teddi up? it's very likely. However, Teddi is not innocent, and IMO neither is KYLE and Rinna. I smell a setup. Kyle has been after LVP since season 2. As long as LVP is casted, Kyle will always be the bridesmaid, and never the Beverly Hills bride. Why is BH allowed to live in this
  7. im not your world im not your life tell me what that means to yo-ou
  8. sis actually thought she did THAT with this post LMFAO