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  1. I'm still here and watching, bitch.
  2. Planning your death as we speak.
  3. Brandon here

    TLDR who's new music comes out tomorrow? Please comment.

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    2. Brandon

      Are you fucking kidding me? Just Xtina??? bye scream2

    3. Freaky Prince

      Jaira Burns dropped a new track fall9 

    4. Urbanov

      Sophie cry6 

  4. She should be doing more than just that, tbh. It was disgusting what they did to her.
  5. Brandon

    Dum dee dum dum they all fall down like 1, 2, 3, 4 everybody go to war
  6. Brandon

  7. Brandon

    Brooke Candy liked my tweet too, y'all.
  8. Brandon


    Damn, I'm perched.
  9. This is everything to me right now.
  10. It really is. I relate to it!
  11. Brandon


    So angry all I have is the YouTube rip...
  12. Brandon


    so goddamn good like, how doesn't she have Grammys already?