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  1. Gia

    Omg wow she looks awesome
  2. Good question. I would of loved to hear a Christina version
  3. Gia

    Lahvs it. :stare:
  4. Gia

    I told them they could keep it?
  5. Gia


    The tea is boiling from the fans wanting APPLAUSE.
  6. That's cool. I think ARTPOP will serve some nice hot tea on dem haters. But NOBTR > :teehee2:
  7. Gia

    WOW she is SLAYING.
  8. Gia

    Aww that's such a nice thing to say, I really hope she stays strong and keeps kicking ass.
  9. Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes.
  10. Gia

    Yas I stan for Legend X & Gaga. :hug:
  11. Surprised OOC isn't on here. :teehee2:
  12. Gia

    She has seriously like traveled back in time. :worship:
  13. Gia

    I seen those new pictures of her she looks so flawless. :clap:
  14. Gia

    Can't wait for the Oh la la video.