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  1. I think it's time for you to stop living in the past and join everyone in 2017 where pure sales are almost non-existent. So yeah, Rihanna sold 275M records WW without features and is currently the best selling and most streamed female artist of 2017 (Taylor will take that crown soon) So yeah, she's the #2 best selling female artist of all time, behind Madonna
  2. Hmm, i think now, she was already fading after her third era and was barely "slaying" Oh, don't worry, here you go hunty And that's just a few from the top of my head You are actually bragging about that VMA performance? Oh boy, you guys are worst that I thought. And yeah, Rihanna doesn't need a "memorable" performance to be considered serious or something, her stage designs are pretty much always minimal and she doesn't care about doing gimmicks and stuff to keep people talking. And the only performance the GP actually remembers is the one where Madonna kissed her, and that will be forever iconic, and the infamous vma performance, maybe even the one with the snake. And don't fool yourself, the VMA is the only one that is actually remembered because of the full awkward performance.
  3. And that's why Britney will only be a throwback act, while Rihanna is slaying 12 years into her career something knee can't relate And we're not trying to pass her as some kind of fashion icon, honey, welcome to 2017, Rihanna is a fashion icon But the thing britbots are trying to do is to make Britney seem somehow talented, clinging on the first live performance you fave gave you, in 10 years if we're not counting the happy birthday video from xfactor, and it's not something really to brag about And the fact that you try to make Rihanna look bad because she was a bad singer 6 years ago just to lift you fave up lol. + the "for the GP they are equal" excuse in what world, if anything Rihanna's BBMA performance last year made sure that the GP sees her as someone talented and serious.
  4. Where did I mention Britneys dancing in her prime? I was talking about now. And where did I mention that Rihanna could dance better, she doesn't even try. She hasn't had a real choreography for a live TV performance since her mixtapes days. And no, Rihanna is a much better singer than Britney. She's no Whitney and Beyonce, but she's much better than Britney, and receipts posted in this thread and past threads prove that. But hey, that's just your opinion
  5. And yeah, if you want to go at it. People will only wear those Britney costumes at halloween parties, so once a year and that's it, while the rest of the year people want to dress like Rihanna, behave like Rihanna, be like Rihanna. That's why she's also successful in the fashion industry. Britney can have her little costumes, her first two or three eras is the only thing that is somehow keeping her relevant as a throwback act these days.
  6. Because Rihanna is more talented, is a much better singer (even tho most people on this forum live in the past) and even tho she didn't write a song all by herself she is still the better songwriter, with better lyric, and overall music. I mean there is a reason Rihanna has a Grammy for her songwriting Britney only has her dancing and even that is robotic. Britney is like a walking phone, she talks like siri and dances like a phone when it's vibrating
  7. McDreamy

    JB, the other three are actually nice
  8. Actually Umbrella wasn't a reject, neither was WFL. Umbrella was supposed to be on Britney's album but since she already had too many songs recorded for Blackout Rihanna's label fought for Umbrella, so someone talented, aka Rihanna, got Umbrella, and made it a hit and not a siri impression. Leona Lewis wanted WFL when it was supposed to be a ballad, then Calvin made the song we know today and gave it to Rihanna instead and Leona was mad But if you wanna talk rejects, ...Baby One More Time was a TLC reject Toxic was a Kylie Minogue reject I'm a Slave 4 U was a Janet reject So yeah, don't come for anyone for getting songs other artists were offered, when your faves biggest songs were rejects too
  9. McDreamy

    If you call Rihanna basic then the whole industry is basic honey
  10. McDreamy

    Sure, one of the most popular and influential artist in the world, she did things your fave only can imagine, and you call her unmemorable lol. Be grateful Rihanna gave your fave her last #1, lbr she will never have that again
  11. McDreamy

    She's smart and talented