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  1. McDreamy here

    Am I the only one who doesn't like Taylor's new album cover? she looks weird and not in a good way tbh.

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    2. McDreamy

      I like 1989's cover the most, idk her neck looks weird in this one fall1 

    3. Urbi

      Because Snakes have long necksssssss jj2 

    4. Chris Morlock

      i think the single cover is fine um1 

  2. McDreamy


    Piano edit
  3. McDreamy


    I was just about to @ you about the stems. I want to hear it
  4. McDreamy here

    I don't know what to do anymore... :(

  5. McDreamy


    Her worst must be the red hair in its first stages
  6. McDreamy


    Loud/Rated R>TTT>GGGB>AGLM>Una>MOTS In terms of album photoshoots
  7. McDreamy


  8. #Justice4BBHMM Watch Humble and Closer win
  9. McDreamy


    You do realize having a high gross doesn't mean the movie is good? But yeah, I heard Cara and Dane are being criticized for their acting
  10. Yeah, you talked how u failed two times and that you need to pass it the third time. I really hope everything goes according to plan, and you'll be done with that subject already. Move on the the next year, still a long way to go before I'm done