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  1. Diamonds, Stay, Umbrella, We Found Love are among her biggest classics followed by Don't Stop The Music, Unfaithful, Take a Bow, LTWYL. She's fine
  2. Top 10 for sure
  3. I prefer GGGB, i only like ITZ singles tbh
  4. "Nicole Scherzinger was originally approached to join the Peas, but was forced to decline because she was a member of Eden's Crush and was under contract." That's what i read
  5. I think they wanted Nicole before Fergie, but she was in a flop group already and they got introduced to Fergie later, and the rest is histoRIH
  6. No honey, your logic is tragic. So because there is a rumor that Rihanna took one of the songs she wrote she suddenly isn't a Rihanna wannabe anymore, doesn't make ANY sense
  7. Literally has nothing to do with the thing I said, Tinashe can write, she wrote a song Rih liked, it fitted her style, so she took it, it's not the first song Tinashe wrote for Rih or someone else.
  8. Not really
  9. And that's your opinion, which obviously, we don't share. Stay pressed tho
  10. Oh dear I actually never said she's copying Rihanna, her label wanted her to be another Rihanna. Don't need to post receipts, facts only Maybe one day she'll happen, I kinda like Flame, she just needs that one song to make her happen
  11. Not hating, just being realistic, the only argument you have she can dance, while people who live in 2017 know that Rihanna can sing, and obviously has better music. But keep hating on Rih
  12. Don't see what that has to do with everything I said