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  1. Am I the only one who doesn't like Taylor's new album cover? she looks weird and not in a good way tbh.

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    2. McDreamy


      I like 1989's cover the most, idk her neck looks weird in this one fall1 

    3. Urbi


      Because Snakes have long necksssssss jj2 

    4. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      i think the single cover is fine um1 

  2. McDreamy

    Artist Rihdomosity

    I was just about to @ you about the stems. I want to hear it
  3. I don't know what to do anymore... :(

  4. McDreamy

    Artist Rihdomosity

    Her worst must be the red hair in its first stages
  5. McDreamy

    Artist Rihdomosity

    Loud/Rated R>TTT>GGGB>AGLM>Una>MOTS In terms of album photoshoots
  6. You do realize having a high gross doesn't mean the movie is good? But yeah, I heard Cara and Dane are being criticized for their acting
  7. Yeah, you talked how u failed two times and that you need to pass it the third time. I really hope everything goes according to plan, and you'll be done with that subject already. Move on the the next year, still a long way to go before I'm done
  8. Oh, I remember that you talked about that in the Rihdomosity thread a while ago. I hope you will pass it the next time, you can do it! Oh, not that good actually, since I started working I barely have the time to study, so of course that means I will fail some subjects, so now I'm slowly preparing for September, I have two exams then, and hopefully, if everything goes well, I will move on
  9. Why did they kick you out I hope everything will be fine, and you'll make it and carry on Same old, same old basically, still working, trying to manage everything (life, work, school) so I'm doing good right now.
  10. Bitch, I'm here, I just don't use post that much anymore I try to stay away from the internet as much as possible, at least I try What's up?
  11. Her character is there for 20 minutes, but Rihanna in her own body and shape was there only 5 minutes, the rest was alien bubble. Or did I hear it wrong?
  12. I think it was since Avatar, not than Avatar, at least some of the reviews I read said that -- I'm going next week to the theatre to watch it
  13. McDreamy

    Artist Rihdomosity

    If you can find it, please post it. I formated my computer so I need it too
  14. Now let's hope people will be over Despacito soon so it has a chance to be #1 everywhere
  15. McDreamy

    Artist Rihdomosity

    I think Dark Angels was the original R4 name, before the incident, and also her label wanted to keep Disturbia for DA, but Rih wanted it on GGGB:R. And I think Te Amo is so far the only known song from DA that was on RR There used to be a Rihanna masterpost here on FOTP, it included her whole discography and the unreleased stuff we have so far Maybe @Rico still has it if you want it