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  1. McDreamy

    Artist Rihdomosity

    i wake up in 6am and my bus arrives at 7am
  2. Love The Way You Pray Who's That Prayer the album would rock, i mean pray xD
  3. now i love the pictures even more, and she even talks about her short hair, and album
  4. I saw there pictures on facebook this morning i live them, they are perfect *_____*
  5. 9# really? Go RiRi, Go RiRi, Go RiRi...
  6. I'm watching it, well i was watching it now i'm waiting for season 3. Season 1, and 2 were amazing, i love it...
  7. idk, she can publish the song if she want's but for me Rihanna's version will always be the best, bitch...
  8. http://www.tumblr.com/dashboard i just type in what i'm searching xD ---- Rihanna – If I Never See Your Face Again
  9. I love Rita, Rita Rocksssss beyonce3
  10. McDreamy

    Artist Rihdomosity

    I love that song... i love all the song's from TTT album....
  11. McDreamy

    Artist Rihdomosity

    we all we all we all we all we all want the same thing... xD