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  1. the song and the transformation itself was amazing imo I like the sirenix song too
  2. Believix is not that bad actually, but mostly the plot after season 4 was for small children. Even most of season 4 was too
  3. And I just posted one Gaga who? Katy who? Beyonce who? Rihanna who?
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nicki_Minaj_discography#Singles A new song every week
  5. I like to pretend ANTI doesn't have a delxue version, and that SWM is a Japanese bonus track
  6. Ostavljam Te>Bankina even tho both are mediocre Sad samo cekamo da i ona objavi duet sa Jalom
  7. Diamonds, Stay, Umbrella, We Found Love are among her biggest classics followed by Don't Stop The Music, Unfaithful, Take a Bow, LTWYL. She's fine
  8. I prefer GGGB, i only like ITZ singles tbh
  9. "Nicole Scherzinger was originally approached to join the Peas, but was forced to decline because she was a member of Eden's Crush and was under contract." That's what i read
  10. I think they wanted Nicole before Fergie, but she was in a flop group already and they got introduced to Fergie later, and the rest is histoRIH