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  1. She was seen visiting the studio a few times I think, but that was probably for the collabs that are coming
  2. Ed has Rihanna in her mind it seems, first Shape Of You and now Love Yourself. I wouldn't mind Ed on R9 tbh
  3. http://www.nme.com/news/music/ed-sheeran-rihanna-justin-bieber-love-yourself-2005340#SA0ZhHbVB5gkL7Bb.99
  4. Better album by a better artist And also LOTB, the 4th single from ANTi, a year after the album release, is doing better than some singles by some pop girls, I mean multiple weeks in the top 10, not everyone can have that
  5. Highest charting album by a female artist this week
  6. Now that LOTB reached #6 on the BBHot100 this week, it is tied with Rihanna's first iconic ballad "Unfaithful". The question is which one do you prefer, the iconic ballad "Unfaithful" or the future timeless classic "Love On The Brain"?
  7. It's #6 (+1) this week, 3rd week in the top 10 #1 (=) Shape of You #2 (=) Bad and Boujee #3 (=) I Don't Wanna Live Forever #4 (=) That's What I Like #5 (+51) Something Just Like This #6 (+1) Love On The Brain #7 (-1) Paris #8 (+19) Tunnel Vision #9 (=) Bounce Back #10 (-5) Closer
  8. Her Bangerz/Rated R era is coming
  9. Actually Sia after Diamonds is the Sia we know today, her style before sounds nothing like Diamonds tbh, so she jumped on that Rihanna ship and it worked for her
  10. Many albums from 2016 already sound dated today, ANTi is not one of them