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  1. They will probably play LOTB during her fashion show. Won't get my hopes up.
  2. A week late, it would have been top 5 if it got playlisted earlier
  3. Imagine what would happen if we got some promo
  4. #78 in the US. It was a featured in some show called Girls.
  5. 93/99 mixtapes took to much of my time, and I forgot breakin dishes
  6. Rumor has it Selfish was supposed to be an ANTi track
  7. A gift that keeps on giving Where's the video tho
  8. But it does make her the song owner with the artist she's featured with. She collects the coins for those songs too. So it should count but then again that's your oppinion, don't blame you, just saying it should count since those songs are her songs too