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  1. She is featured and sings on the song so it should count. How's that stretching...
  2. If it's something like Love7 Song then I'm here for it
  3. Slay Not BB using a fanmade video tho Get those streams Rhat
  4. Fashion Icon Rihanna lbr, she slays in almost everything
  5. Happy birthday! Where's the LOTB video?
  6. His music is great X>>>>>>
  7. How? Eminem won this one, and still is the relevant one to this day, while the same can't be said about Mariah
  8. The tour didn't do that great, but besides that everything else was great, too bad it's almost over
  9. In the latest Carpool karaoke trailer 0:40 Get that promo Diamonds
  10. YouTube United States Daily Chart - 2017/02/14 1 = Migos - Bad and Boujee (feat. Lil Uzi Vert) 2,554,522 -48,802 2 = Ed Sheeran - Shape of You 2,016,684 +46,018 3 = Zayn Malik - I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (Fifty Shades Darker) (feat. Taylor Swift) 976,610 -7
  11. Oh how I wish she would have released this song back then when she still cared about this era, it's almost top 10 on the Hot 100, without any promo, and it's #15 on YouTube (the fanmade wrong lyrics video), imagine how many views the real video would have how sad
  12. Nope, but still her voice sounded a bit goaty back then
  13. The time when she still cared Vocally she has much better performances
  14. Probably because she knew if Rih and Bey performed with her everyone would talk about them and not her
  15. I wish I could say this year with LOTB but this bitch won't promote this sing So TIWYCF last year
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    1. Freaky Prince

      Freaky Prince

      rihanna wasnt even bothered dead4

    2. Earth Ripper

      Earth Ripper

      My favorite moment fall6 Just talking to her friend whatever I'm not gonna win this, but still reacting to her losing with covered up rage via the suspiciously timed lipstick moo1 Classic Rihanna.