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  1. She served MOTS realness last night
  2. After NM/KIB/F snub, I really didn't expect her to win anything during the actual show, oh well
  3. People thought it was a bad time to be a part of the Rihanna Navy last year, and look how that turned out
  4. 4 years since we got this beautiful and simple video for Rihanna's Iconic ballad "Stay" And it will soon reach 600M views on vevo
  5. I actually prefer JW. I really can't get into CTTR, hopefully single #2 will be better
  6. MD by miles, it even has Rih's vocals in it
  7. She's coming for them I actually think she already sold more than Britney I think it was Madonna, Mariah/Celine/Whitney (don't know the order) and then Rihanna
  8. I think she's just afraid to take risks, Rise was a step in that direction, and we know what happened with that, so I guess we will get TD 3.0 this era
  9. 7 would be 10 if Will.I.Am's verse actually made sense
  10. McDreamy

    Artist Rihdomosity

    Wanted to make a Grammy thread in this section, but kinda lost interest when I found out she isn't performing. If anyone wants it, I can change a few things or I can send you the psd version (which is of course bigger)
  11. Well I wouldn't say that, I was never a big fan of Shawn live, and I don't even know that Troye guy, but that's just me
  12. What I mean is that Rihanna is talented, and this is not 2010 when you could drag her for that
  13. When did I say that someone in your stan badges isn't talented?
  14. There was a mess with the director, and I think it took a long time to edit the video At least she said something