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  1. Rihanna is the most deserving choice, but I kinda don't want her to do it if she's gonna be the lazy ass heaux she is when she's on tour. I need her to dance, to sing, to slay
  2. Poor LOTB, #14 will probably be it's peak, since the video isn't coming and we won't get a performance either
  3. What was the point of that, like Kylie J. is more relevant these day than Kylie M. Don't give a fuck about either one of them tho
  4. I loved it, classic Gaga is what everyone wanted I think and we got it, she's such a great throwback act lbr, and I'm having her songs stuck in my head all day.
  5. Missed it Kinda thought Cold Case Love would win, but RR is good too
  6. If only she was vacationing, we would have a reason to drag her, but lbr our bitch is working really hard lately, from Valerian to Bates Motel to O8.
  7. Oh.. thank God, we still have a high chance to get a video and a Grammy performance from Rih
  8. It's hard to choose singles this era, every single track is amazing (standard edition) and oh how I wish she released a visual album giving us a video for every song, instead spending money on ANTi Diary Needed Me is a good track IMO. There are better on the album, sure, but it's still a good track and it kept Rih in the spotlight while she was doing nothing music related, and KIB never happened and never had a chance to shine on it's own, without promo. But let's just celebrate LOTB slaying and reaching top 15 without any promo since it was released as a single, and hopefully it will reach
  9. She has official remixes for all of her singles this era, she probably saw SWM is Platinum and is kinda slaying on its own so she decided to remix it, even tho it would be better if she spent a few coins on a lyric video for LOTB, it would help the song a lot.
  10. Of course Icons like Mariah would wear something the Fashion Icon and Legend of our generation designed
  11. Well it would be weird if she didn't perform the song the GP actually know (JD, PF, Paparazzi, basically TFM era)