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  1. I will be sleeping but don’t eliminate me please and thank you
  2. The way this has taken YEARS and she still has no date
  3. Based on the comments one of my songs tanked and the other one did pretty well, so this should be interesting
  4. Yeah idek, they aren’t listed on the list he posted on the last page or so and I assume that’s what we all looked at. I don’t like when rules are being broken but I can understand the misunderstandings this time I guess
  5. Devon Cole - W.I.T.C.H: not bad! quite catchy actually. most of these female empowerment songs I’ve already heard, so it was nice with something less known. Frank Sinatra - My Way: it’s a classic I guess.. kind of boring to me though, and personally I dont get how it fits the theme although this song was on every list when I googled for this round so I must just be dumb. The Killers - The Man: yeah I guess this was the #1 song for everyone when they googled it’s quite literally the perfect match for the theme. not really a fan of the singer’s voice but it’s not a bad song. Lit
  6. I just now listened to it for the first time… what the hell is this? when they’re first singing together Mariah sounds so weird and out of place. and she doesn’t even sound like herself at all, sounds more like Xtina. yeah this was horrid.
  7. Can’t find a single good male song will try again tomorrow.
  8. The female empowerment track is easy, the other one not so much
  9. Ooh 2nd place! didn’t expect that. Also think these results are the most fair I’ve seen this season, but the Agnes song should’ve been higher
  10. I tried to be positive about most songs, did I seem that negative
  11. Okay let me do some critiques I guess.. Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time: a classic! It’s cute, pretty much what you’d expect a love song to sound like. Alicia Keys - No One: this one’s so cute I think, another classic love song. SZA - Snooze: the name of the song kind of describes it for me, it’s kind of boring/monotone and I’ve heard it too much on TikTok. Agnes - Got Me Good: the playlist needed this song to speed things up a little! i really like it. Cutting Crew - (I Just) Died In Your Arms: another classic! definitely a love song, not really my cup of tea though i
  12. Finally found a song, another one I’m not confident in though