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  1. Wait, she can actually sing? This song is actually pretty cute
  2. Are they still trying to make Tidal happen? They need to give up.
  3. Cringe "doesn't"
  4. that livestream cringe
  5. Single

    So much better without Migos
  6. Discussion

    This song
  7. Poor that. It's still pretty dead I'd say But at least there's still stuff to discuss, can't say the same for Xtina and Kesha
  8. Yeah I was, not sure how that's relevant to this thread though?
  9. 1. Poker Face vs Hot N Cold 2. Telephone vs Teenage Dream 3. Judas vs Unconditionally 4. Do What U Want vs Bon Apetite
  10. Both her and Xtina have overstayed their welcome
  11. Performance

    Can she add some European dates please
  12. Another tribute to the queen of pop
  13. Oh I had no idea, just assumed it was one guy
  14. Migos fucking ruins BA, I usually don't mind features but holy shit, he literally makes me no want to listen to it Other than that it's a bop, but I see myself listening to The Cure more.