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  1. Xtina and Taylor Swift. They're just overall unlikeable
  2. Music Video

    Omg this sounds a lot better than I expected her new music to be (no offense). I'm perched.
  3. Music Video

    What was the budget for this video
  4. Album

    BEST album of 2017 so far! No Goodbyes is my fave song
  5. Rebel Heart is trash
  6. Review

    Every generation knows BOMT Impact!
  7. Game

    Witness vs. Marry The Night Hey Hey Hey vs. Born This Way Roulette vs. Government Hooker Swish Swish vs. Judas Déjà Vu vs. Americano Power vs. Hair Mind Maze vs. Scheiße Miss You More vs. Bloody Mary Chained To The Rhythm vs. Bad Kids Tsunami vs. Highway Unicorn Bon Appétit vs. Heavy Metal Lover Bigger Than Me vs Electric Chapel Save as Draft vs. You & I Pendulum vs The Edge of Glory Into Me You See vs. The Queen Witness - 8 Born This Way - 7
  8. I think if the first two were successful she would (be forced to) So, probably never again!
  9. Performance

    One. The Monster Ball
  10. BOMT outsold your faves btw