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  1. Kristina

    oh wow I remember you, hi sis!
  2. Kristina

    agugaga calling me looney i've seen it ALL
  3. Kristina

    Nobody but Xtincta's 6 stans were waiting for it though Demi's name is obviously what is selling the song.
  4. Kristina

    It will chart higher than Xtincta's efforts, that's for sure
  5. Literally no one cared for Accelerate or Twice but the moment she got Demi on a song she hit #1 on iTunes and people are actually paying attention? Demi, her power. Main pop girl confirmed btw! Anyway, would Fall In Line be received as well without Demi?
  6. Omg I used to LOVE them. This is lowkey a bop too The choreo made me cringe though.
  7. I genuinely like this I can always get behind a good women empowerment anthem, and Demi really helped me like it more. Wig.
  8. Kristina

    Demi did that. Her power!
  9. Kristina


    Norway's song is embarrassing. The downgrade from when he won is REAL
  10. Oh hi How are you sis?
  11. this cracked me up
  12. Kristina

    7k Xtina and her Figthers can never win