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  1. Kristina


    Omg I'm here for that!
  2. Literally WHY are you still here posting the same shit about Britney 5 years later?
  3. Kristina

    #4? Not bad for a girl with no talent! Anyways thanks for bringing this game back, it’s always fun.. even though I missed 4 out of the 5 results shows this season
  4. Kristina


    Dangerous Woman, cloesely followed by thank u, next (with the black background)
  5. Kristina

    If only I could actually get some bonus points
  6. Kristina

    I'm way too slow for this
  7. Kristina

    9.5 years
  8. Kristina

    top answer
  9. Kristina

    I never cared about that overrated song and thought it went #1 tbh, regardless who can think of that 10 years later I'm-
  10. Kristina

    Omg I thought people would say a RECENT song like NTLTC, who the fuck could even think of Bad Romance
  11. Kristina

    50 million
  12. Kristina

    Fuck I was gonna say Ariel but changed it to that basic bitch Cinderella
  13. Kristina

    what kinda music y'all be listening to