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  1. Oh wow #53 I did that
  2. Discussion

    When I joined Exhale (the Britney forum) in 2008 and realized I was way more interestrd in Britney than the average fan. I don't really consider myself a stan of her or anyone else anymore though, but she has a special place in my heart because I've loved her music for as long as I can remember
  3. Britney hasn't been stuck doing the same tired choreo for 10 years though Beyoncé does the same fucking choreo in every performance and tries to make it seem like it's brand new. It's not at all impressive anymore
  4. Because Beyoncé has been doing the same performance for the past 10 years
  5. Soon they can make an album out of all the great songs that were ruined by mediocre rappers
  6. I can see why because it has been such a successful era for them, but I don't want 3 songs I want AN ALBUM
  7. Game

    Love (Never skip and always on repeat) 1. Make Me... 2. Just Luv Me 3. Slumber Party 4. Love Me Down 5. Better 6. Liar 7. If I'm Dancing Mixed Feelings (Sometimes on repeat or skip, depending on mood) 1. Invitation 2. Do You Wanna Come Over? 3. Just Like Me 4. Hard To Forget Ya 5. Change Your Mind 6. Coupure Électrique 7. Mood Ring Hate (Always skip and don't like it) 1. Private Show 2. Man On The Moon 3. Clumsy 4. What You Need
  8. Lmao the songs don't work together at all. Thanks for the laugh though
  9. Lucky for you I got all these daddy issues An album highlight for sure!
  10. I've only listened once but I can already say it's her best album. It's SO good. Lil Wayne is so unneeded on Lonely though, he sounds bored out of his mind and awful as usual.
  11. Britney's are the most memorable tbh.
  12. Discussion

    Singles : Make me vs Work bitch Slumber Party vs Perfume Bonus / Deluxe Tracks: Hold on tite vs Better Brightest morning star vs Liar Now that I found you vs If i’m Dancing Perfume ( Dreaming remix ) vs CYM Scary vs Mood ring Up n down vs Coupre electrique Tracks: Invitation vs Alien Private show vs It should be easy Man on the moon vs Passenger Just Luv me vs He about to lose me Clumsy vs Till it’s gone DYWCO vs Body ache Just like me vs Don’t cry love me down vs Tik Tik boom hard to forget ya vs Don’t keep me waiting what you need vs Chillin w u 4 of the songs you included are from Femme Fatale tho
  13. It was really good so I'd say it's deserved! Congrats
  14. Ifkr. I only watched it for her tbh