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  1. Even Kylie Jenner does stupid ads like these, so I’m not surprised a B-list celebrity (at best) like her does it.
  2. Wtf I had NO idea they were reuniting but this was amazing! I can't believe the other girls agreed to come back to be Nicole's backup singers/dancers again though And the lipsyncing was so obvious, Nicole didn't even try
  3. Kristina

    Celeb News

    It should only be the original girls if they decide to do this, without Jazzy. She never did anything for the group.
  4. Kristina


    Marcus & Martinus are included because I work with kids and stream music at work btw P!nk being the top artist and song in 2010 is so random, I don't remember listening to her much at all, never been a fan. Ariana was #1! Halsey is only included because she's featured on Boy With Luv with BTS I guess, I haven't listened to her besides that.
  5. Kristina


    I’ve seen Britney (twice), Beyoncé, Rihanna, Gaga, Kesha and Ariana.
  6. What the fuck? That’s really disgusting and intrusive. Poor girl.
  7. I’m ready! This year needs more good pop music and this already sounds great.
  8. Kristina


    Selena really delivered with these two new songs tbh. I really like both.
  9. Kristina


    Omg I'm here for that!
  10. Literally WHY are you still here posting the same shit about Britney 5 years later?
  11. Kristina

    #4? Not bad for a girl with no talent! Anyways thanks for bringing this game back, it’s always fun.. even though I missed 4 out of the 5 results shows this season
  12. Kristina


    Dangerous Woman, cloesely followed by thank u, next (with the black background)
  13. Kristina

    If only I could actually get some bonus points