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  1. Kristina


    Is that their lead single or whatever they call it in K-pop? Because that’s really disappointing, they usually always deliver but this is not it. And it doesn’t even have a proper music video?
  2. Kristina


    It’s like he has to add some controversial lyrics to get some attention around his shitty music. I literally don’t understand how people can still like him, he’s had these vile lyrics since he started out.. The benefit of being a straight, white man I guess!
  3. Kristina

    All of that effort for a #2
  4. It seems like the only thing he cares about is a chart position and that’s so sad and shows he doesn’t got his priorities straight. I understand that most artists want their music to succeed but I’ve never seen anyone go to these lenghts for a chart position or let it be the most important thing to them To be fair I don’t think he or anyone on his team made that, it looks fanmade. But when he saw a stan post it, I guess he saw the opportunity to repost it.
  5. Kristina


    They should have stopped after season 3. Do people still watch this?
  6. He’s reaaally desperate for that #1 He keeps uploading new Yummy videos on YouTube (lyric video, officially video, fan lipsync, Beliebers react, 2 animated videos).. I understand wanting the number 1 but with this, the 1000 videos and him literally begging on Instagram, it just looks sad
  7. Kristina


    Actually really love this album, which I didn’t expect at all because I didn’t like his first album at all. I almost didn’t bother to listen, but after Adore You I had to. Glad it’s really different from his first! It’s probably in my top 5 albums of 2019
  8. I thought it was reaaally bland at first (and I mean, it is), but after listening to it more I actually really like it. Guess I’m the only one
  9. Kristina

    You seem mad because the people who were influenced by her are way more influential than she ever was! Well, Ariana and Taylor anyway..
  10. I understand that people can learn and change, but I just don't understand how anyone could ever think that was funny or okay.. Age isn't an excuse.
  11. Even Kylie Jenner does stupid ads like these, so I’m not surprised a B-list celebrity (at best) like her does it.
  12. Wtf I had NO idea they were reuniting but this was amazing! I can't believe the other girls agreed to come back to be Nicole's backup singers/dancers again though And the lipsyncing was so obvious, Nicole didn't even try
  13. It should only be the original girls if they decide to do this, without Jazzy. She never did anything for the group.
  14. Kristina


    Marcus & Martinus are included because I work with kids and stream music at work btw P!nk being the top artist and song in 2010 is so random, I don't remember listening to her much at all, never been a fan. Ariana was #1! Halsey is only included because she's featured on Boy With Luv with BTS I guess, I haven't listened to her besides that.
  15. I’ve seen Britney (twice), Beyoncé, Rihanna, Gaga, Kesha and Ariana.