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  1. She needs to shut the fuck up. She wants to handle things privately? Guess who’s appearing on a podcast sharing private text messages from her sister..
  2. I mean, it’s true. Pop artists tend to collaborate with rappers who are big at the moment for extra clout and to reach a bigger/different audience.. but DaBaby is still trash.
  3. A ruthless judge I kinda agree with all of the critiques though, but at least you can tell which season my pic represents
  4. Jamie Lynn is really disgusting. Before getting to know everything about her being complicit in her conservatorship and stuff I really thought she was one of the good ones. Brit used to do everything for her and they were best friends. But JL threw her under the bus just like the rest of them. I feel like she acts all good and innocent around Britney, but does and says stuff behind her back.. Hope it was worth it using Britney’s name and story to sell a few copies of your book and to get your 5 minutes of fame again. Also - not excusing death threats, that’s never acceptable. But it’s jus
  5. The lies, the fake tears again.. If she really loved her sister she wouldn’t be doing interviews trying to save face, but own up to her mistakes, lack of action and actually being complicit in her conservatorship. Hope Britney calls her out tbh
  6. Oh no That’s so sad. I remember him from Full House. RIP
  7. I don’t follow either of them but if that’s the case I think that’s just as bad btw
  8. It’s too generic and dated. Doing a feature like this to get the attention of the public back is smart, I just wish she got a better song to feature on
  9. Idk about any of you, but I’m always ready for new Demi music!
  10. I wouldn’t say she’s not okay or that her behavior is erratic at all, after being robbed of her freedom for 13 years I completely understand where she’s coming from. I just don’t think photos like that (especially from public figures with a huge following of all ages) belongs on ig. I feel like a nude photoshoot done in a more classy (for a lack of a better word) is a bit different than a nude selfie in the mirror with only an emoji covering your private parts. I’d never hate on Britney and I do understand where she’s coming from and why she feels the need to express herself freely, whate
  11. Shocked to be in 2nd place! When I saw everyone’s covers I thought I’d be eliminated
  12. I’d say the same for everyone posting a nude selfie with only an emoji covering their private parts but okay 💀
  13. This ain’t it I’m all for nudity and being comfortable in your own skin etc, but this doesn’t belong on ig