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  1. I’m gonna flop this round omg
  2. Kristina

    Whew I kinda flopped this round
  3. Okay I'm totally flopping this round
  4. Kristina

    Double post
  5. Kristina

    Omg I did that
  6. Kristina

    How did y’all not say Demi?
  7. Kristina

    I think I got all the top answers so far
  8. Some of these were harder than last round Ready to flop
  9. Kristina

    I meant the answers to the actual questions not the bonus questions Edit: Oh I just realized I said bonus answers i meant top answers
  10. Kristina

    I didn’t
  11. Kristina

    Omg I really thought I’d flop when I sent my answers but I got all the top answers except for 1
  12. Kristina

    Okay I'm kinda slaying so far! Wig indeed
  13. Omg I’m gonna join!
  14. Domination is a cool name, I'm excited to see where this goes.. Seems like it will be a "darker" theme. I hope it's a lot different than POM in every single way, brand new setlist, choreo, better stage outfits.. etc.
  15. Kristina

    I- They’re instructed to ASK if they wanna touch her before every M&G though so if someone just touched her when she wasn’t ready for it I totally get it, she obviously laughed because she was uncomfortable, she didn’t laugh at him.