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  1. I don’t want another Glory re-release or any new music before she actually WANTS to release something
  2. He’s obviously just doing what’s in his best interest. He knows he has no choice at this point. It’s way too late to look like the good guy though
  3. This is so heartbreaking, she was so young. Cancer is such a horrible disease.
  4. Tragic. When will she realize she actually needs this group as much as they need her? I feel bad for the other girls having to work with this diva
  5. Congrats @Starboy! Deserved winner Tinashe really was the most consistent and had no bad pictures. Would’ve switched Gaga with Rihanna for the 2nd place. Rihanna started out really strong but kept going downhill, while Gaga showed growth imo. But all of the 4 contestants were great! Thanks for hosting @Verona, it was fun!
  6. Still dumb to me, are people gonna get judged for one past incident forever when they’ve showed growth and have no other history of racism? Not saying what she did was okay, or not racist, but anyone can learn and get better.
  7. Dumb backlash imo, especially over a dumb podcast no one will even listen to. Just because she isn’t black and hasn’t released R&B music herself it doesn’t mean she’s not a huge fan of R&B music and has no knowledge.
  8. Voted! I feel like the strongest contestant overall didn’t have the best photos this round, still put them 1st though