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  1. Kristina

    I- They’re instructed to ASK if they wanna touch her before every M&G though so if someone just touched her when she wasn’t ready for it I totally get it, she obviously laughed because she was uncomfortable, she didn’t laugh at him.
  2. Kristina


    We been knew, I got bored of it after a couple of weeks. Sorry not sorry
  3. She's stiff here too though Britney fans these days get impressed by everything I swear
  4. She looks amazing but why does she put more effort into her perfume commercials than anything else? Keep it. She has like 30 perfumes already
  5. Kristina


  6. Kristina


    Working with Dr. Luke is basically career suicide at this point, she's been canceled before she even started
  7. Kristina


    ...Baby One More Time - 15 Oops!... I Did It Again - 50 Britney - 60 In The Zone - 65 Blackout - 605 Circus - 55 Femme Fatale - 70 Glory - 70
  8. Kristina


    Wow is Focus the best pop song released this year or what?
  9. Kristina

    oh wow I remember you, hi sis!
  10. Kristina

    agugaga calling me looney i've seen it ALL
  11. Kristina

    Nobody but Xtincta's 6 stans were waiting for it though Demi's name is obviously what is selling the song.
  12. Kristina

    It will chart higher than Xtincta's efforts, that's for sure
  13. Literally no one cared for Accelerate or Twice but the moment she got Demi on a song she hit #1 on iTunes and people are actually paying attention? Demi, her power. Main pop girl confirmed btw! Anyway, would Fall In Line be received as well without Demi?