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  1. Oh wow.. our faith is in the hands of the judges! I actually like that. May the best person win, good luck @max & @Jae! Good picks, I actually considered 3 of the songs you’ve submitted.
  2. Not me bombing yet again I really expected top 2 with those songs. But thanks for saving me, @Jae Sorry to see you go @Snow, you really picked more risky songs than all of us going for safer picks though!
  3. Oh wow, not first and second place this round. Congrats Jae
  4. Ashley O - On A Roll: Liked this a lot around when that Black Mirror episode came out. It's kind of too basic to have left a lasting impression on me. It's okay! Aaliyah - Try Again: Still bops to this day, I have to admit it's a classic. Billie Eilish - ocean eyes: It's a nice song, but kind of boring? Very chill though, and her voice is amazing as always. Kesha - VIP: Animal really was THAT album! I stanned Kesha so hard back then. Probably one of my least favorites on the album, but still good. Drake - Best I Ever Had: Um.. no. I'll be the first to admit he has good song
  5. On wow, some interesting choices actually considered one of the songs someone else chose myself. Will post my critiques later after work!
  6. That looks ridiculous. It just makes him look older too, why would he do that
  7. I struggled with that as well, most track 15’s were really weak
  8. Aw, sad to see you go @StrippedX. You’ve been a great player, loved reading your critiques!
  9. I thought I submitted a killer combo this time tbh, expected to be higher but glad I’m safe!
  10. Doin Time winning? Unexpected! It was one of the covers I thought about submitting myself actually
  11. Lana Del Rey - Doin' Time: It's okay, kind of boring/generic. Not a standout by Lana to me, but a cute enough cover. Miley Cyrus - Like a Prayer: Doesn't hold a candle to the original and her voice gets kind of grating on it. Wouldn't listen to it again. Muse - Feeling Good: This song sung by Muse just sounds wrong. Doesn't really fit them imo, the Michael Bublé cover is so much better. Ellie Goulding - Hanging On: I quite like this one, it's cute. Had no idea it was a cover Florence + The Machine - You've Got The Love: I'm not a huge fan of Florence's voice, I quite like t
  12. It’s getting hard to do the critiques because I feel like I’m giving away my songs I will post mine soon though
  13. Excited to actually play this again! Love the banner @Shego
  14. I had two perfect songs, but missed the length limit for the cover