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  1. Happerson

    Ke$ha existed in 2009? .gif' alt='ny11'>
  2. Happerson

    Awesome game Buh-bye Ketchup!
  3. Happerson

    'Spears' would be nice, as the answer to 'Britney'
  4. Went to see The Croods at the cinema yesterday. Absolutely hysterical and hilarious, so I highly recommend it to any of you.
  5. Happerson

    7,5/10 That person is rather scary +tehe3+
  6. Happy to see Alexandra relatively high, by the way.. I like to think I personally contributed to her salary by picking up one copy of HOH when I was in the UK
  7. Ooh, glad I rediscovered the thread, been forgetting it a bit the last few days. Such slaying albums have come by, I think I loved most of them. Except for Tulisa, who I just haven't bothered with And the comments
  8. I love suddenly seeing all my quotes here.. This list is so epic, so go Kristina for doing it +legend+ Plus I should have voted
  9. Watched Django Unchained last night, and it was actually really good. Some points had a bit too much violence and blood and whatever, seemingly without much real reason. But then again it's Tarantino, so you know what to expect.
  10. Happerson

    2. Hold It Against Me 6. Criminal
  11. Happerson

    5. (Drop Dead) Beautiful’ Feat. Sabi 7. Trip to Your Heart
  12. Well, the positive thing about all this is that if her album isn't completely shit, with will.i.am as the executive producer.. Maybe we can have some hopes for Britney again brit33
  13. Happerson

    7. Seal It With a Kiss 15. Selfish