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  1. Happerson

    Ke$ha existed in 2009? .gif' alt='ny11'>
  2. Happerson

    Awesome game Buh-bye Ketchup!
  3. Happerson

    'Spears' would be nice, as the answer to 'Britney'
  4. Happerson

    I never thought I'd see the day.. So proud of my girls It seems like a century ago since I discovered them and we have come so far together.. NUMBER FREAKING ONE
  5. Happerson

    I am rooting for my girls so badly.. They seem pretty stable on top of iTunes right now, even though Justin is kind of creeping up on them. They still have quite a massive lead though, so could this really be their first number one? Then again this is The Saturdays so I will not hope for anything. Just keep refreshing the iTunes bars.
  6. Happerson

    What an awesome song, with an awesome lyric video. Those shadow animal things.. Genius +laughcry+ Really looking forward to the album!
  7. Happerson

    Reserved post.
  8. Happerson

    7,5/10 That person is rather scary +tehe3+
  9. Happy to see Alexandra relatively high, by the way.. I like to think I personally contributed to her salary by picking up one copy of HOH when I was in the UK
  10. Ooh, glad I rediscovered the thread, been forgetting it a bit the last few days. Such slaying albums have come by, I think I loved most of them. Except for Tulisa, who I just haven't bothered with And the comments
  11. I love suddenly seeing all my quotes here.. This list is so epic, so go Kristina for doing it +legend+ Plus I should have voted
  12. Happerson

    2. Hold It Against Me 6. Criminal
  13. Happerson

    The song is actually good, and become better and better on repeated listens. Still it feels a bit 'below her' or something, I mean she is incredibly talented and I think she could make songs with a slightly higher quality than this. I'll jam to it though, but kinda hope for more and other things on the album shake1