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  1. PrettyReckless

    She was probably high as fuck
  2. PrettyReckless

    Love her
  3. PrettyReckless

    Frozen ofc The Power of Goodbye You Must Love Me, tho tecnically it's not "her" song, it's from Evita, this song is just
  4. PrettyReckless

    It's not a demo I think but Kinda Outta Luck fits PERFECTLY with the theme I have in mind for this album/era But, tbh, I don't want an old song taking the place of a brand new one. Plus her demos are usually better than the final thing (National Anthem, Lolita, Yayo say hi)
  5. PrettyReckless

    Britney looks so much like her mother in this picture And it looks as thought Dakota never returned the costumes from The Runaways movie
  6. PrettyReckless

    55 is not even old
  7. PrettyReckless

    I wasn't embarrassed to stan her in 2007 and I won't start to feel that way now... I just accepted she will never go back to how she was at her prime and moved on. I still listen to her earlier albums (and ocasionally her most recent ones). Like it was said, her legacy can't be erased.
  8. It would work better if she had a goofy/fun expression on her face like ''Oops! Sorry I'm late"!
  9. I haven't listened to this song in FOREVER it's cute tho, it does make me smile
  10. PrettyReckless

  11. PrettyReckless

    I don't like the song but Lily's been slaying this era, sit down. Everything else she released was either good or amazing (Our Time )
  12. Ooh owning this album on vinyl would be a dream