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  1. Photos New Pic: Keshatina

    It’s probably just the pic and makeup. She’s always had fillers. Her makeup is ugly af
  2. Celeb News X updates her social media account biographies

  3. Photos Christina getting dunked in a dunk tank by her children

  4. Other X with Dj Khaled (wedding perf at Malibu)

    She sounded amazing at least
  5. Photos Kristofer Buckle posts flashback photo of LegendX (Stephen Webster, 2008)

    She's had some work done on her face.
  6. Other NEW XTINA TWEET: 'And introducing....'

    @Dita, I will hurt you.
  7. Single Xtina: Posts about Tayla Parx on IG (New music on the horizon)

    I'm growing so impatient
  8. Katy Already Falls to #2 On iTunes to SZA

    I mean, her new music is terrible. And if you say you don't think so, you're lying. Except for Bon Appetite, thats my jam.
  9. Achievement Dirrty nominated for MTV's Music Video of the Century!

    That list is a true mess.
  10. Who is more acclaimed? Madonna or Michael Jackson?

    You're not telling me anything I don't know or haven't heard. I'm telling you that although both are legends in their own right, I think Micheal Jackson has had more impact overall, and still does.
  11. Who is more acclaimed? Madonna or Michael Jackson?

    Artistic choices. If that's what you want to call it. Nevertheless, Micheal is out of her league at this point imo.
  12. Discussion Bionic turns 7

    Damn I'm getting old.
  13. Who is more acclaimed? Madonna or Michael Jackson?

    I personally think that Micheal Jackson is, and I also think he's the obvious answer. Even with Madonna being a legend, she could never match his life, or music. His controversies were even more genuine and effortless
  14. Is this the best Disney pop girl song ever?

    These girls were on Disney?
  15. Event Xtinas Emoji Movie official new Trailer

    it actually seems kinda cool even if she wasn't in it.