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  1. Radar

    does anyone here have links to the untucked episodes? it's nowhere to be found in turkey. most of them used to be avilable on youtube but all of them are gone now.
  2. Radar

    the eureka hate bandwagon is so cringy
  3. she really wants a hit this era. the promo schedule has been impressive and it's only the start of the era
  4. she's just too globally relevant
  5. Radar


    HBO played it on their best show
  6. it's a lyric from Radar you can find out the whole thing here
  7. your wish is my command #LadyGagaIsOverParty
  8. i love a successful legend
  9. Radar

    Celeb News

    confirming her legend status
  10. Radar

    pathetic how certain fanbases crave approval so much. very telling.
  11. Radar

    well then im glad i made you laugh. we all know gaga stans need it