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  1. She cries Te amo I told her I'm not gonna run away, but let me go My soul is awry, without asking why I said Te Amo, wouldn't someone tell me what she said It only means I love you
  2. Born To Die i heard the song on some adult station i kept listening but i never knew who she was because the dj never introduced her just played the song then i saw the music video on the telly one day and i was hooked i quickly became instafan
  3. after i heard about her split with Hassan i was sad but come through with your 21 queen
  4. okay, but i only have 2 albums that i haven't listened in full
  5. i always liked her but i listened to Caution when released and i loved it
  6. I'm officially a lamb now I've been listening to Mariah's 00's albums and i'm slayed beyond recovery in the next days i'll go on the 90's marathon (even tho i know most of her 90's albums)
  7. Charmbracelet is one of the best Mariah albums and haters can stay pressed moo5

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    2. Russian Roulette

      Russian Roulette

      Clown, Lullaby, Bringin' On The Heartbreak cry3 urghhh too many flawless songs moo6 

    3. jrdn


      Lullaby has such a nice flawless skinny flow to it, Brining' On The Heartbreak is one of Mariah's many fantastic covers. 


      The issue with Charmbracelet was the single choices. Through The Rain was a weak lead single and Boy I Need You was a poor follow up. Lullaby, Yours or The One would have been better singles. 


      I Know What You Want is simply just a classic. 

    4. Urbi


      Lol no

  8. so is no one posting about the Ozuna and Kevin Fret scandal? um1 

    1. Kylie


      We don’t talk about people we don’t know!