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  1. she did and said nothing wrong sure she might not formulate very well at times but everyone tried to clown her for simply misunderstanding what she meant
  2. i've heard about lana right after she performed on SNL but i watched the videos and i didn't think it was that bad but i kinda left it at that then after like 1 or 2 months i've heard Born To Die on the radio and it made tear up because i went through some stuff but they never announced it was her and i also didn't memorise the lyrics from that one song to look her up and then finally when i was completely sold on her was soon after that i was at my neighbour/friend and we were having a coffee and her telly was on a random music channel her Born To Die Video was on and i was instantl
  3. It would take too much space sis. But like the undertit Isis tatoo or the gun tattoo. Besides a Rih stan would know them by default