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  1. this, i always thought her music is too boppy, but DW is a masterpiece
  2. Celeb News

    i might die by then
  3. Discussion

    i'm torn between this, or the one at The Chateau Marmont of Born To Die she's so vulnerable and sad post yours
  4. she has, or had, idk if she can still do it, but she had an amazing gift, her voice went well over many genres, tbh it's only from 2005 that she refused to do anything else
  5. i feel bad for her WUL is still my jam
  6. Discussion

    didn't notice u left, i'm sorry
  7. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  8. @Gilly is reading the narcissistic cunt for filth, step up your defense Swifties
  9. i'm going to bed, i can't take these news anymore, praying for the 23 people that lost their lives so early i hope that when i wake up the number won't increase stay safe everyone
  10. with the gunman at the hospital... this is too orchestrated not to be them