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  1. Russian Roulette


    Omg r9 release?
  2. Russian Roulette


    Queen of getting awards even out of her field of work
  3. Russian Roulette


    Watch the haters say it's Chipmunk Harris
  4. U still come here but I never see u post. Plz post like u used to. cry1 

    1. Russian Roulette

      Oh babe, i'm busy with work and everything. So mostly i just lurk for a bit when i get home. But i'll try to be more active. <3

    2. H.O.N.E.Y

      I'll tag u when I post sign ups for my new game and u better sign up. It'll be easy to do but u have to show up for a bit daily (not at a specific time). rav2 

  5. Russian Roulette


  6. Russian Roulette

    go buy her tour tickets or something, better yet, go get them for free. quite a deal you know...
  7. Russian Roulette

    i'm lazy and i have hobbies + things to do instead of checking for receipts for a delusional who clearly knows what i'm talking about but who but anyway, BC Jean or whatever her name is, who wrote and sang If I Were A God, had to be paid the guy who wrote and sang Smash into You exposed the Thief for changing 1 fucking word for the song and suddenly she's the lead writer Ne-Yo exposed her ass in an interview for Irreplaceable, but anyway. i'm pretty sure you knew all of these things
  8. Russian Roulette

    sis after all the exposings Beyonce got with stealing credits, choreography and looks, i'd be quiet if i were you there are countless people who sued her ass or who she had to pay to keep them quiet. it's funny how the Hive chooses what they want to go on about. but you do you
  9. Russian Roulette

    only the POPE of pop
  10. Russian Roulette


  11. Russian Roulette


  12. Russian Roulette

    Celeb News

    queen of paying taxes and selling stadiums
  13. Russian Roulette

    the best way to deal with them is by ignoring whatever they do or say