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  1. Russian Roulette


  2. Russian Roulette


    It would take too much space sis. But like the undertit Isis tatoo or the gun tattoo. Besides a Rih stan would know them by default
  3. Russian Roulette

    Celeb News

    We love a strong woman who stands her ground
  4. Russian Roulette


    This will probably inspire her to release makeup that lasts for 5 years aswell
  5. So sisters i'm not a big fan of tattoos but i can respect someone's choice to decorate their body. But some of them look look absolutely bizzarre or trashy while others can look cute or like a beautiful work of art. With all that being said, her dumbest tattoo is the big ugly one on her hand and her cutest are the stars behind her neck. What about yours? Don't be shy you have loads to pick from
  6. Watch the video of him at trump's rally
  7. Poor little pimp, perhaps he's too big for US
  8. Russian Roulette


    STM >>>>>>>
  9. Russian Roulette

    It's trash sis. I i only listen to 3 songs off it But she delivered Safety Net so it's okay.
  10. Russian Roulette


    That's for fenty beaty sis
  11. Russian Roulette

    Yes. No climax, short as fuck. Hate it actually. By the time i get into it it ends. I feelt like i've been jerked off and by the time i was about to finish they stopped and ran.
  12. Russian Roulette


    1. NTLTC 2. DW others 6. Prolaptions