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  1. Russian Roulette

    Celeb News

    she's so pretty it hurts
  2. Russian Roulette

    Rare was released this year sis
  3. Russian Roulette


    CAIL is SOTY
  4. Russian Roulette


    I'm so perched
  5. Russian Roulette

    Rihanna and Britney have some nice perfumes Britney has too many tho and some of them are horrid. Ariana's are tragic tho they are so sweet and they smell like any other sweet perfume. Xtina had a nice perfume i have a friend who used to wear it. It was the bottle with the black lace.
  6. Blinding Lights by light years
  7. Russian Roulette

    Taylor Swift
  8. Russian Roulette

  9. Russian Roulette


    no but it's a cute top 10 literally one of the best fromGGGB i'll give you that but not when we have Russian Roulette
  10. Russian Roulette

    Rihanna the only memorable fashion moments by other faves are Katy's green dress with her tits out Britney's denim and Xtina's stripped pants with her ass hanging out i can't think of any fashion moment from any other fave tbh Gaga might have a few but she did it for the shock factor
  11. Russian Roulette


    something by Billie Holiday but i can't remember exactly what album of hers i listened to first