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  1. and 14 of them, 15 soon, are #1
  2. Discussion

    me rn
  3. she said that years ago in a interview with Ryan Seacrest also not a big surprise
  4. stop hanging out with the wrong crowd
  5. never cared for ha
  6. Other

    omg this must be nice
  7. i can see now why she's so problematic
  8. omg she's always been so smart and driven
  9. Discussion

    i think sometimes having a regular name is better than being called.... Dusty Rose Levine
  10. Discussion

    coming to steal Naviember's spotlight
  11. sis... it was the first album that was showing a different side of Britney, a woman who wasn't afraid to explore her sexuality and her fantasies to me it is her best song and performance of it on the tour ever, i like it ever since it came out and i still listen to it religiously, it's THAT kind of song
  12. it's very sensual sis, and the production for it it's amazing
  13. she really delivered here


  14. omg i hope there is security all around, i don't trust the world anymore