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  1. mainstream pop before 20013 >>>>>>>
  2. Game

    10, i have a connection with this song
  3. recently started playing Song Pop on facebook, i'm slaying left and right with Xtina playlist, can't believe i know so many of her songs dead1 

    i think i'm stanning gaga13

    1. Princess Aurora

      Me too ny1 I'm about to complete my Madonna,Janet and Backstreet Boys playlists but I completed all of my faves playlists

  4. Game

    7 noisy
  5. i''ve never heard of half of them and from the other half that i'v heard of i only know some of their music never watched an interview or followed them on twitter or social media to know how they behave
  6. Celeb News

    perched for S&M to re-enter hot 100
  7. Celeb News

    someone on another site said it might be because her music is featured on many amateur videos, idk
  8. Celeb News

    queen of porn
  9. Game

    10 a classic
  10. Bizarre

    i hate scars and a scar on a dick ruins it for me bleah
  11. Achievement

    queen of slaying 10 years later
  12. Bizarre

    good, cut dicks are gross and if you don't wash your dick you'll be smelly regardless of the skin