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  1. queen of longevity and re peaking no flashes in the pan allowed
  2. Russian Roulette

    as she should
  3. Russian Roulette


    Mad House is the best Consideration the worst, a stain on anti
  4. AOTY and it's not even fair for others
  5. Russian Roulette


    10 the highlight of LFL
  6. Russian Roulette


  7. but seriously tho, there can always be a nail to scratch a log with the formula or write it on a dusty board or with anything sharp on a glass or on a wall there are so many possibilities i feel like all of you are city ppl who never experienced what's in a cabin. also you can always burn a piece of your clothing, or are we also ''supposedly'' naked?
  8. Russian Roulette

    I know that. I loved Glory when it first came out but it uses sounds that were popular 5 years ago. For example the intro from Make Me... it uses that distorted sound that was sooo popular a few year ago while Mood Ring still has some EDM-ish or electronic sound to it on the chorus, it still doesn't sound THAT dated. Especially with the soft/dreamy instrumentals from the verses
  9. Russian Roulette

    fresh was a but of a reach but not as dated is what i meant
  10. Russian Roulette

    anti still sounds fresh but Glory aged badly it's a shame because i love that album but it literally sounds like mid '10 the only song imo that still sounds fresh is Mood Ring
  11. Russian Roulette


  12. Russian Roulette

    jokes are supposed to be funny
  13. Russian Roulette


    I was literally thinking the same a few weeks ago when i was watching the clip. What a BOP phew But yeah she'll probably promote a new lipstick or something
  14. Russian Roulette

    I hate the hive with a passion for shit like this