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  1. LGBT Turkey's Ankara bans LGBT events, including theater, cinema

  2. General News Charles Manson FINALLY dies at 83

  3. Lust for Life Discussion Thread

    Cherry still makes me quiver BITCH! FUCK!
  4. LGBT Gay flag waved at embassy after Turkey bans gay festival

    i hope the people who did this won't get in trouble
  5. Achievement HDD: reputation Debuts With 1.29M

    all thanks to Look What You Made God Do her best song and video
  6. Celeb News Rihanna on building a beauty empire [Time]

    i'll miss looking forward for Naviember but i guess as we age, we become more caught up with different aspects of our life and hobbies, so i'm happy for her
  7. The difference between Godele and Hitlor...

  8. Charts Hot 100: #1 rockstar, #4 Too Good At Goodbyes, #21 New Rules, #27 CIWYW

    omg can Dua plz break top 10?
  9. How Did You Get Into Björk?

    i remembered articles as kid of her swan dress then a few years later i was watching Eurovision Song Contest and they were introducing Iceland the commenters said that Iceland gave to the world amazing and original artists like Sigur Ros and Bjork, so after that i youtubed her and listened to All Is Full Of Love and after the first time of hearing the song and watching the video i fell in love
  10. Achievement Lana’s Gucci dress discussion thread (EMA Red Carpet 2017)

    classic beauty
  11. Bizarre Man in Arizona captures these images that are going viral. Some say it's a demon, others say an angel. What do you think?

    could be some smoke or steam coming from the ground also, who knows
  12. If Bey doesn't care about singles, why does she keep releasing so many of them?

    when one supreme dies another rises
  13. Discussion Pon de Replay is a forgotten club banger

    better late than never
  14. Game Rihanna: The Singles Megarate

    i could do it now but i'm drunk
  15. Discussion Which britney song describes your love life ? (Quiz)