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  1. Russian Roulette

    even tho it's Marc's song, it should've been on Miley's channel
  2. Russian Roulette

    Music Video

    if Kris said at the end, "you're doing amazing sweetie" my life would've been complete
  3. i guess he couldn't handle Ariana slaying
  4. Russian Roulette


    yas Katheyn
  5. Russian Roulette


    she sampled this with Drunk On Love
  6. Russian Roulette

    queen did that!
  7. i love the song and the video, gives me wild west modern era
  8. Russian Roulette

    her stans outgrew her she never really had a big fanbase, she just made catchy bops for the masses
  9. Russian Roulette

    Music Video

    the video will keep it at the top of the charts until next year
  10. Russian Roulette


    Legacy! not everybody has that, to their credit
  11. Russian Roulette

    Celeb News

    anything but music
  12. i don't like songs from  Caution individually, only Giving Me Life and the title track.

    but as a whole it kinda snaps

    she did that moo6 

  13. Russian Roulette


    yes, we love a pop record