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  1. Russian Roulette

    she's over
  2. Russian Roulette


    i cringed so hard i don't think i'll ever recover but slay tbh, legendary song
  3. Russian Roulette


    yes, her best album deserved it tho
  4. Russian Roulette

    ran out of gimmicks i see get the divorce papers ready by the time your next album is finished sweaty
  5. Russian Roulette

    Music Video

    i don't care for the video that much but the song is cute, yas king!
  6. Russian Roulette


    ridiculous and unnecessary
  7. side B but also C, D and A it's hard but i'll stick with side B tbh because of the bops
  8. Russian Roulette


    i hope if she's getting nominated for some Scammies she can serve longevity this album truly deserves it