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  1. Russian Roulette


    Why tho?
  2. k then who's she gonna call when her house is robbed or whatever, a therapist? gtfo hypocrite bitch
  3. Russian Roulette

    omg poor Gaga y'all are ripping her apart in here
  4. Russian Roulette


    Nvm no E song
  5. Russian Roulette


    Too many to count and they change often but rn i'm feeling Trap
  6. Russian Roulette


  7. Russian Roulette


    The only mixed gender band i use is No Doubt but still that's Gwen and co.
  8. Russian Roulette

    I will need one or two more listens of it but so far there are no standouts on this album. Sour Candy made me want to listen to it but it just fades into the same sound. The Elton John song is cute but that's about it. I do like the lyrics of Reset tho. I'll listen to it a few more times to see what i really like from it. So far i kinda don't like anything
  9. Russian Roulette

    idk sis i like Sour Candy way more. i'll give my 2 cents tomorrow after i hear it in full but if it wasn't for SC i never would've had the intention to even hear it. the first 2 singles are atrocious
  10. Russian Roulette

    that and HIH are on my top played still. they still sound fresh
  11. Russian Roulette

    it's so odd that those songs are go good yet didn't perform that well odd
  12. Russian Roulette


    so much better than the lead and ROM this actually convinced me to give the album a stream after the monstrous tragedies that were the first 2 singles
  13. Russian Roulette

    the fuck? fuck her and her make up kit she deserves to be forgotten. Lana
  14. Russian Roulette


    so they are stans, since she has like 80% of her discography about her ex
  15. Russian Roulette


    basically the smoke that's left behind an airplane visible on the sky from a private club, usually golf clubs or some other places where rich people go to relax so one day she was watching her sugar daddy playing golf, looked up to the sky and got inspired
  16. Russian Roulette

    https://us.fashionnetwork.com/news/beyonce-sued-for-copied-clothing,507899.html sued over website, over songs, countless videos and so much more. shameless
  17. Russian Roulette

    double post
  18. Russian Roulette

    i don't have to, she was sued and called out in the past enough
  19. Russian Roulette

    she should hire some new stylists or choreographers also because those are nothing but cheap inspirations from lesser known acts
  20. Russian Roulette

    again kudos to her management
  21. Russian Roulette


    that baby will either be pretentious as fuck or hate his parents until they cut him a check