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  1. Lights

    Oh dear that did make me laugh. +lol+ I sure hope she gives us a good album but this era sure is messy.
  2. Lights

    Sounds like a fun idea, I look forward to a good few reads Timmeh! I guess I'll write 1 or 2 just to add to the section. Good luck with the whole 1 a day thing Timmeh. No slacking now dear!
  3. Lights

    +scratch+ Really?!
  4. Lights

    Ah thats the one! Thank you for reminding me. x
  5. Lights

    Pretty much, I mean there was that other song.. Take over some crap! I can hardly remember.
  6. Lights

    Blind. +woot+
  7. Lights

    You have balls! I loved it.
  8. Lights

    Judas ofc! Didn't think I'd like it but Its awesome.
  9. Lights

    Keep it cute deary - Save your stuff for the battlegrounds. On topic : - Glad to see Grace has changed her tone. Unless ofc I'm just reading that in a foul tone because I'm sleepy, but it could still be seen has instigating an argument.
  10. We have a clear winner already with such soulful lyrics! +laughcry+
  11. I have a feeling she might get taken by a stranger.. Right before the event.
  12. Lights

    Maybe if she was to feed us a single around the end of her tour to keep us going would be good. Excited about the new album.
  13. Lights

    1. Your Love Is My Drug 38+ 2. TiK ToK 20 3. Take It Off 12 6. Blah Blah Blah featuring 3OH!3 20- 7. Hungover 26 8. Party At A Rich Dude’s House 48 10. Blind 44 12. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes 18 14. Animal 54