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  1. When it comes to Trip I turn into that GIF of Christina. "Maybe it was too ahead of its time for certain people"
  2. Man I misread this title and thought this was gonna be a picture of Kesha and Elton himself.
  3. Not saying it's right but like what would a FAIR system for free M&Gs be like? Taylor Swift, if I remember correctly, chose random people to come backstage each night before 1989. Then during the 1989 period she picked out who she felt were her 'biggest' fans from Tumblr. Louis (from One Direction) is trying to start a Shazam contest where anyone who Shazams "Miss You" can click on a link in the Shazam description that signs them up to possibly win a M&G, because he also doesn't think it's fair to make people pay for them. But it's just like, what is the ultimate solution that makes it so people don't have to pay for M&Gs but also so that it's fair that everyone deserves to do it, does do it and not the people who try to trick the system? I remember since I bought my 5H tickets off of the Fan Club website one of the Fan Club representatives called me (completely unexpected, there was no promotion at all that this could happen to you - it was all a surprise) and told me I had won a free M&G. I liked that because there was no way to 'trick' the system - it was all a surprise to those who bought tickets from the Fan Club website. But I don't know.
  4. Haven't heard/seen Lust for a long time now. Guess just like almost everything else about this board now, TAG is dead...
  5. Oh my gosh Dua. Go top five pleeeease
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    Yeah that face isn't Beyonce's face, but the hair and the outfit would probably make me think Beyonce too if I saw it in person! I believe you!
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    That caption I'm dying
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    Was it this one? That's the one I 'met' in... DC??? a while ago. I get that they probably want to update her to more modern outfits and whatnot but they're doing a really bad job at it based on the ones in the OP...
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    I scrolled over that part. Oh my gosh Gagaception
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    Wow I'm jealous of your soundtrack collection. You should definitely get the Kim Possible soundtrack though because it's so much fun
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    Both underrated gems yes
  14. Elton and Beyonce on a song together. Oh my gosh we love two legends.
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    I bought them all in 2017 minus ANTI. I’m ‘new’ to Rihanna
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    Who knows honestly... He seems to have faded into oblivion... Maybe if he comes back from the void I will.