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  1. Anna-wa


    We all know I'm too much of a goody goody. It's been established.
  2. My favorite dystopian book series was never made into a movie but it SHOULD'VE been. Uglies by Scott Westerfeld.
  3. Anna-wa

    Even if you doubt Selena G's singing talent (which is easy to do, I agree she's not that good but she makes fun bops) I don't see how anyone can doubt her talent as an actress. I still say she was born to be an actress, not a singer (even though she brings the bops). Britney's acting in Crossroads was cute. The whole movie was cute. Nothing more nothing less. I like watching it because it puts a smile on my face but I would never give her big awards for it, not even close. I thought she was a good actress in her episodes of How I Met Your Mother personally but I still wouldn't vote for her. I haven't seen Dreamgirls, but I saw Beyonce act in the Pink Panther movie. She was a bit stiff, but she was good. Probably because she was playing a famous pop star in that movie so it wasn't too much of a challenge. Hahaha. Rihanna's performance in the DreamWorks movie "Home" was SOOO good. I loved it so much. She's a fantastic actress in my opinion, but she's not an option. And Miley's not the best actress but she's not the worst one either and I DEFINITELY think she did a great job in the Last Song so I voted for her there.
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  5. Anna-wa here

    A few days ago one of my computer science lab partners said he hated when TV shows would make fun of girls for breaking their nails because he would break his when making Legos all the time. “No wonder they cry, that stuff HURTS.”

  6. Anna-wa


    We love a hit
  7. Anna-wa

    Me when "Too Good At Goodbyes" comes on:
  8. Anna-wa here

    So, now that Justin T's solo career is starting to free-fall, do you think he will finally do a for-real NSYNC reunion album? I 100% believe at this point that such an album would make him far more money than Man Of The Woods.

    1. Anna-wa



      Well I'll continue counting down the years until a 1D reunion instead because that is far more likely than this... @Coca-Cola

    2. rose

      so true sob1

    3. Sylk

      He'll probably just do movies

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  9. Bye at your sig.

    1. Winnie.

      Bookmark me and watch in 8 years

    2. Anna-wa

      Why would I wish death on any of those girls especially my actual fave Normani though?

  10. Judging by the fact iTunes is making a plan to completely switch over to Apple Music in 2019, and some stores are stopping selling CDs altogether already, 'sales' might be obsolete altogether soon...
  11. Anna-wa here

    Wow, CDs are truly about to die.

    "Target, on the other hand, says it will only sell music CDs under a consignment basis, shifting inventory risk back to the labels. That means Target would only pay labels for CDs when customers buy them, rather than buying the CDs in bulk and paying for shipments of unsold CDs back to the label for credit."


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    2. ajp

      Just like Vinyl and Cassettes - CDs will become "trendy" and make a comeback, one day. Label websites may be the only place to get CDs until then. cry9


    3. Anna-wa

      @ajp And I will be Ready For It cry9 

    4. Anna-wa

      @QueenCedar101 I guess I'm just a little confused on HOW it is 'dying' exactly, because like I said artists were never paid that much from CD sales to start with...

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  12. Anna-wa here

    When I'm listening to The Weekend by SZA on repeat and that "bright ideas" part comes on...


  13. Anna-wa


    Yep. I been knew.
  14. Anna-wa


    All of these poems are sooo Zayn
  15. Anna-wa


    Yeah you could also feel it was coming on his birthday so I’m not getting my hopes up again
  16. Her line "I got 99 problems but you won't be one" is one of my favorite parts of Problem I appreciate her giving Charli that boost in Fancy Uh... uh... Her and Britney were cute in the PG music video.
  17. So like give me #83 to #79 or whatever already.

    1. Anna-wa

      I don't wanna wait another ten months for this thing to finish.

  18. Hoping my rating will be enough for "Hero" to exit shortly by the way
  19. No more Camila? bummer1 

    1. Simón.

      I always change the third stan badge depending on my mood chi1

    2. Anna-wa

      I see I see. As long as half of your heart is still in Havana.