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  1. Loving this Bernie-yonce set.

    1. Nick

      He's coming for our weaves cry9

  2. Love your icon. ^_^

    1. tomás

      Thank you! Danceriah is one of the best mariahs legend1


  3. Anna-wa

    Zayn - Yes (not a diss to Beyonce; Mind Of Mine is just my 2nd fave album of all time so) 5H - No Demi - Probably not Britney - No I have to think some more about 1D, Taylor, and Kendrick though...
  4. Anna-wa

    Fireproof by One Direction
  5. This is the most hilarious thing I've seen all day.
  6. Anna-wa


    Me too. I don't see why they wouldn't to be honest, but you never know I guess.
  7. I love this song to be honest. Can't stop listening to and dancing to it.
  8. Aww... That's so sweet. I can't imagine how she's feeling right now. Sending positive thoughts to her as well as all his other friends.
  9. I'm starting to get addicted to making these.
  10. Anna-wa

    Celeb News

    Selenaaaaa *jaw drops* She's so attractive I'm crying ?
  11. Anna-wa

    Automatic by Red Velvet
  12. I tried to include the play counts too but it kept displaying the OVERALL playcount for the albums instead of the playcount for the last 7 days. ? Oh well.
  13. Anna-wa here

    Listening to Mind Of Mine all the way through for the first time (currently on It's You). I'm so ready for this. bey6

  14. Hey can you tag me when the Britney megarate starts too? I've never done one before but it sounds so exciting! :)

    1. Mingyu.

      No problem! lana1 

    2. Anna-wa

      Thank you. <3

  15. Yeah I like that one a little bit better. Both versions are still meh to me though (sorry).
  16. Boys by Britney. Also "Get Naked (I Got A Plan)" and "Toy Soldier" seem to be extremely well-liked in the fandom, but I just don't get it... Little Things by One Direction. I'm not sure how successful it really was (because thankfully it was a UK-only single so I rarely had to hear it on the radio), but I do know it's a big fandom favorite. I remember when it first leaked and I was in class lurking the internet everyone was crying about how 'amazing' it was... Then I got home and listened to it and was like "that's it?" It's only saving force was the Zayn+Liam harmonies to be honest... I go back and forth with Worth It by Fifth Harmony. Most of the time recently I've not listened to it by choice/when I'm playing Reflection, but when it comes on the radio I have to dance...
  17. I want to be excited about this, but if it doesn't have the original cast members I don't care that much to be honest...
  18. Love your icon + signature. ?

    1. Rebel Bitch

      Tnx sis oprah7 He's flawless oprah2 

  19. Anna-wa here

    New Britney music is coming this spring? ahs1 I'm not readdyyy.