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  1. Anna-wa


    I wasn't being that serious. I'm sorry I hurt your feelings (I mean it).
  2. Anna-wa here

    Wow, CDs are truly about to die.

    "Target, on the other hand, says it will only sell music CDs under a consignment basis, shifting inventory risk back to the labels. That means Target would only pay labels for CDs when customers buy them, rather than buying the CDs in bulk and paying for shipments of unsold CDs back to the label for credit."


    1. ajp

      Just like Vinyl and Cassettes - CDs will become "trendy" and make a comeback, one day. Label websites may be the only place to get CDs until then. cry9


    2. Anna-wa

      @ajp And I will be Ready For It cry9 

    3. Anna-wa

      @QueenCedar101 I guess I'm just a little confused on HOW it is 'dying' exactly, because like I said artists were never paid that much from CD sales to start with...

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  3. Anna-wa here

    When I'm listening to The Weekend by SZA on repeat and that "bright ideas" part comes on...


  4. Anna-wa


    Yep. I been knew.
  5. Anna-wa


    All of these poems are sooo Zayn
  6. Anna-wa


    Yeah you could also feel it was coming on his birthday so I’m not getting my hopes up again
  7. Her line "I got 99 problems but you won't be one" is one of my favorite parts of Problem I appreciate her giving Charli that boost in Fancy Uh... uh... Her and Britney were cute in the PG music video.
  8. Anna-wa


    Yes it's a good album but it's not a MAGNUM OPUS. Magnum opus = most defining artistic moment, which IASF definitely isn't (and neither is DIL...).
  9. So like give me #83 to #79 or whatever already.

    1. Anna-wa

      I don't wanna wait another ten months for this thing to finish.

  10. Hoping my rating will be enough for "Hero" to exit shortly by the way
  11. No more Camila? bummer1 

    1. Simón.

      I always change the third stan badge depending on my mood chi1

    2. Anna-wa

      I see I see. As long as half of your heart is still in Havana.


  12. No one will except as a joke
  13. Anna-wa


    All these people voting for 1989 Worse still, all these people voting for Reputation when the thing hasn't been out for even a year yet Red and Speak Now are the correct answers
  14. Anna-wa


    Circus is my #1 fave but Blackout is her magnum opus
  15. Anna-wa


    I'm drinking Nestle's LEMON flavored water right now as I see this thread and that, my friends, is symbolism.
  16. Anna-wa

    Didn't she already do that with Celebration?