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  1. Anna-wa

    Not necessarily. Album booklet/album-related photoshoots, and music videos from the album Because we're on a pop music forum, obviously pop music is gonna be the first one that comes to mind...
  2. I need to know this deadline so I can get a good handle on the songs in time thanks
  3. Music vs Joanna? Too bad I haven't listened to Joanna once and it's been 5ever since I last listened to Music other than the title track..............................................
  4. Anna-wa


    Just that it’s more realistic I Anna am talking about Liam Payne of 1D but nevermind I was trying to make a joke and failed
  5. Anna-wa


    I mean... Sure.
  6. Anna-wa


    Nooooo. FOTP user Liam hates whenever I compare them to Liam Payne
  7. Anna-wa


    Liam said a while ago that he would release his album "in January" but the more time goes on the more doubts I have
  8. Anna-wa


    48-2314921-49021347-21489102 albums is not what I call 'slow'... Unless you mean for Pop in which case yes I agree...
  9. Anna-wa here

    Buying textbooks is the most annoying thing.... I cannot look at my bank account right now.

  10. Anna-wa here

    I'm taking over


    1. Jake

      Queen getting on the throne where she belongs clap3 

    2. SWINΞ

      2018 is your year yas2 

  11. Anna-wa here

    I can't with this girl

    tumblr_p2zbt6nYs71r63q61o1_400.gif tumblr_p2zbt6nYs71r63q61o2_400.gif
    tumblr_p2zbt6nYs71r63q61o3_400.gif tumblr_p2zbt6nYs71r63q61o4_400.gif


    1. Sylk

      we share a birthday

    2. Dancing Queen

      She will be at my house!xtina14

  12. Anna-wa here

    The one literally ONLY good thing about waking up this early for school is that I get to see a pretty sunrise. wub1

  13. Anna-wa

    More people saying OIDIA than BJ...
  14. It works great for performances but as an individual song it's not my style.
  15. Called it! Well @Pennywise thank you for doing this again
  16. I agree Fighter is better but Dirrty definitely deserves to be high. It's a classic just like Toxic.
  17. It's pretty obvious which song is gonna be #1 honestly.
  18. You know, tonight I'm feeling a little... out of control. Is this me?