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  1. Trump voters are legit campaigning on Twitter to get the 19th amendment repealed so that he'll win... Pfft, you all wish. Obama would never let it get repealed, especially not to get Trump of all people into office.

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    2. Darth Sidious

      Darth Sidious

      Obama has nothing to do with it dead2

      The Office of the Presidency doesn't have authority over isses like that. 

      Even if by some weird off chance that this country lost its mind and called for a constitutional convention or brought a repel of the 19th Amendment before congress - it would fail, no politician in their right mind would vote to not allow women the right to vote dead2


    3. Anna-wa


      @Mom - I thought that the president had the right to veto it??? I'm sorry, it's been a while since I took Government class.....

      But in any event, I can't even see most of the Republicans in Congress trying to repeal the 19th amendment either. Trump supporters are out of their mind if they honestly think that could ever happen...

    4. Darth Sidious

      Darth Sidious

      @Anna-wa That's laws that Congress passes, Constitutional Amendments are another thing entirely