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  1. Booooo
  2. Also @Urbanov I recorded "Love" for you and all the other "Love" LOVErs of the forum 😚

    1. Sylk


  3. What a great concert. cry7 The only thing I didn't like is he had "God" as his encore song. Like, what a bad encore song. Why didn't he have Humble or Alright or... I don't know, something else other than "God"?

    1. Hunty Bear

      omg ... not GOD. oprah5 happy you had fun! wish I could go to my stop :/

  4. Before Kylie got a perma, LDR was the FOTP Fave that I had listened to the least music from. Her unreleased collection and Once Upon A Dream cover are incredible, but I never looked into much of her released stuff.
  5. Same honestly.
  6. Game

    I'll ignore this one time because you spit the truth about Signs.
  7. Celeb News

    I'm sorry, my BI wife, you did not deserve your thread ruined by people like this.
  8. Yesss! I need to find out whether or not my local theatres are even going to play it... Do you live in the US or the UK??? (or neither?)
  9. Celeb News

    Being downvoted by biphobes gives me power and makes me know we are doing something right
  10. The clean version of Humble is such a MESS. Like "I'm the realest ummm after all" is so awkward. Why not make it "I'm the realest DUDE after all" or something like that? And don't get me started on the stretch marks line... jj3 Do better, radio station people.

  11. That should be album time though
  12. Honestly, yes please. I'm too out of energy to have a meltdown, I'll mostly just be glad that Intimacy is back and the game can continue.
  13. Game

    Love On Top vs. All Night
  14. Okay true I accept that as an answer
  15. @Harry Styles @Coca-Cola @TattooedHeart Have any of you seen Dunkirk yet?