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    The vocal production handled by Anthony Preston directed by shit.he.aint is the root of the problem. Britney recorded demo vocals for some tracks and never came back in to record final vocals. What Preston did was use what Britney vocals he had, demo signer's vocals, and then had Myah Marie vocals layered in for the final tracks. Perfume is the only track he's not involved with and It Should Be Easy was finished at the same time as Big Fat Bass. Even with tracks handled by other producers will.i.am and Preston went in and re-produced them, William Orbit was public about that. Britney essentially sings all the verses and has varying presence on the choruses from full lead vocals on some to only backing ones on other songs. Work Bitch Perfume Alien Tik Tik Boom Passenger It Should Be Easy Don't Cry Now That I Found You Hold on Tight Chilling With You Body Ache Brightest Morning Star Chillin With You Body Ache
  2. The weird transparent floating hair tho
  3. Living Dead Boy

    Celeb News

    First and foremost no new music much less an album was coming to promote Domination's kickoff. If that was the case we'd have at least a single and video by now. We don't. The show was already set with no new songs. We'll get music later this year or early next year, the album wasn't being fast tracked for Domination. Likely they planned to add the lead single after the first leg was over and the came back.
  4. Living Dead Boy

    Celeb News

    Ohh right I forgot about that lol Either way I wouldn't put it past Paris to be shady towards her all the way back then.
  5. Living Dead Boy

    Celeb News

    I can imagine Brit being nice about it but Paris being shady
  6. Living Dead Boy


    Yaasss kween
  7. Living Dead Boy


    I'd be more for this than Cardi B. But I don't know if I even believe either rumor tbh. She hasn't been in the studio recently so Idk.
  8. Living Dead Boy

    Celeb News

    Don't get too upset remeber Larry's huge "live vocals" rant before POM started? On topic I'm proud of her for standing firm on the decision and taking the time she needs. I hope her dad makes a full recovery.
  9. Living Dead Boy


    Good work. The lack of her eyebrows being done and the dark shadow in the inner corner that failed her. Maybe a more dewy finish to the foundation too. Literally 5 more minutes in the makeup chair would've saved this.
  10. Living Dead Boy


    Yasss living for these rehearsal vids And love her adding more Glory to the show
  11. Living Dead Boy


    Titney Spheres strikes again
  12. Living Dead Boy


    I like her old stuff and while Her was a bit of a snooze for me I really like this.
  13. I was shocked she took a turn from her typical sound. I like this for her, it's fresh and has me interested in what the album will sound like. HAW was good, but it was also really safe and typical sounding from her.
  14. Living Dead Boy

    Music Video

    This is cute but obviously not a great vocal moment with or without the filter. The lyric change about getting her children to listen to her is cute tho.
  15. We all know Randee St Retouch is hit or miss but this one looks great down to the classic Brit expression. According to publisher Kicki Norman it is coming the end of February 2019. The fragance smells like, lemon, cloudberry, pear leaves, peony, water lily, Jasmin petals, woods, amber and cotton candy.