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  1. Slow clap was bad and Reintroduce had it's moments but they both felt like she was directionless as an artist. It's probably for the best she's taking a break. Not to mention her Light My Fire video having her with an appropriative hairstyle, like in 2022 you're not gonna slide with that like it's 2003
  2. We've known for a long time Femme Fatale and Britney Jean were both made with pretty limited involvement from Britney even in their original eras. As fans living through the eras we heard about tons of producers and recording sessions that were scrapped entirely. We knew Dr Luke was brought in months before release to essentially create a new album and something similar happened with Will.i.am and BJ. The difference between them being FF came after the huge success and "comeback" of Circus and they were willing to spend the money on powerhouse producers to make FF a solid album. It
  3. I need to listen to this all the way through cause I remembering a few of the snippets sounding like bops.
  4. I remember this rumor from awhile back, I didn't believe it then. It does sound like Britney and it's not a garbage low quality snippet either. This song went through several versions, including a fully leaked demo by Demi Lovato, before being reworked for the Suicide Squad soundtrack. Given that movie came in 2016 the demo was likely recorded and passed on during the Glory sessions.
  5. I could see them tweaking some of the vocal production in places where there's a lot of reverb/echo and Britney and Elton's voices have a harmony effect where neither voice is very distinct. But overall I'm enjoying it and I think her voice does come through and sound great overall.
  6. It's a fun chill bop and Britney is serving all the cooing and ad libs
  7. Ya'll know because of white western beauty standards a woman shaving her head means she's ugly and fucking crazy by a certain percentage of the GP. Being a woman and especially a woman in the entertainment industry it must feel liberating. I say do what ya want sis
  8. The saddest part about all of this is that the MAIN reason Britney stayed silent for OVER a decade is because of her children. They were used at every turn to control her and to continue to make money for both her family and for Kevin. When Kevin asked for more money he was given it and Britney obviously got them occasionally in whatever free time she was allowed from her work schedule. Britney has been drugged, abused, and controlled as long as they've had memory of her. I can't imagine what they think of it all as teenagers and what they've seen. If the worst Kevin has to show of her
  9. If she recorded it back then with the way her team was she had 2 minutes alone with Elton and he recorded it on his phone
  10. This was my fear with her signing and now it's come true We know she isn't happy and is locked in because of whatever contract she signed based on those deleted stories she posted. Dr. Luke is getting credit regardless of how much work he's putting in like before when there were constant releases, so it has to be Republic canceling everything. There was also a scrapped Turn of the Light Vol 3 that was canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic that was supposed to come in October 2021. That's where Party Til I Die came from. A lot of tracks intended for the album have le
  11. I'm excited to hear this. Small projects and collaborations where there's just a song drop and little promo seem perfect for her right now. Also happy to see her doing music projects solely because she wants to.
  12. All the recent leaked tracks got taken down from Youtube so I'm thinking they're still being considered for the album.
  13. Can you imagine if she brought this energy to an EP of new recordings of old songs I've been playing this on repeat