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    Celeb News

    The circus one is cute but not my fave, I just don't love that original photo. I really like the peachy/yellow ones, they get the point across without being so literal circus theme.
  2. I'm surprised Neve hasn't signed on yet. She was the first one to talk about it getting traction. I assume they'll get her as well since they've got David and Courtney. I'd also guess with this film they might finally pass the torch onto new characters after Scream 4 didn't produce a new series like they planned.
  3. Living Dead Boy


    This is so dated and ages her wtf why
  4. I think because he's so close to the situation he can't legally discuss things despite no longer being a part of her team. He says Britney wants the c-ship over (duh) but then dodges questions like who initiated it (her dad and Lou Taylor by what we know). He also gave specifics on his involvement in their careers and money made (but not where it's all going). He also seems classically southern (sexist) when it comes to his views on women. Gross. It was kinda interesting but the interviewer is pretty clueless and it's longer than it has any reason to be.
  5. Yea it makes sense to get promo and continued interest however they can. I wasn't aware of Heathens but since they did it then they could easily do it again with a last minute addition.
  6. I could see this, it'll be interesting if true. I'm surprised Madonna hasn't teased anything yet. What makes me hesitant to believe is the movie originally had an August 12th release. If this was the case they would have been teased something about the song months ago before the movie delay was official right?
  7. We've only been telling her for years but yaasss kween
  8. Charli XCX February 2019. I would have saw Kim Petras last fall but I had other commitments.
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    2 words. Cheap and lazy.
  10. Living Dead Boy

    Most pop girls have basic album titles. It's just the way it is, labels want easy brand recognition so name or single word albums are common. Mariah easily has some of the goofiest. I voted Lana for having the best as they're typically more creative. Gaga's and Rihanna's aren't bad either. Madonna's fails me with Music and MDNA. The rest are a lot of self titled/titled after songs or just basic in general like Taylor.
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    THIS. Completely. I knew of trouble in development for the game before it was released so I waited for reviews and didn't purchase the game. Seeing how absolutely broken and bare the 2014 release was I checked in occasionally for updates and to see what expansions they were doing. I JUST decided to give it a go a few months ago and honestly 6 years haven't addressed the cored issues of the game. The sims are lifeless. Sims don't have consequences to their actions or in-depth relationships/personalities at all. CAS and build updates are awesome, the color swatch tool I wish was available for a few things but overall not a big issue. I hate how tiny the worlds are and the lack of the open world feature. The expansions serve as cool additions but actually playing just isn't as fun as Sims 3. I've been playing the franchise since the beginning as a kid and I'm ready to move onto Sims 5 and hopefully they get back on track.
  12. Living Dead Boy


    Realistically having the same music and Vegas coming I would have done this: Britney Jean (EP) 1.Work Bitch 2.Alien 3.Perfume 4.It Should Be Easy ft. Will.i.am 5.Tik Tik Boom ft. T.I. 6.Passenger 7.Til It's Gone 8.Hold on Tight Deluxe EP Bonus Tracks 9.Brightest Morning Star 10.Now That I Found You 11.Don't Cry (Body Ache and Chillin both have terrible vocal production that makes heavy use of Myahs vocals so let's just not.) Singles: Work Bitch Perfume Alien With at least a few promo performances for WB and actually mentioning the music coinciding with the residency during all its promo. If we're altering the music then scrap Anthony Preston, Myah Marie, and Will.i.am. Go the early r&b pop route wherever that was headed with a mix of past collaborators and new talent. Push the album back a year so it could be actually be worked on with Britney in the studio. Release Work Bitch as a Vegas POM stand alone single.
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    I sporadically post a little but haven't been this active in a long time! Glad to see you too! A lot of us og's are still here I see
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    Cruel World vs. Norman fucking Rockwell Ultraviolence vs. Mariners Apartment Complex Shades of Cool vs. Venice Bitch Brooklyn Baby vs. Fuck it I love you West Coast vs. Doin' Time Sad Girl vs. Love song Pretty When You Cry vs. Cinnamon Girl Money Power Glory vs. How to disappear Fucked My Way Up To the Top vs. California Old Money vs. The Next Best American Record The Other Woman vs. The greatest Black Beauty vs. Bartender Guns and Roses vs. Happiness is a butterfly Florida Kilos vs. hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have-but I have it I have a few ties but NFR is the album I like more overall. UV is still a good album but one I don't revisit often due to where I was in life when it came out.
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    I don't remember it but so many of her posts have been deleted, sometimes to be reposted exactly the same. If you saw it I'm sure it's real. Plus we know stock images/photos not taken by her get posted regularly so who knows. Like the post about corn that included an image from a google search.