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  1. This is devastating. I hope Britney can be strong enough to get through this I can only imagine I also have to wonder if the years of forced hard medicine combined with her being 40 have anything to do with it
  2. Breathe in Breathe out was that gurl please deliver us a bop sis
  3. I really wish she would have stayed independent. Obviously they don't know how to market her cause L*ke is making hits for other girls currently so... But I stand firm she deserves the opportunity to work non-exclusively with L*ke but like has been speculated it's probably contracted to some degree. It was waring sign after the era had started only for them to drop an unrelated and rushed EP in February to chase trends in the hopes of going viral. Slut Pop was fun but it was made in like just over a month or something when Coconuts was already getting attention but had a
  4. The trailer is pretentious and says nothing about the album. Hopefully we get at least a couple bops like React. I can't imagine them letting all the scrapped PCD songs she recorded for the reunion go to waste.
  5. I think the fact that Dr. L*ke was a hit machines for years and continues to make hits makes him too valuable to people with more money and power than L*ke himself.
  6. This. If they would actually give shows a chance and quit cancelling them after a season or two. They're doing it to themselves and I don't feel bad for them.
  7. He's a basic white guy and the beard is doing a lot of the heavy lifting. I don't expect him to age well either given hes's only 24 now, but maybe he'll have a daddy phase.
  8. All these rulings against her have been such bullshit. We KNOW she made formal reporting on a lot of these things years before she ever had the success and fame she later reached, obviously this isn't a petty lie to break her contract. Plenty of other musicians in the industry have said he was asshole from the beginning, like Kelly Clarkson way back before Luke became a powerhouse in the production world. Being an asshole doesn't make you a rapist but when you look at the evidence he practically groomed Kesha.
  9. Is it popular with kids on tik tok? I feel like that's the only thing that digs up songs these days.
  10. She's coming for bitches and I hope she gets every last one of them
  11. She says she's gonna address Kim and instead talks about a collaborator and name drops Kesha, Dr. Luke, Charli XCX, and Lizzo Also glad to see she cares about her f*gg*ts when she needs attention We know the entertainment industry is fucking evil and full of sexual predators. Kim is probably under a similar contract to the publishing one Doja is under where he's not actually involved with everything but he gets a cut and his name in the credits. I also would like to know who Banks' sources are cause most people don't give her hateful ass the time of day nor should
  12. Ugh, it was such an amazing time when she came on the scene and blew up. It still holds up really well
  13. Let's hope she progresses her sound and style this time around. The second album was too much retread of the first for me.