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  1. Living Dead Boy


    Are we rating these out of 5 or 10 3/5 or 7/10 Not a bad photo but the editing/expression on her face is weird and doesn't really fit the song.
  2. Living Dead Boy


    3, I like the photo of Brit and it was a movie tie in so it makes sense.
  3. Living Dead Boy


    So stunning
  4. This will be interesting. I want to see how truthful this is and how deep it actually goes. I can only imagine if it DOES do a deep dive people like Loucifer and her dad will try and have it stopped or cry defamation in a lawsuit. Overall this should be good for Britney unless they paint the conservatorship as being necessary.
  5. Looking forward to it but I was hoping for a Gwen or Kylie featured on a new track.
  6. It literally took the pandemic starting and me being stuck in my apartment coupled with the fact that they were rolling out a big game update for me to FINALLY try the game and I was still disappointed. I was enjoying it ok with a few expansions and then the damn update caused more glitches and bugs for me with basic gameplay. That and the fact that the actual gameplay with the Sims themselves is completely lifeless. And for years now they've released whatever random packs EA is trying to push, like the Star Wars one most recently. Ignoring massive problems with the game and base functionality that came included with previous versions. And to top it all off like you said the packs are a total rip off with higher prices and less developed content than ever before.
  7. Supernatural in Sims 3 was one of my faves, but I know this is going to be lackluster. Sims 4 isn't even a dead horse EA is beating at this point, it's like a cremated dead horse they're trying to pass of as cocaine and all us Sims junkies are desperate for a fix. At this point I'm going to hold out for Paralives, Sims is just one of the more recent causalities of the shit show that is EA.
  8. That's what I thought. The cover photo was probably Chuck's phone on a timer I was going to make some edits and found these, the below is the Target cover and it should be the standard tbh This one is better than the official as well,
  9. Living Dead Boy


    I remember hearing Living for Love and thinking the album would sound like that, modern pop with some 90s house influences. I wish it was. I have to agree a lot of it sounds generic for the time it was created or like a demo version. That along with too many producers and no clear sound direction it's a mixed bag I tend to forget about. It's not a bad album but not one of her best either.
  10. Same, Brunetteney slays
  11. I stan BTMYH and the video. I'm not sure if that candid works for the cover though, reminds of her face in For the Record in the Circus video saying I fucking hate waiting The back art is stun though.
  12. I like the international cover way more than the US but that fan cover is still better I was obsessed with her bown highlighted wavy hair during the BOMT era. Such a pretty look on her even though the blonde is more iconic.
  13. Don't know the origin but this fan cover is cute af. One of my fave photos from the era too.