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  1. This is good news if they really do go after them. Live Nation, Ticketmaster, and friends have a monopoly on the entertainment industry and the situation is a mess for the artists and music lovers while a few people are making a lot of money off of it.
  2. Why does she sound like Kermit the frog
  3. This is an interesting direction for him to go in. Personally I liked the more r&b sound better, this sounds like he's putting on a voice and a persona. But I never cared enough to deep dive into his discography so maybe this isn't as far a reach as it seems for me.
  4. I feel like the way the last film ended you could drop things there and it be an ok end to that storyline. But it does beg the question where the next film would go. I thought they might bring back Sidney for a small roll for this film when it was still intended as the end to the new tribology but now I'm expecting her to be more of a lead. I'll definitely be in theaters to see it as well but I don't know what direction they'll take it. It's also interesting that Kevin Williamson is directing but not helping write the script. I think tonally we could get another darker
  5. He's been pressed for decades and you know Madonna doesn't even remember whatever 2 second non-interaction this was from 40 years ago
  6. I'm looking forward to this! Her Christmas film was a cute watch and really let her shine.
  7. Why 25+ years into her career is she bothering to have artistic integrity At least sis know she's an industry plant with her biggest hits rarely featuring her own lead vocals Like she said, she's done well for herself and no one asked for this or needed it
  8. If it is he's the type that thinks that's enough and doesn't actually know how to use it
  9. Not only that but when she keeps getting called wannabe Gaga a full on sample isn't gonna help. The girl and her label can't agree on a direction other than generic. Maybe it'll be a cute tiktok sound for a month
  10. So he's just another entitled male celebrity asshole This is a lot of evidence against him too