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  1. Living Dead Boy


    A makeup line from Gaga has so much potential. But sis. A warm neutral palette in 2019? At least the shades are inclusive and fairly universal.
  2. Don't know her But I can kinda see it, looks more nerdy than classic Disney prince which could be an interesting choice.
  3. Regardless of how well done this is it will never be an accurate representation of the deceased. It'll never have their blessing either. These sorts of things are, at the end of the day, about money and publicity. Situations where an actor passes away during filming or is brought back posthumously to give their character closure in a final chapter are understandable. But why the hell is is necessary to "hire" an actor who has been dead OVER 50 years to recreate them digitally and hire a sound alike to provide the voice. Not to mention technology still isn't at the point where it's flawless so having in a lead role is going to be a distraction for the film itself.
  4. Living Dead Boy


    VPL is the female nipple I want them both freed. For differenrt reasons.
  5. Living Dead Boy


    It should bother me but honestly I'm more upset they shaved him
  6. Living Dead Boy

    Celeb News

    The problem with this cover is she starts it at 100 so by the time the chorus hits there's no real impact or anywhere to go with it.
  7. Living Dead Boy


    It has Glory level vocals with Britney Jean's Anthony Preston level production value And the instrumental sounds like typical Pitbull. So cheap club beats with some Spanish flair. I don't hate it but it sounds like demo. And well Pittbull should be gone.
  8. I don't think he looks bad but I know what you mean. I think all the bulking caused him to loose any fat and volume he had in his face like it does most people. I would not hesitate to let that man ruin me He still fine as hell But he needs a higher percent of body fat and better skincare.
  9. I agree with the promo thing. The GP sucks so it's easy to get frustrated.
  10. Living Dead Boy


    The darker red brown is to keep a healthy looking color with more longevity and less trips to the salon when covering the platinum blonde. If she tried a medium blonde/brown color it could fade and look ashy or dull after a few weeks. It's less maintenance so I'm sure that plays a factor since she always goes back to it. I don't hate the color but I agree a dimensional midtone brown or dark blonde always looks good on her.
  11. Living Dead Boy


    She looks great and the fact that she wanted to support Sam and go out to an event says a lot about how well she's handling everything. Obviously she looks a little tired but who wouldn't be. The hair color looks good and the smile is genuine.
  12. Ari sounds cut and pasted from her last several singles and is forgettable. Lyrically it's pretty weak, even in the hook. Miley and Lana steal it tbh. The video is cute tho
  13. The industry stays on their bullshit so I'm not surprised. Just disappointed in Streep.
  14. Living Dead Boy

    Celeb News

    Blackout-ney teas tbh Especially with the white gogo boots.