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  1. The porn bots have gotten increasingly worse in the last few months from the already rampant problem they were orignally. I've seen posts saying Tumblr is going through and trying to purge as kuch nsfw content as possible but Ive not seen receipts. If child probography really is the issue then they have a lot bigger problem then we knew.
  2. It's such an odd time of the year to release a tropical inspired song and video. This would have had a much better chance with the GP if it was released this past summer. It's just pretty forgettable and I like Bebe.
  3. Living Dead Boy

    Celeb News

    This is a cute look but I like Dad with shorter hair better. Totally get the Kesha vibes too.
  4. FF was like BJ in that towards the end of the process the direction changed and Brit was less involved. Given the vast amount of material they supposedly recorded for FF we've gotten very little leaks of the scrapped material.
  5. No we don't have demos of any of those tracks. There was the rumor that I Wanna Go was originally more rock influenced but I don't know if that came from a credible source. If I had my guess the vocals on the tracks are probably the ones she recorded back in 09 for the singles collection. Dr Luke was brought in very late in 2010 to produce FF so the album happened really quickly from there to get the early 2011 release date.
  6. I Wanna Go Up N Down and Criminal were all recorded during the same time as 3, at least the demos, for the singles collection.
  7. Given he just posted about it earlier this year he trolled/ people made a connection where there was none. Brit and her team rarely go back to older tracks from past recording sessions for new albums/singles. Early in her career when she was constantly in the studio, My Prerogative, and Femme Fatale are exceptions for obvious reasons.
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    If the song hasn't been scrapped at this point I'd be really surprised. Having Pitbull open for Brit for the POM tour in Europe was supposed to promote it. With that not happening the song is most likely in the trash along with the other scrapped collab for Fast and Furious. And honestly I'm fine with that. Shitbull is an std on music and a no talent hack. Britney may be serving on the tracks but I want a solo single next.
  9. Only she could survive death and not age a day
  10. It is, I didn't even realize she was pregnant again
  11. Shakira even stans it
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    Dammnn, second tour cancelled
  13. They obviously shot a lot of material over two days and what we've seen is very little. Hopefully we get a decent amount of new material but we'll see. Still surprised they did all this for a perfume. She looks incredible though so I ain't mad
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    Celeb News

    This is insane and beyond absolute shit on the "designer"'s part. Their career, both drag and costume related, is fucking over and good for them.