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  1. She should really focus on herself and choose her battles more wisely
  2. I'm actually friends with Daniel on my drag account on Facebook, from what I remember him posting he's had a lot of health issues in recent years. Most notably cancer. But it looks like Jeffree got the worst of the accident here with him in the bed and neck brace and Daniel sitting beside him. I also know Daniel only recently reconnected with Daniel after years apart, I think they made a video recently together. They were friends back during his early music days when I was fan. I feel like when they first separated Jeffree had negative things to say about it him but that was over 1
  3. Even if it's different it started when they were 12 and 18 According to a quick google search the age of consent is 14 in Germany Even without knowing more specifics this sounds f*cked from the start.
  4. Sugarfall/ Hooked on You, Pull Out, and Rock Star final mixes in HQ have leaked ya'll! Pull Out is such a nasty bop and all these sound great. Never was a huge fan of Rock Star but even it sounds good. I want 911 next
  5. Fucking this. A feature can't save this track, not when the chorus is such a dumpster fire
  6. Womanizer vs. Invitation Circus vs. Make Me... Out from Under vs. Private Show Kill the Lights vs. Man on the Moon this was tough Shattered Glass vs. Just Luv Me If U Seek Amy vs. Clumsy Unusual You vs. Do You Wanna Come Over? Blur vs. Slumber Party Mmm Papi vs. Just Like Me Mannequin vs. Love Me Down Lace and Leather vs. Hard to Forget Ya My Baby vs. What You Need Radar vs. Better Rock Me In vs. Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes) Phonography vs. Liar Rock Boy vs. If I'm Dancing Trouble vs. Coupure Électrique
  7. This is cute. I think they both deserve solo shows though. That being said Britney is probably never gonna do anything this high key again in her career
  8. She needs to hurry up and shoot an album cover and music video with this look The level of serve she's giving lately is fucking savage.
  9. The issue isn't that she didn't something raw and personal, it's that they did the most obvious and crude version of it. Like, she's given countless interviews plus the youtube serious with multiple first hand accounts of the OD. We don't need a reenactment Not to mention she could have done something more abstract, artistic, and original with the video and got the same idea across. I don't think Shitter Bomb is gonna be the career savior she thinks he is. I just hope it doesn't end badly.
  10. James, how many minors are you gonna "accidentally" message inappropriately before you start asking for age verification? He's done for if the next one gets receipts of more damning behavior. He's obviously attracted to younger looking twinks but he needs to remember that they exist in the 18 and over category as well
  11. White Dress vs. Cruel World Chemtrails Over the Country Club vs. Ultraviolence Tulsa Jesus Freak vs. Shades of Cool Let Me Love You Like A Woman vs. Brooklyn Baby Wild At Heart vs. West Coast Dark But Just A Game vs. Sad Girl Not All Who Wander Are Lost vs. Pretty When You Cry Yosemite vs. Money Power Glory Breaking Up Slowly vs. Zoinksed My Way Up to the Top Dance Till We Die vs. Old Money For Free vs. The Other Woman COCC 5 Ultraviolence 6 It's early for COCC so it could change with time.
  12. If Britney is crying, it's not over the fucking documentary but because everything from visitation rights with her children to her Instagram posts are filtered and determined by other people.