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  1. Because Blackout already had a tour it was called The Circus Tour
  2. We're lucky her team let her perform HATLM for a few shows before they scrapped it Still mad that Criminal won over IO as a single. We got a good video but IO shits on Criminal.
  3. Living Dead Boy

    Celeb News

    I'm cringing so fucking hard. Can't she just get a hair cut and hump some shit like Miley did for attention?
  4. Please let this be the thing that finally destroys this waist of air's relevancy
  5. Living Dead Boy


    Architecture - OUT Bartender - OUT Happiness is a Butterfly - OUT Mariners Apartment Complex - IN Mary (Scared of Me) - OUT Roses Bloom For You - OUT Sylvia - OUT Talking Like an Answering Machine - OUT Venice Bitch - IN Wild One - OUT Yosemite - OUT Given her past record of scrapped material I'll be surprised if anything except the two tracks she's currently released make it. If anything else does I'd expect it to be a bonus track.
  6. Wtf why spread hate and set your country back decades. Disgusting.
  7. Living Dead Boy


    This. Humble queen taught herself so of course she doubts her talent
  8. Living Dead Boy

    Music Video

    Mte Chuck's editing has improved, or whoever did it.
  9. Living Dead Boy


    The stronger one and who is it ones are cute. The problem with celeb merchandise is it's always over priced and personally I only overpay for that kind of stuff at concerts for tour specific items. The design has to be really good for me to fall in love with it and spend the extra $$$ Especially when places like Walmart, Target, Hot Topic etc. have been selling very similar things for much less.
  10. Living Dead Boy


    Drag her for filth her makeup is terrible and the flash ain't helpin it. Lookin like 13 years old in the face with some 31 year old porn star titties
  11. At that price I wonder if they'll sell tbh given how these photos are. Like maybe if they were photos from a high profile shoot but...
  12. Living Dead Boy


    Not too bad but I'm ready for a change in style. Maybe just below the shoulders with less extensions. They're so heavy and full now the first thing she does during the POM show is put her hair in a ponytail asap.
  13. Living Dead Boy


    This is really good considering how many times her early videos have been re-uploaded.
  14. Living Dead Boy


    This is fucking ridiculous. This is serving no one.