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  1. I agree with the promo thing. The GP sucks so it's easy to get frustrated.
  2. Living Dead Boy


    The darker red brown is to keep a healthy looking color with more longevity and less trips to the salon when covering the platinum blonde. If she tried a medium blonde/brown color it could fade and look ashy or dull after a few weeks. It's less maintenance so I'm sure that plays a factor since she always goes back to it. I don't hate the color but I agree a dimensional midtone brown or dark blonde always looks good on her.
  3. Living Dead Boy


    She looks great and the fact that she wanted to support Sam and go out to an event says a lot about how well she's handling everything. Obviously she looks a little tired but who wouldn't be. The hair color looks good and the smile is genuine.
  4. Ari sounds cut and pasted from her last several singles and is forgettable. Lyrically it's pretty weak, even in the hook. Miley and Lana steal it tbh. The video is cute tho
  5. The industry stays on their bullshit so I'm not surprised. Just disappointed in Streep.
  6. Living Dead Boy

    Celeb News

    Blackout-ney teas tbh Especially with the white gogo boots.
  7. Living Dead Boy


    I'm feeling it *insert fat demi dancing gif*
  8. This. This man is disgusting. Brit's boys are her world and he's trying to ruin that now too?
  9. Living Dead Boy

    General News

    So ready for this, love the set up.
  10. She may have meant it more as in she doesn't consider her own ideals specifically in line with either political party. She's made it clear through past interviews, actions, and songs she isn't tied to any Republican ideals. But regardless it's a vague statement that's a non answer to her political standing.
  11. Living Dead Boy


    Same I was at work
  12. Living Dead Boy

    Music Video

    This video feels cheap/less sophisticated compared to Kahn's usual aesthetic. I guess it fits her preteen audience though. I'm also hearing the synth from ABBA's Gimme/Madonna's Hung Up in the background of the verses, not exact but similar. Just kind of forgettable tbh.
  13. Slay me fantasy kween with them vibes
  14. Living Dead Boy

    Celeb News

    Ugh yasss kween
  15. Living Dead Boy

    Broke my heel running to say BIBO before I even realized it was a poll I blame the damn heterosexuals and lackluster promo cause I'm still severely popping my pussy to it