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  1. Living Dead Boy


    Take Off is Britney. Like I'm Falling is confirmed but has never leaked (like Disguise My Love) so demos are fake. Cheap Cologne is a demo that was apparently meant for the project but it's unknown if Britney recorded it. A demo is on youtube. Money, Love, and Happiness needs added! Michelle Bell's openness with fans a few years back is probably the biggest insight to the album. Chaotic I've Just Begun and Look Who's Talking Now were all recorded for ITZ and not used. I also believe aside from demo snippets recorded on tour the Bell tracks are some of the only in existence from the project. Brit's personal life quickly took control and she's responsible for shelving the album as much as anyone.
  2. Living Dead Boy


    I'm getting more 90s/early 00s fashion editorial vibes that straight up drag from the look. I'm here for it and hopefully the video slays.
  3. Is this official or just a pre-Nicki addition leak? Either way I like this more than the released version, at least Avril redeems the bland chorus with the breakdown.
  4. Living Dead Boy

    Music Video

    Welp this is gonna be a hit with middle schoolers. Ones who feel edgy anyway. Everything is just try hard and cringey, was hoping for some growth from SBP when it was a fun track.
  5. Living Dead Boy


    Her reaction faces in the wide shot of her sitting are everything She's so cute. Also the lip bite is iconic.
  6. Don't fucking tempt her
  7. Living Dead Boy


    Like seems to be the general consensus half the album is forgettable filler with generic lyrics and production. I wouldn't have had as big expectations if she hadn't survived death, divorced her husband, AND switched labels since the last record. Bitch has been through it. BUT on the positive side I love that she did at least experiment with some new styles on the album. Head Above Water, Tell Me It's Over, Birdie, and It Was in Me are my current favorites. Dumb Blonde has me torn. Bonnie McKee's writing on the verses and prechorus work really well, but the chorus is garbage and juvenile (even for the song). I'm indifferent about Nicki's verse. I think a mashup that replaces's her chorus would save it for me, currently I just can't get past it. The live performances haven't been memorable either. I hope she actually does support the album and isn't being bullied by a label again.
  8. Living Dead Boy

    Celeb News

    Ugh cannot wait for this look
  9. Living Dead Boy

    I like her music, Meant to Be excluded, but this is fucking ridiculous. She can have several seats.
  10. Living Dead Boy


    I hope they actually make some good shit and it makes it onto the album.
  11. Living Dead Boy


    This. We want bops. And unfortunately I doubt she'll ever resign with a major label. The basic production on the majority of the tracks kill them. Not terrible but not memorable either.
  12. Living Dead Boy


  13. Living Dead Boy


    The final album was the right decision. It was a good mix of well produced bops like Sparks along with more intimate moments. They aren't bad songs, but like Chasing the Sun?All About You they're not as memorable, catchy, or unique.