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    Ugh this performance is really good, they need to drop the hd pro recording.
  2. Event

    This is simple but a lot more impactful that the other cover.
  3. There's video/photos of both he and Halsey doing coke, it was a matter of time tbh Just wait for Halsey to to start some weird rant about how coke should be legalized.
  4. Photos

    @Tasso add these to the op please! It's her speech.
  5. Photos

    She looks cute! I actually like the dress, it flatters her figure. Some of the red carpet pictures are taken at a weird angle that distorts it though. The dress also pops more in stage light/lower light like in the indoor pics too.
  6. @rosekesha she literally took to instagram this evening asking if anyone knew a studio in Detroit she could use to finish the album Someone mentioned redone in the comments she said if she's ever in the same place again it'll be to piss on his grave This bitch's career is fuckin dead. It's sad because she had talent but I just don't know what her problem is. Aside from her attitude. She keeps promising shit and that she has an album ready to release and then her dates come and go. Then she just posts again that's she's recording.
  7. Rumor

    Interesting, I'd like some Britney vocal demos from the BJ/Glory era. We know she recorded a decent amount of material that didn't make it.
  8. Celeb News

    He doesn't fucking deserve any more money. It's his own damn fault he has so many kids and not enough money to support them all, not Britney's.
  9. Celeb News

    I forgot he was a thing Apparently he released an album last year, who knew
  10. Celeb News

    Yassss queen
  11. Ugh she looks so fucking good
  12. This was intended for Original Doll and recorded during material for that, not Blackout. The producer posted it to his bandcamp and talks about the time shortly after the recording with her marriage ending confirming it. It sounds really rough so I don't love it. Vocally it reminds me of Ouch.
  13. She looks good but the styling leaves a lot to be desired.