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  1. Living Dead Boy


    I can agree with that. Blackout, while setting more trends, blends a lot of different influences and feels a lot more urban. But Blackout is still perfection
  2. Living Dead Boy


    Pm me my ticket to Chromitca please
  3. Living Dead Boy


    It's definitely a solid pop album with near perfect production by a team of that era's forerunners of pop music. But I would still say Glory and Blackout are just as cohesive. Those two also have some personality and vocal moments FF lacks. But I still bop to most of FF like I did back then
  4. Living Dead Boy


    99 & 03 with 08 as honorable mention
  5. Living Dead Boy

    Celeb News

    Obviously she isn't working on shit and hasn't since Domination was canceled. Her c-ship issues put the brakes on everything. The positive is that she can relax and that we have one of best albums as her last release. At this point the re-release with bonus tracks is obvi just a rumor but with the new cover and chart performance her flop team shoulda done something.
  6. The lessors will never. Iconic debut is flaw free
  7. Living Dead Boy


    Bartender sticks out for me on NFR. I agree with Yayo too, it's always been a skip for me regardless of the version. I still stan Change on LFL
  8. I love that they clapped back at his bullshit
  9. Living Dead Boy


    Rock pop Katy is the one I fell in love with first. She easily shits all over Selena and Miley's versions. At that time neither had an identity beyond Disney much less musical artistry. The Kelly demo's are interesting because of how similar Long Shot is even vocally to Katy's. But Hook Up definitely shows more of Kelly's style on her release and I like it. Ashley's vocals are literally painful to listen to. The production and layering on the chorus is hot firey garbage
  10. Living Dead Boy


    Agreed. Diddy is random af and it sounds several years older production wise than it is. Something about how Diddy's rap comes in sounds unfinished too, like maybe this was scrapped early or isn't the final version.
  11. I mean agreed. Always really slayin is pop perfection
  12. Living Dead Boy


    These were probably taken during Make Me 2.0 or possibly Private Show. Either way we should have gotten some in the album booklet because we have no photos of her in this look. Unless these are more Randee composite style photos like some of the perfume ads. The close up of her face I'm 90% sure is from this. At the very least it was take the same same day as the hair, particularly her bangs, are the same.
  13. Living Dead Boy


    @Ruthless Love yes the text placement is still bad but I'll take it given the photo. The first insta edit you posted is perfect. The one Randee photo looks like another composite like she did for some of the perfume ads. The face looks like it's from this:
  14. Living Dead Boy


    This is definitely LaChapelle and taken during the original Make Me shoot when the did the single cover. I don't think they he pulled his work, he was obviously paid for it, and they used the Make Me Cover and G Eazy footage he shot. They just chose not to use it when they scrapped his video. The artist responsible for the new cover (and original MM/album cover) actually posted it to his insta So it seems Team Brit actually commissioned a new cover to be made. Along with this other options leaked showing an actual photoshoot was done on the set of MM 2.0 by Randee St. Nicholas that went largely unused for the album booklet for whatever reason. So her team had him make SEVERAL options for a new 2020 cover. These new Randee photos scream of over editing but her official photos do so I believe these to be real. This really fuels the fire for the rumor they're doing a re-release and I'm hoping it's true
  15. Living Dead Boy


    No I agree. I was just commenting on the irony that he's a choreographer and he chose the simplest moment of the choreo to post. Probably because it wasn't worth posting.