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    Literally all that has changed is actual porn blogs are a tiny bit harder to find. And the search function is broke af regardless of what you're searching. I still get porn bot's following me every week.
  2. Living Dead Boy


    Here for this
  3. I'm already seeing Warner's pattern with Ava on just her second single. Psycho was a hit and they repackaged it with So Am I Examples I did some digging and Wikipedia cites a deleted instagram post of Ava's from December of last year that Blood Sweat and Tears was originaly the second single. While I can't find evidence for sure, Warner probably pushed So am I instead purely because of it sounding similar and it worked the first time. So yea, her album is likely still in development while the execs decide what to do.
  4. Living Dead Boy


    If anyone has an alt link send it my way
  5. Warner doesn't know how to market their ladies. They either try and force an image/sound and it flops or they have talent but they don't know what to do with it. Madonna obviously paved her own way and fought for her success against them many times before leaving. Charli, Bebe, and Marina all discussed being unhappy with how they were managed. They've all had projects/eras hurt in some way. Mostly they've repeatedly had larger projects scrapped for EPs with low promo, which points to a lack of support. Dua Lipa is lucky she's had the success she's had with them compared to the 3 aforementioned. But she should've been promoted harder early on for sure.
  6. I'm here for the cover. And I'll probably see the movie at some point, but I'm not quite sure what to expect tonally.
  7. Please kweeen gimme that bop Ugh that would be so fucking dope. Not to mention I'm doing that as a drag number the next show I have after release.
  8. Living Dead Boy


    Well thank fuck they did
  9. Living Dead Boy


    Does an intern an Urban Outfitters make these exclusive covers
  10. Living Dead Boy

    Music Video

    Love this and the visuals, hoping the quality continues for the music videos
  11. Living Dead Boy


    The Honeymoon cover is such an atrocity I forgot about it. I hate the text on the vehicle it fights with the actual album text. NFR is at least an interesting photo, it's better than most of her work from my memory. I agree she's pretty basic. Most stuff just looks like what Lana was making herself with her phone and imovie back in the day.
  12. Living Dead Boy


    The cover is meh, but didn't expect any less. It's not awful though, I just don't love the text treatment. More Chuck photos with instagram filters. The painting effect on the sky is a cute touch. As awlays the fan covers will blow it away. But yaaassss to the tracklist Perched for her to release BAR with the White Mustang video recut tbh.
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    Agree to disagree
  14. Living Dead Boy


    Yea I think it's the bass slap, I thought the same. I think it was a common style for the era too. I like the unreleased more because it sounds fresher.