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  1. So Halsey said that melody slaps hit me with the sequel But true, even Halsey is bearable on that.
  2. A big hit being the blueprint for a later single by the same artist: Britney Baby One More Time/Oops... Gaga Bad Romance and Judas Already mentioned but Ava Max Sweet but Psycho and the turd that was So am I shamelessly released back to back from the same album I'm sure there are other examples too. Hold it Against Me Britney 2011 Fuck U Betta Neon Hitch 2012 I love both but it's literally the same down to the breakdown. Benny Blanco who produced FU Betta also worked on Femme Fatale even though he doesn't have a credit on HIAM. I'd add Heartbeat
  3. Britney is getting out of this, it's just a matter of due process at this point. They can't end it quickly and all at once if they want to hold her father and his co-conspirators liable for everything they've done to her. Luckily, things like her medical history and money have a paper trail it just has to be researched. They've been stealing her money and hiding it for YEARS while they kept her isolated and her children as leverage. Then there's things like the boys restraining order against Jamie and his years of abuse towards Lynne, Jamie's many failed business ventures and time in rehab fo
  4. Interviews aside, Brit's tours always say a lot about her preferences. Sure she has to do the big hits but she gets her way with a lot of the other choices. Circus has some bops and I think Britney likes the album but she had way too much going on then to be really involved. It was a comeback era for her and it was in motion months after after her breakdown. Blackout was her baby and the Circus tour proves that with the disproportionate number of Circus to Blackout tracks she included. She did get Danja and some regular collaborators back for it though which I'm sure she liked.
  5. Till the World Ends vs. Alien Hold It Against Me vs. Work Bitch Inside Out vs. Perfume I Wanna Go vs. It Should Be Easy (feat. will.i.am) How I Roll vs. Tik Tik Boom (feat. T.I.) (Drop Dead) Beautiful (feat. Sabi) vs. Body Ache Seal It with a Kiss vs. Til It's Gone Big Fat Bass (feat. will.i.am) vs. Passenger Trouble for Me vs. Chillin' with You (feat. ***** ****) Trip to Your Heart vs. Don't Cry Gasoline vs. Brightest Morning Star Criminal vs. Hold on Tight Up n' Down vs. Now That I Found You He About to Lose Me vs. Ooh La La
  6. Jamie Lynn saw the writing on the wall and has been trying to back pedal and act like best friends on her social media for a minute now. Chillin with Myah is starting to make a lot more sense Even if she recorded the entire song she couldn't be bothered to care. While I believe her mom has tried to help her she's been really passive as well and made money from staying quiet and complacent until recently. I doubt we'll ever know all the messed up shit Britney went through as a kid but it's obvious those issues stemming from her dad shaped the family dynamic. I hope t
  7. FUCKING DRAG THEM MY QUEEN This tea is so got dammned HAWT
  8. What article was that? I'm interested
  9. Fall or 2022 lbr If she wants to rethink the project and go in a new direction that's cool too. At this point it's going to be a different record than whatever she thought she was releasing this month regardless.
  10. She has the next volume of Turn off the Lights which should be coming this fall too on top of the next album she's teasing. It was ready to go last year but was delayed due to Covid with Party til I Die as a single sneak peak. With her next full album era starting though I'm guessing the next TOTL ep might be a more quiet release. I imagine she's in some kind of contract with Luke so until she fulfills that I doubt we'll see much work not involving him. Because thus far everything, features aside, have Luke on them. Either way I just want some new bops from Kim, I hope t
  11. I love how vocal she is. Given they've shared team members and Miley was similarly put through the Disney child star pipeline she probably knows more than she can say. If anything Britney is a warning to be aware of the people she surrounds herself with at all times.
  12. They literally won't even allow her to have regular hair and makeup artist for any length of time because she gets familiar with them. I'm shocked given the state of things they didn't throw Sam under the bus, or just quietly have him removed, years ago.
  13. Praise Satan that photo was just a placeholder. This is basic but at least an effort was made