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  1. Jukica

    Great music video glad that it has a lot of viewers already
  2. Hoping for dance/club album
  3. Jukica

    She's fast, I must say hmm
  4. Can't wait if we're getting anything tomorrow
  5. This show +legend+ Btw, just found this
  6. Jukica

    Yay can't wait for the music video
  7. MDNA is underrated should definitely do better I hope for at least 4 - 5 million copies of MDNA
  8. Jukica

    Btw, Love Spent is becoming my fave album track with I'm Addicted
  9. New look? Can't wait to see it +cheer+
  10. Jukica

    I Don't Give A rumoured to be next single Hoping for I'm Addicted
  11. Jukica

    Checking the leaks rn
  12. Jukica

    Hmmm I think that some songs will leak first, then the full album
  13. Jukica

    16th - 19th March, I think ....