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  1. I was enjoying it until that fake ass "spilling the water" acting and everything that happened in that scene after that
  2. yahiie


    1. Christina Aguilera 2. Rihanna 3. Mariah Carey
  3. I dont have an iTunes library anymore, but on last.fm my most played song is this underrated masterpiece with 326 plays
  4. She released a mediocre debut album and then decided to release a Gospel Album what did you expect lol This is actually good I thought she was gonna do Nelly Furtado numbers
  5. yahiie


    I love this album so much The Bullet
  6. yahiie

    Cher is the only right answer, Mariah is second
  7. yahiie

    This was iconic tbh Mariah when Carrie was singing is me in every situation of my life Miley's voice Sis improved so much omg Leona was one of the it girls that time wasn't she Ciara and Ashanti just standing there lmao
  8. yahiie

    6 years hiatus and no BB100 charting single? I'll take that! I was predicting 35-40k omg. She deserves so much more for this album, but considering 90% of the sales are pure sales this is great. Her streaming power needs work tho
  9. yahiie

    Nope, people just call whatever they don't like trash. Considering her previous albums, of course it would be badly received, because people didnt expect her to release that. And most gays who listen to her for pussy popping pop bops obviously wouldn't like it but it's not bad at all.
  10. yahiie

    I think it's because she managed to release and succeed with albums and songs that had true meaning and could actually help these young girls when they were growing up. Honestly I feel like mainly it's her voice (many of the new girls emulate her unique way of singing) and her lyrics.
  11. Lorde, Gaga and Sia are great. Xtina is VERY underrated as a songwriter as well, she doesn't get enough credit. But if we're talking about songwriters I'd have to say Diane Warren and Linda Perry.
  12. yahiie

    People honestly take these things too seriously. Sure I am annoyed that it's been 6 years and that she's openly lying about the release for the past 6 years, but it's not like I stop my life and waste time thinking about that At the end of the day I still love her music and will gladly give ha my coins whenever she decides to release the next masterpiece
  13. I love this so much
  14. - Her ballads are often great songs (Irreplaceable, I Care, I Was Here, Halo, etc.) - She's smart and very careful when it comes to her career. - At least she pretends to be a good person in public
  15. yahiie


    Omg she really shits on all of our faves Except she's a in Flopzil so I'm never gonna see her live