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  1. yahiie

    Music Video

    I was enjoying it until that fake ass "spilling the water" acting and everything that happened in that scene after that
  2. yahiie


    YES! I'm excited. Delirium is incredible and Halcyon/Halcyon Days are masterpieces so I'm ready
  3. This video is from the first night and it keeps getting better every night. This is truly the best she's sounded in like 10 years. The ease is insane.
  4. yahiie


    1. Christina Aguilera 2. Rihanna 3. Mariah Carey
  5. yahiie


    SAVE Deserve Searching for Maria / Maria  ELIMINATE Unless It's With You Twice still cant believe yall eliminated Pipe before Masochist but oh well
  6. The opening night was so powerful she sold almost 2000 tickets for the 2nd night in 2 days omg
  7. yahiie


    I dont have an iTunes library anymore, but on last.fm my most played song is this underrated masterpiece with 326 plays
  8. She released a mediocre debut album and then decided to release a Gospel Album what did you expect lol This is actually good I thought she was gonna do Nelly Furtado numbers
  9. yahiie


    SAVE Pipe Maria ELIMINATE Masochist Liberation
  10. yahiie


    SAVE Pipe Maria ELIMINATE Right Moves Masochist
  11. yahiie


    A BOP
  12. yahiie


    I love this album so much The Bullet
  13. The only people criticizing her are on stan twitter (including some of her fans)
  14. The visuals look stunning I'm so excited
  15. yahiie

    Cher is the only right answer, Mariah is second