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  1. Hey sis, I don't see u posting much recently. I recently joined in like June. My first time seeing u today. brit0

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      Not Madge getting all these sane international stans, while another one that shall not be named collects local rejects with IQ's of a 6 yr old. interesting1

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      Omg slay 

  2. hmmm I expected higher but frankly this is not too shocking considering how badly MDNA era performed. Anyway, I expect a good second week and hopefully she'll be no.1 on the Billboard 200 this week in addition to the Top Album chart EDIT: oh, I just realized that this is the battlegrounds I thought it was the Madonna section
  3. Hussam


    new song is incredible. so hyped
  4. thread creator, are you the Madonna stan referenced in the title? cuz ur the only one having a meltdown in here tbh
  5. Hussam

    tbh this is my favorite thread of the year I haven't been this ENTERTAINED by a thread since the one Pipi made about hickeys a few years back
  6. Hussam

    can't wait for official Billboard figures tomorrow... HDD figure is 3k below Oops, so it could swing either way!
  7. Hussam

    those sales won't count. thanks to GaGa, any album that sells below 4$ in its first month isn't counted by Billboard. if anything, this sale is actually HURTING Taylor's chances of breaking the record
  8. This might be a bit off-topic but I feel like I wanna say this... I can understand why many people would think Katy is talentless or basic or whatever, but I think that is because, to a lot of people, she is not doing what she is supposed to be doing. Obviously, I disagree with that. Some people think she is "bland" because she did not break bad like Rihanna, or because she's not a "cool" rebel like Lorde, just to name a couple of examples. The media loves the story of a good girl gone bad, or the story of a woman who defies all to have her voice heard. Any artist's image needs something compelling to make people curious; a fascinating tale or a troubled past. However, Katy's image does not offer any of that, and for a good reason too. She doesn't need to be a bad girl because Rihanna is already doing that, and she is perfect at it. She doesn't need to sing to the same underdogs that Lorde sings to, because Lorde already has that covered. So why is Katy being criticized for choosing to not conform to these images when she doesn't need them (judging by her huge success)? Obviously Rihanna and Lorde are just examples here, as every artist have their own fanbase and demographic that they appeal to. Katy is very transparent about the kind of life she lives. Frankly, she has the most ordinary life out of all the pop stars we have today. She hasn't been to rehab, she doesn't have drinking/drug problems, she doesn't have some major troubled past (even the fact that her family was very religious when she was young was exaggerated by the media, she has a perfectly fine relationship with her family). So what is wrong with Katy reflecting this positivity through her music and imagery by not playing a tragic figure, and instead opting to portray a somewhat accurate representation of herself; someone who is happy and wants to make other people happy, by making the music she wants to be making at this point in her life and allowing millions of people to enjoy it with her? I mean, do you think artists do not feel happy when their songs become big and a lot of people enjoy them, relate to them, etc...? I think Katy takes her role as an entertainer very seriously, and it brings her fulfillment to make music that a lot of people enjoy. This is her message I believe, and I don't find it to be basic or safe, but rather brave in an environment that requires us to be different in order to standout, and obviously she succeeded at doing that by filling up a role that other pop stars have neglected, or even looked down at. However, Katy's success reveals that there are a lot more people who accept her for who she is, rather than criticize her for what she is not. So, once again, I must ask... what is wrong with Katy recording music or creating imagery that doesn't intend to change the world or revolutionize the music scene, but instead attempts to create moments and reflect Katy's journey through this life? The world needs to hear the stories of the bad girls, the visionaries and the wisdoms of those who know more. But the world also needs to hear the testimonies of the good girl in order to know the whole story, and so I'm glad we have Katy... she's about the only one who is really having fun and keeping us entertained until the next tragic figure emerges and things get all serious again for a moment. And yes, I believe Katy is the biggest pop star on the planet right now, alongside Rihanna and Beyonce. The three of them are huge and influential in different ways, and to deny any of them credit would not be right.
  9. Hussam

    Obviously she's not gonna do that, but seriously she needs to grow the fuck up and stop getting defensive and overreacting every time things don't go her way. Like, FINE the GP didn't give a flying fuck about ARTPOP era but instead of whining about it for months and trying to justify the era's shortcomings by blaming the media and lack of understanding by people who don't get the "art", just go back to the studio and PROVE EVERYBODY WRONG. Frankly, she's been on this downward spiral since the end of BTW era and I don't see her getting better anytime soon... I think she has reached a point where she actually BELIEVES the smelly bullshit she spits out... she is SO out of touch with reality. She is like a really sad and edgy-acting version of Valerie Cherish from The Comeback.
  10. Hussam


    what time is the song coming out
  11. and listen, I've been through this before... I know this discussion is pointless. you won't be convinced no matter how factual and convincing my argument is. you've already made up your mind, and you've probably had your mind up for years now, so a discussion like this won't change anything. but you need to understand something. I woke up about two weeks ago around 4 am on the sound of gunshots being fired in Ramallah... the city is only 15 minutes away from my house. as it turns out, the Israeli army had raided the city that night, arrested around 10 people and left a couple of people shot. They just swooped in, did all that shit and left. We are supposed to be two separate states, so how is it that they can come in here any time you want? There is NOTHING normal about that. That would not be acceptable in any country in the world. There is something else here, and it is obvious that one side is pulling the strings while the other is just trying to survive. We don't even have an army here, so how can we be considered two equal sides with equal shares of the blame?
  12. Also, I can't @ you justifying what that Israeli politician said... I think it is SO sick to justify someone saying that Palestinian mothers should be all killed. How in the world are those the words of a nation that is supposed to be peaceful, civilized and is only defending itself? And of course, you completely ignored the racism that African Jews face in Israel. I think these things are very important because you have a fake image of that state. And before you quote this and start talking about how I think Palestine and Arabs are perfect, etc... I obviously don't, I just think there is enough hate and misconception about us out there that there is no point lol And seriously, try to read more about Islam and its teachings! I'm agnostic and I have so many problems with the religion, but most of the stuff you mentioned is not at all accurate. Like, for example there is nothing in the Koran about killing Jews or whatever you mentioned. Just saying!
  13. I've already commented about the 2-state solution which you know so very little about. Talk about neglecting context.
  14. ha! I see a recurring problem here. you always assume the problem starts with the rockets or the suicide bombers, but you fail to realize that there has been factors that caused these things to happen. like the fact that people are arrested by the thousands without any legal reasons provided, or the fact that legally-owned lands get confiscated by force, or how Israel has illegally taken over water and natural resources located in current Palestine area, or how an Apartheid Wall was built to segregate the people, the wall even divides some Palestinian villages into halves, leaving farmers unable to reach the lands they own or attend to their daily lives normally. I see you did not comment about the Israeli aircrafts destroying the Palestinian Airport over than a decade ago, I guess when you have no excuse for something you just pretend it doesn't exist so you can go on with the way you think. Furthermore, why in the world would Hamas agree to a ceasefire when Israel refuses to lift the siege? What is the point of life if you don't have the simple forms of freedom like travel or visiting family? And btw it wasn't Hamas who broke the last ceasefire, it was Israel when they shot-killed a number of fishermen in the sea.
  15. I'm in denial about what? I don't get it lol the war did not start with the rockets, what the hell are you saying lol and so what if they get awfully close to Tel Aviv? Israel bombs extremely populated neighborhoods, hospitals, schools, etc... as I previously mentioned so I don't understand the significance of the rockets reaching Tel Aviv. When I called the rockets harmless, I was speaking in relative terms just to show that Hamas fires those rockets, knowing how weak they are compared to the arsenal of their murderers, because they simply have no other choice. I will repeat again since you have not commented on the matter... the city is under siege. there is no way out, there are tanks and soldiers blocking the entire city. aircrafts fly over the city and drop tons of bombs. it has been like this for 8 years now. Hamas will fire their rockets because it is the only thing they have, and because they have bled enough from the arbitrariness of the Israeli Offense Forces. Perhaps if they treated the Gazans like humans they might stop shooting their rockets, but you can't blame them for trying to get their freedom back.