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  1. Hussam


    can someone send me a link please?
  2. Hey sis, I don't see u posting much recently. I recently joined in like June. My first time seeing u today. brit0

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    2. H.O.N.E.Y

      Not Madge getting all these sane international stans, while another one that shall not be named collects local rejects with IQ's of a 6 yr old. interesting1

    3. Brinty

      Omg slay 

  3. hmmm I expected higher but frankly this is not too shocking considering how badly MDNA era performed. Anyway, I expect a good second week and hopefully she'll be no.1 on the Billboard 200 this week in addition to the Top Album chart EDIT: oh, I just realized that this is the battlegrounds I thought it was the Madonna section
  4. Hussam

    Cute video. Some parts are great, and I definitely don't mind the lack of narrative but frankly it's quite repetitive. I zoomed out for like 20 seconds and when I paid attention again it was like I didn't even take my eyes off at all lol Anyway, I'm glad that Taylor is growing as a video artist... frankly a lot of her videos prior to 1989 era were mediocre but this era she has stepped it up for sure, so I can't complain
  5. Hussam


    new song is incredible. so hyped
  6. thread creator, are you the Madonna stan referenced in the title? cuz ur the only one having a meltdown in here tbh
  7. Hussam

    tbh this is my favorite thread of the year I haven't been this ENTERTAINED by a thread since the one Pipi made about hickeys a few years back
  8. Hussam

    I LOVE it! her best video yet imo. This video definitely represents the change in sound/image better than Shake It Off did.
  9. Hussam

    can't wait for official Billboard figures tomorrow... HDD figure is 3k below Oops, so it could swing either way!
  10. Hussam

    those sales won't count. thanks to GaGa, any album that sells below 4$ in its first month isn't counted by Billboard. if anything, this sale is actually HURTING Taylor's chances of breaking the record
  11. Hussam

    I don't want to spam this thread, but I just want to voice my frustration with the amount of filler tracks on the album... All You Had To Do Was Stay, I Wish You Would and How You Get The Girl sound alike and dull... in fact, they sound like your average Kelly Clarkson/P!nk song... Wonderland and You R In Love are also boring imo, but I can forgive that since they are only bonus tracks. Btw, there is a lot of Lana influence here... Wildest Dreams, the chorus of I Know Places and some of the lyrics on Style... not complaining, those are among the best songs on the album (the latter two especially) This Love is growing on me! I'm appreciating its vocals and mood more now, even though I wish it maintained its melancholic vibe throughout instead of getting all energized in the chorus
  12. Hussam

    I'm not feeling Out of the Woods AT ALL tbh, well except the bridge but everyone seems to love it, and I think it fits on the radio considering the kind of music that has been slaying lately
  13. Hussam

    ^Bad Blood and I Wish You Would are the weakest tracks imo This Love is hugely disappointing too... I expected a masterpiece considering that it is one of those intimate, Taylor-only songs, but frankly it's quite bland. Style, Blank Space, I Know Places, Clean and New Romance are my favorites. Welcome To New York, Wildest Dreams and Shake It Off are nice. The rest will hopefully grow on me, but right now I feel like the album contains more filler than the usual. I wonder what people are expecting for the second single?
  14. Hussam

    I know what you mean! I'm really enjoying it, but imo the lyrics are far less polished than RED and it feels like she's done some of this stuff before (lyrically, not sonically)
  15. Hussam

    I will once the new era starts... I need to be really excited to become active again