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  1. Hussam


    can someone send me a link please?
  2. Hey sis, I don't see u posting much recently. I recently joined in like June. My first time seeing u today. brit0

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    2. Nocturn

      Bosnia and Herzegovina.  sass1

    3. H.O.N.E.Y

      Not Madge getting all these sane international stans, while another one that shall not be named collects local rejects with IQ's of a 6 yr old. interesting1

  3. Hussam

    new song is incredible. so hyped
  4. Hussam

    what time is the song coming out
  5. Hussam

    thanks bubu!
  6. Hussam

    thanks! that would b lovely
  7. Hussam

    thanks for the birthday wishes guys!! that's really sweet of you
  8. Hussam

    still slaying Norway and Sweden... she will definitely take the tour there next year
  9. Hussam

    love the pictures!!!
  10. Hussam

    ^yeah! DH won't drop off the Hot 100 for months
  11. Hussam

    awesome rise for PRISM in the UK hope Birthday enters the top 20 too
  12. Hussam

    great radio performance! it has slowed down from before, but hopefully increased sales (aka increased demand for the song) help it accelerate again
  13. Hussam

    I have no more things to say about this song's slayage...
  14. Hussam

    tbh DH has potential to be no.1 on Billboard's year-end Hot 100 chart
  15. Hussam

    ugh I need top 10 on both those charts!!