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  1. Hey sis, I don't see u posting much recently. I recently joined in like June. My first time seeing u today. brit0

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      Not Madge getting all these sane international stans, while another one that shall not be named collects local rejects with IQ's of a 6 yr old. interesting1

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      Omg slay 

  2. I'm happy with this video! It exceeded my expectations honestly, and it is definitely better than LFL's video (which shouldn't have been hard to do anyway). Frankly, I'm not a fan of Jonas' tendency to create visual worlds that are beautified and look "overedited" (like B's Haunted) but I felt like it was more minimalist in this video and I was happy about it. Madonna looked fantastic, and I liked her outfit. Her acting was great and obviously I loved the bit with the pictures as well as the TV screen (I instantly thought of Erotica, Take A Bow and Hollywood). The tango breakdown w
  3. I like this song, I missed RiRi! It's doing well too... I hope the video delivers.
  4. Hussam

    Oh My Madonna

    Ray of Light era look
  5. She did during the Music Grammys performance in 2001
  6. I have the single vinyl best video of all time
  7. I'm sure she will perform Ghosttown and Devil Pray in addition to Living For Love... I hope the fourth is Rebel Heart. I doubt she would perform one of the high-concept songs.
  8. this is a pretty great tracklist! the artwork is fantastic as well. however, I would also remove Nothing Really Matters... and Paradise too. If anything, she could have included Time Stood Still and pushed it as a "new" single instead.
  9. i only caught parts of it. tbh after the Howard Stern interview, everything else feels incompetent in comparison Ghosttown was good... I didn't catch LFL though!
  10. how come Warren Beatty comes up in every interview this era
  11. poor guy must feel like shit right now has she performed yet?
  12. cute interview. best part is when she talked about Bitch I'm Madonna