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    can someone send me a link please?
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    I'm happy with this video! It exceeded my expectations honestly, and it is definitely better than LFL's video (which shouldn't have been hard to do anyway). Frankly, I'm not a fan of Jonas' tendency to create visual worlds that are beautified and look "overedited" (like B's Haunted) but I felt like it was more minimalist in this video and I was happy about it. Madonna looked fantastic, and I liked her outfit. Her acting was great and obviously I loved the bit with the pictures as well as the TV screen (I instantly thought of Erotica, Take A Bow and Hollywood). The tango breakdown was the best part of the video... it was really nice and I didn't expect anything of that sort. So yeah, I was pleasantly surprised. I have to admit though, I dislike the opening and the ending. They are both cheesy and take away from the video's emotional impact imo like, the opening montage about a nuclear war or w/e just felt contrived. I would have preferred if they kept it ambiguous and just focused on the story of Madonna's character as opposed to just thrusting the video into that context. I also dislike the ending because it felt too high school special-y lol Strangely enough, when I watched the scene of Madonna and Terrance walking with the kid at the end, I just pictured Walt Whitman holding hands with a group of ethnically-mixed people in a circle, jumping up and down and promoting world peace she looked amazing there though All in all though, I'm satisfied with the video. It made me like the song more and now I think Ghosttown is becoming one of my favorite songs off the album.
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    I like this song, I missed RiRi! It's doing well too... I hope the video delivers.
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    Ray of Light era look
  5. Hussam

    She did during the Music Grammys performance in 2001
  6. Hussam

    I have the single vinyl best video of all time
  7. Hussam

    I'm sure she will perform Ghosttown and Devil Pray in addition to Living For Love... I hope the fourth is Rebel Heart. I doubt she would perform one of the high-concept songs.
  8. Hussam

    this is a pretty great tracklist! the artwork is fantastic as well. however, I would also remove Nothing Really Matters... and Paradise too. If anything, she could have included Time Stood Still and pushed it as a "new" single instead.
  9. Hussam

    i only caught parts of it. tbh after the Howard Stern interview, everything else feels incompetent in comparison Ghosttown was good... I didn't catch LFL though!
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    how come Warren Beatty comes up in every interview this era
  11. Hussam

    poor guy must feel like shit right now has she performed yet?
  12. Hussam

    how much time left?
  13. Hussam

    I'm really happy about this!!!
  14. cute interview. best part is when she talked about Bitch I'm Madonna
  15. Hussam

    Yeah! Robin kept shoving herself in the conversation, sometimes just repeating the last word Howard said and laughing just to stay a part of the whole thing cuz Madonna was giving literally zero fucks about her
  16. Hussam

    her most personal interview ever? this is not what i expected at all. i LOVE it.
  17. Hussam

    The fact that Rebel Heart is going to sell more than Kelly's album is impressive honestly, all things considered.
  18. Hussam

    so excited! I hope she adds more layers to the post-apocalyptic theme she had in mind while writing the song. I'd like a video as complex as some of her offerings from the Erotica/Bedtime Stories period
  19. Hussam

    loving the turn this thread had taken
  20. Hussam

    honestly streaming makes very little difference on the UK album chart, and Madonna will surely get a boost from Mother's Day too... but Sam is still a threat because he has a single smashing right now and a performance on Friday. In any case, Madonna already holds the record for most no.1 albums in the UK so it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. We'll see on Sunday!
  21. hmmm I expected higher but frankly this is not too shocking considering how badly MDNA era performed. Anyway, I expect a good second week and hopefully she'll be no.1 on the Billboard 200 this week in addition to the Top Album chart EDIT: oh, I just realized that this is the battlegrounds I thought it was the Madonna section
  22. AMAZING piece that gave birth to the iconic "I'm tough, ambitious and I know exactly what I want. If that makes a bitch, okay."
  23. Hussam

    she'll get that #1 I'm not even worried
  24. Bitch I'm Madonna is gonna be the 3rd single I guess