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    Wow!! The OP is amazing
  2. Of course, not so much Like A Virgin tho! Love Bedtime Stories, RoY too Drowned World/Substitute for Love is my fave Madge song.
  3. Yep, especially starting from next week when my summer break starts My Prism Era is about to start
  4. Yasz, Confessions is the easiest one to get into. Try True Blue too.
  5. It took me years to get into Madonna's discography.
  6. Madonna teas. I have to study every day and it's really hard. And Lmao, I'm sure you two won't let that happen. Gotta go now, see ya around.
  7. haahha yea that happened like three times .gif' alt='fall2'> But yes, her section is #1 now and you guys are doing great job
  8. .gif' alt='fall2'> I remember joined Fotp (old one) like 4 years ago when Cali Gurls was released.
  9. Hiii <3 Sorry guys I can't really post that much as I used to, I'm super busy with college and stuff but I'll try to contribute as much as I can
  10. If You Can Afford Me
  11. What's up gorls Can't wait for the Super Bowl What a legend Legendary Lovers will hopefully be the next single, but I'll be satisfied even with Walking on Air considering the whole Dr.Luke situation right now. Luh yaaaall :*
  12. So I was watching some of her interviews on Youtube and I found this: 0:39 :lmfao: :lmfao: :lmfao:
  13. Amazing show, this look x100 better than Cali Dreams Tour