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  1. They were sold to Iggy Iggs (Black Widow) and Britney's Jeans (Passenger)
  2. But Walking on Charts is the best song on Prism?!?!?
  3. So after playing and enjoying the good 3 minutes of This Is How We do, a new songs starts playing. I'm automatically bopping, singing the lyrics in my head and I'm having the time of my life until somewhere around ~40th second when the lyric that gurl is a trip hits me and I realize it's International Smile (worst song EVER) playing. Suddenly I'm sweating, cortisol is being released in my body in abnormal concentrations and I'm shaking and moving my mouse cursor in panic to press the stop button. And it's not something that has happened only once or twice, I've been doing it at least o
  4. Earning $135M in a year (more than any female EVER) and having the most watched moment in the history of television kinda proves she is Who do you stan for so I can drag it?
  5. WoA and LL. Peacock would've also gone #1 for sure but it is what it is.
  6. A humble servant of the mighty Mother Perrysa I am.
  7. I'll play Spiritus Eius now for all the non believers here. Ave Katharinae imperator morituri te salutant.