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  1. run

    idk where to ask this but does anyone have a link to this: as a higher resolution image??? its v. important
  2. run

    queen of unaltered vocals
  3. run

    thx guys will give some of these a listen
  4. run

    i only like that one song and octahate tbh
  5. run

    sonically i'm thinking of songs like stay low by ryn beaver or anything by mø she's my summer bop kween
  6. run

    yes!! i love kelis
  7. any one got any summery album suggestions that are full of bops?? plz no hairy perry or anyone like that thank
  8. run

    i've always used this one
  9. run

    she did that!!!
  10. run

  11. run

    i am BALD
  12. run

    country bop!!!!