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  1. Scotty


    Enigma is the only song that I skip. I’m not super fond of Babylon and Free Woman.
  2. Scotty

    Ok lol and people still listen to music from the 60s so Who really curr when the song was made 🤷🏻‍♂️ It’s a bop
  3. Scotty here

    My name... is Dallas!

  4. Scotty here

    My biggest enemy is me, papa, 911!

  5. Scotty


    911 1000 Doves and Fun Tonight
  6. Scotty


    I agree that it doesn’t really fit on the album. Honestly it reminds me a lot of black Jesus amen fashion
  7. Scotty


  8. Scotty


    Ok but it’s growing on me rip that song
  9. Scotty


    They deserve it, it’s the best song released this year.
  10. I’m glad to hear you guys are doing well! My beaux is working from home too, I got laid off but the Canadian Gov is paying me to stay home until I can go back which might been soon since there’s 0 cases in my city now. But it’s been nice getting paid to sit on my ass lol but I’m bored. How are you guys liking Chromatica? Also pretty much /thread with the end comment and dead at it doubling as Madonna shade. 🍵
  11. I’m obsessed with 1000 Doves but I think she will pick sour candy
  12. Scotty


    Probably rain on me. Sine from above is growing on me but I really don’t like the ending bit
  13. Omg how are you guys. Staying safe I hope!
  14. Is this the Harry that I think it is??
  15. Nah sis she probably should have shut the fuck up