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  1. Chantoya Jo Jackson


    A nod to the Bedtime Stories era? Shocked. She ignores that era for the most part.
  2. Chantoya Jo Jackson

    Ugh, Beyoncé doesn't need this. Jay's fuckboi ass is going to try to ruin her. It wouldn't surprise me at all if he incessantly talked her into investing in Tidal (I'm thinking this is what happened with that first OTR tour because it looked like she didn't even want to be there most of the time). She was doing just fine when she kept business entirely separate from his schemes. Thank God Tidal is the only thing she co-owns with him. She doesn't have anything to do with Roc Nation and I'm thinking that's probably the next thing to go down for him but for different reasons than Tidal. Karma is getting him. It's just I fear she may get caught in the cross hairs. After all he put her through, she needs a break... a permanent one away from him. Sis better have her a plan.
  3. Chantoya Jo Jackson

    It's sales should still be around 2.5-2.8 million. Tidal's SPS only pushed it to 3.1 million. It wasn't that big an inflation to begin with.
  4. Chantoya Jo Jackson

    what in the fuckshit is this comment? It's clear that you do not live in the real world. Black folks are typically the last people to get away with any damn thing, wealth/fame be damned.
  5. Chantoya Jo Jackson

    If she was really trying hard to look bigger than she is don't you think she would've bought herself more #1 hits by now? Don't you think she would've sprung for multiple Album of the Year shammys by now (like y'all always claiming)? Y'all so quick to find something to latch onto for a cute drag that you start defying logic. Lemonade has still sold physical and digital copies. And she's still one of the most streamed acts on both Spotify and Apple Music despite Lemonade not being on either. Let's not even bring up tour figures. Someone who wasn't legit A+ List wouldn't be able to do it. She is big. Do not be deluded just because of Jay's Tidal fuckery.
  6. Chantoya Jo Jackson


    I'll only do singles because it'll be (somewhat) easier lol. DC: Bills 3x, Independent Women part. 1, and Lose My Breath. Bey: Diva, Run the World (Girls) and Deja Vu.
  7. Chantoya Jo Jackson

    Celeb News

    lol Katy is a long-time stan. She's also said Blue is a big fan of hers.
  8. Chantoya Jo Jackson


    In recent years? Probably Pretty Hurts. It would've been a great third to round out a big pop ballad trinity for her (Listen, Halo, Pretty Hurts or even I Was Here). Plus, it's got a good message and it would've inspired so many covers. Others: XO, Countdown, End of Time (4 era was done so wrong). As far as older songs, Hip Hop Star could've been a soundtrack hit for some chick flick.
  9. Chantoya Jo Jackson


    It solidified her as an icon but she was already a big pop girl lol, the record sales and international awards indicate that. She already had multi-format support. Crazy In Love, Naughty Girl, Irreplaceable and Beautiful Liar are all pop songs or some variation of it. Not to mention Check On It and her original talent show staple ballad Listen. I Am... era is bigger singles-wise because it greatly benefited from being released when digital started peaking. The only reason I think so many hive (and other stans) try to shade it is because of what came after. It was the last album before she became a music critical darling. I see it with artists' fanbases all the time, especially when new fans come into the fold and the base gets a bit divided between longtime fans and "non-pop" fans. IASF was well loved in it's time, even with it's flaws. No one will argue that it's one of the most iconic pop girl eras of all time. I divide her up into 4 categories. Pop/R&B songs: Pretty Hurts, Single Ladies, Countdown, Baby Boy, Halo, etc. Soul/Funk songs: 1+1, Work It Out, Rocket, Suga Mama, Deja Vu, etc. Rap/Hip-Hop songs: Drunk In Love, Upgrade U, Formation, 7/11 etc. Misc. styles (meaning she dabbles or has dabbled in these but not as much as the aforementioned genres): Radio (Electro), Runnin' (Drum & Bass), Don't Hurt Yourself (Rock), Fever (Jazz), Haunted (Dance), etc.
  10. Chantoya Jo Jackson

    lol this song is an ear-sore
  11. Chantoya Jo Jackson

    lol surely, you jest?
  12. Chantoya Jo Jackson

    lol I'm sure she's not embarrassed. She always does goofy shit. She's the "funny pop girl."
  13. Chantoya Jo Jackson

    Honestly, I couldn't say.
  14. Chantoya Jo Jackson

    Adele has been a huge fan of hers for a long ass time and Bey is a fan of hers. Maybe, just maybe, she genuinely thought, like many other people, that Lemonade deserved to win the big one that year.
  15. Chantoya Jo Jackson


    Bey got the "I'd rather be anywhere in the world right now but here" face.