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  1. I think people who have been through serious trauma and have harrowing addictions/mental illnesses should not be in the public eye while trying to recover. The added stress of media scrutiny and the court of public opinion only makes them act out their unprocessed trauma even more than if they were in private. Demi is only 28, thus still in the relative beginning stages of recovery and healing, there is a long road ahead and they should get out of the spotlight for a while.
  2. this is more of a middle 8 but yes, it is legendary
  3. Fantasy Vs Honey Vs Heartbreaker Underneath The Stars Vs Butterfly Vs Can't Take That Away One Sweet Day Vs My All Vs Bliss Open Arms Vs The Roof Vs How Much Always Be My Baby Vs Fourth Of July Vs After Tonight I Am Free Vs Breakdown Vs X-Girlfriend When I Saw You Vs Babydoll Vs Heartbreaker (Featuring Da Brat & Missy Elliott) Long Ago Vs Close My Eyes Vs Against All Odds Melt Away Vs Whenever You Call Vs Crybaby Daydream Interlude Vs Fly Away Vs Did I Do That? Forever Vs The Beautiful Ones Vs Thank G
  4. Madonna: Lucky Star Like A Virgin: Material Girl True Blue: Open Your Heart Like A Prayer: Like A Prayer Erotica: Rain Bedtime Stories: Bedtime Story Ray of Light: Frozen Music: Don't Tell Me American Life: Die Another Day Confessions: Jump Hard Candy: 4 Minutes MDNA: Girl Gone Wild Rebel Heart: Ghosttown Madame X: Dark Ballet
  5. 1. Nothing Really Matters 2. Dress You Up 3. Human Nature 4. What It Feels Like For A Girl 5. La Isla Bonita 6. Jump 7. Borderline 8. I Don't Search I Find 9. Keep It Together 10. Bitch I'm Madonna 11. Bye Bye Baby 12. Hanky Panky 13. Love Profusion 14. Turn Up The Radio 15. Miles Away
  6. 1. Don't Tell Me 2. Deeper and Deeper 3. Ray of Light 4. Papa Don't Preach 5. Burning Up 6. Express Yourself 7. Give It 2 Me 8. Sorry 9. Take A Bow 10. Material Girl 11. Ghosttown 12. Hollywood 13. Girl Gone Wild 14. Crave
  7. See, I was thinking that the two songs should've switched categories. I feel like she could've won for both had Halo went up for Song and Single Ladies for Record.
  8. All I'll say is Jenny is a much better actress than she's given credit for. Take from that what you will lol
  9. Most: Gaga, Mariah, Beyoncé, P!nk, Xtina Mid-tier: Madonna, Taylor, Ariana, Katy, Lana Least: Kylie, Rihanna, Britney, Selena I based mine using only their discernible skills and how well they do them. I say 'how well' because some of these girls might know how to do more than one thing but they're average at best at it. Kind of a jack of some/all trades, master at none. Let's put quality over quantity.
  10. The only "Up" I know is from The Saturdays lol
  11. 1. Lemonade / Anti 2. Liberation 3. Caution 4. Glory 5. Future Nostalgia 6. Madame X 7. Chromatica 8. Smile 9. Rare 10. Positions 11. Disco 12. Norman Fucking Rockwell 13. Folklore 14. Brightest Blue
  12. this only makes sense if... it's this or this. They better not hike up the price for no reason. I've been paying the $9.99 since 2011.
  13. lol this is one of those times were the radio edit outpaces the album version in quality. Let's Get It Started just flows better and makes more sense. For best results use the Spike mix. It uses the Started word but keeps the cussing in.