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  1. I mean... it would be worrying if a new soundtrack to an old classic film couldn't outsell RH in the first week, especially with a current pop act at the helm
  2. Chantoya Jo Jackson


    And the fact that it has over a billion views on YouTube is a crime.
  3. Chantoya Jo Jackson


    One of her best writing partners.
  4. Chantoya Jo Jackson

    lol it really is but imma keep rocking with her. The album is sure to have better songs. GTFO sound was fresh for her, I thought.
  5. Chantoya Jo Jackson


    1. Before the Goodbye 2. Lonely 3. Overprotected 4. Slave 4 U 5. Boys 6. I Love Rock 'n Roll 7. Cinderella 8. I'm Not A Girl... 9. I Run Away 10. Bombastic Love 11. Let Me Be 12. What It's Like To Be Me 13. Anticipating 14. That's where You Take Me 15. When I Found You
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    1. He About To Lose Me 2. Trouble for Me 3. Till the World ends 4. Big Fat Bass 5. Inside Out 6. Up 'n Down 7. Gasoline 8. Criminal 9. (Drop Dead) Beautiful 10. Don't Keep Me Waiting 11. Seal It With A Kiss 12. How I Roll 13. Hold It Against Me 14. Selfish 15. Trip To Your Heart 16. Scary 17. I Wanna Go
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    1. Toxic 2. Me Against the Music 3. Boom Boom 4. Breathe on Me 5. Brave New Girl 6. The Hook Up 7. Shadow 8. Touch of My Hand 9. Don't Hang Up 10. Everytime 11. Early Mornin' 12. Showdown 13. Outrageous 14. The Answer
  8. Chantoya Jo Jackson

    Probably not but god, that would be fucking legendary. She would be the first 50+ year old female to hit #1 since Cher with Believe.
  9. Chantoya Jo Jackson

    The older women on the list: are those sales of just 00s releases or does it include back catalog sales?
  10. Chantoya Jo Jackson

    I think Jenny. I'm a much bigger fan of Britney's music but I don't think I'll be as entertained going to her show, though the only thing I ask from Jennifer is that she turn her mic off.
  11. Screaming at even bringing up Jenny. She's not even a peer of Mariah's. She was new and current in the 00s and had 6 releases in that time frame. One hopes she was able to sell more albums than Mariah then, I mean... lol but even so, it's only by a couple of million.
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    Celeb News

    Aww, the end of an era.
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    Not him naming the mixtape like a bargain store going out of business but yes, I agree. There are several unreleased tracks that are to die for from my faves but all I have are LQ rips. It's a common thing with bands. No Doubt's Everything In Time collection is gold. I don't know why pop singers don't do it... I wonder does it have something to do with their labels.
  14. Right? I even feel like it should've been the opening track to Blackout instead of Gimme More. I know everyone loves the "It's Britney Bitch" line but the beginning of Break the Ice is more epic and more of a proper re-introduction after being away for a little while.