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  1. Chantoya Jo Jackson


    Top 5 songs right now: Wasabi, Love a Girl Right, Strip, Notice and Told You So.
  2. Chantoya Jo Jackson

    This is like a ballad version of Hair. Love it! And Ms. Jade's vocals are particularly sublime here.
  3. Chantoya Jo Jackson

    1. Don't Tell Me 2. Runaway Lover 3. Music 4. Paradise (Not for Me) 5. What If Feels Like For A Girl 6. I Deserve It 7. Gone 8. Impressive Instant 9. Amazing 10. Nobody's Perfect I actually love all of the songs equally except for Nobody's Perfect. I'm so happy that she's working with Mirwais again.
  4. Chantoya Jo Jackson

    1. Hollywood 2. Die Another Day 3. Nothing Fails 4. Love Profusion 5. Easy Ride 6. Mother and Father 7. American Life 8. X-Static Process 9. Nobody Knows Me 10. Intervention 11. I'm So Stupid
  5. Chantoya Jo Jackson

    1. Live To Tell 2. Papa Don't Preach 3. La Isla Bonita 4. White Heat 5. Open Your Heart 6. Where's The Party 7. True Blue 8. Love Makes the World Go 'Round 9. Jimmy Jimmy
  6. Chantoya Jo Jackson

    1. Nothing Really Matters 2. Sky Fits Heaven 3. Frozen 4. Ray of Light 5. Skin 6. Drowned World/Substitute for Love 7. Swim 8. Candy Perfume Girl 9. To Have and Not To Hold 10. The Power of Good-bye 11. Little Star 12. Shanti/Ashtangi 13. Mer Girl
  7. Chantoya Jo Jackson

    1. Burning Up 2. Lucky star 3. Borderline 4. Think of Me 5. Holiday 6. Physical Attraction 7. I Know It 8. Everybody
  8. Chantoya Jo Jackson

    1. Bedtime Story 2. Secret 3. Take A Bow 4. Human Nature 5. Forbidden Love 6. Love Tried To Welcome Me 7. Survival 8. Don't Stop 9. I'd Rather Be Your Lover 10. Inside of Me 11. Sanctuary
  9. Chantoya Jo Jackson

    1. Til Death Do Us Part 2. Oh Father 3. Express Yourself 4. Dear Jessie 5. Like A Prayer 6. Keep It Together 7. Cherish 8. Spanish Eyes 9. Promise To Try 10. Love Song 11. Act of Contrition
  10. Chantoya Jo Jackson

    Celeb News

    Yea, I like her stuff for Ariana.
  11. Chantoya Jo Jackson

    lol none of Gaga's ballads are of mid-90s Madonna quality either and that's saying something because she's more of a vocalist than Madonna is and Madonna had been dropping ballads since the mid-80s btw. She had a softer image in the mid-90s but I don't know if i would say strictly AC. Bedtime Stories is more than just Take A Bow. That's the only ballad released from it.
  12. Chantoya Jo Jackson

    Wait... Dolly Parton isn't in this generation. She's in her 70s
  13. Chantoya Jo Jackson

    lol gorl what? where is the comparison apart from Evita? The 90s were Madonna's creative apex. I mean Vogue, Erotica album, sex book, Ray of Light album, Human Nature choreography, Blonde Ambition tour, Frozen video, Bedtime Story video, the Girlie Show, etc and that's just getting into the work. Didn't even mention the iconic moments, interviews, and awards. I mean, I like Gaga but she wishes her "boring" looked like Madonna's 90s decade.
  14. Chantoya Jo Jackson

    I mean... it would be worrying if a new soundtrack to an old classic film couldn't outsell RH in the first week, especially with a current pop act at the helm