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    I'll try to give 5 examples for each artist that'll be as wildly different as possible so as to cover different possible tastes. Faves I don't have badges for: Usher - I Care 4 U (from Looking 4 Myself) - This Ain't Sex (Here I Stand) - Tell Me (from Hard ll Love) - Euphoria (from Looking 4 Myself) - Take Your Hand (Confessions) Red Hot Chili Peppers - Sikamikanico (from the Wayne's World soundtrack) - Porcelain (from Californication) - Go Robot (from The Getaway) - Yertle the Turtle (from Freaky Styley) - Police Station (from I'm With You) Alanis Morissette - Tantra (bonus track from Havoc and Bright Lights) - A Man (from Under Rug Swept) - Can't Not (from Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie) - Straitjacket (Flavors of Entanglement) - No (bonus track from Havoc and Bright Lights) No Doubt - Snakes (from The Beacon Street Collection) - Trapped In A Box (from No Doubt) - Waiting Room (from Rock Steady) - Beauty Contest (from Everything in Time: B-Sides, Rarities, Remixes) - Looking Hot (from Push and Shove) Fiona Apple - Not About Love (from Extraordinary Machine) - Hot Knife (from The Idler Wheel...) - Sleep to Dream (from Tidal) - A Mistake (from When the Pawn...) - Extraordinary Machine (from Extraordinary Machine) Queen - White Queen (As It Began) (from Queen ll) - Cool Cat (from Hot Space), - Lily of the Valley (from Sheer Heart Attack) - Dead On Time (from Jazz) - Innuendo (from Innuendo)
  2. 90s was a weird time for teenagers in the business. They either were styled to "look" older or made to sound older than they actually were. #seedybusiness
  3. Bruh, Tyra was always on some shenanigans for that show, playing around with something serious like that. Had them girls shook
  4. lol po dat. Everyone makes a visit to Flopsville at least once in their prime career and this is just his time to flop and his is happening in the streaming era. Oh well Take that. Take that.
  5. Game

    Muuusic... makes the bourgeoisie and the rebelll... 11!
  6. Celeb News

    Horrible by professional actors standards sure, but that's most pop stars. By pop star acting standards I don't think she was horrible most of the time, just sub-par.
  7. Ugh, she showed OUT at that Oscars. What other pop star has performed 3x in one night at the OSCARS, not even her turf lol. Learn to be Lonely was my favorite look but her performance of Vois Sur Ton Chemin >>>>
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    Contemplating whether I'm gonna watch this year or not
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    My post was in jest
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    Oh, whatever will she do? How will she go on?
  12. I like Katy but that price tag is kinda steep for someone of her level. Mariah Carey and Britney Spears weren't even paid that much in their respective judging gigs and they are huge icons. She still has starpower but not $25M worth.
  13. There's a permanent A-List where celebrities that are on it have been household names for years, paid their dues twice over and have had continued impact and influence on pop culture and/or their industry. Then there's regular A-List where a celebrity is a recognized and really successful name but their impact/influence was or will be fleeting. Common sense tells you which celebrities are which and which celebrities aren't A-List at all.
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    Beyoncé and Britney. The two preeminent female pop icons of their time. B&Bey