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  1. Achievement Beyoncé wins "Favorite Female Artist - Soul/R&B" at the 2017 AMAs!

    She gon use it as a paperweight lol
  2. Celeb News Bey and Kim hang out at Serena's wedding

    more PMK tabloid articles. They are obsessed lol.
  3. Achievement Freakum Dress ranked #1 on Billboard's best deep cuts list

    Justice for B'Day Great write-up.
  4. Do today's music videos lack depth and quality?

    Single Ladies' treatment is indeed basic but that's the point. The impact of it is the choreography, the editing and those leotards set in that classic b&w look. It's purely a dance video which people hadn't seen in years. I think it's one of the great examples of making the most of a small budget. Simple but elegant. She indeed has more elaborate videos with more interesting treatments but none as iconic. She also did the whole thing in one take!
  5. Beyoncé has been in the industry for 20 years, but has no memorable moments or visible influence, why?

    You're the one with bear set, hun
  6. is your main fave OVER-rated or UNDER-rated?

    All of my popular favs are overrated to an extent, naturally. All of my lesser known favs are a bit underrated, naturally. Neither phrase means much to me because they are almost never used correctly lol.
  7. Do today's music videos lack depth and quality?

    I agree. It seems like popular music videos all have the same look these days or there's nothing interesting being done visually/content-wise, save for a few. Maybe it's always been like that a bit but it seems like everyone's videos are being made by the same 2 or 3 directors whereas back in the day, there was an abundance of directors with their own visual flair. Lots of variety in treatments too. MJ revolutionized the thought process of seeing a music video as a short film and you can tell this drove the medium to peak creativity. A great video can be turned out from a low budget but not if neither the artist or director has no fresh ideas. Also, I think the acts these days don't care as much because their stuff is primarily streamed so the consumer will watch a basic video anyway. Back then, a great music video drove sales.
  8. Beyoncé has been in the industry for 20 years, but has no memorable moments or visible influence, why?

    "Her only memorable moment is being in Destiny's Child"? OP, you either slipped into a coma in 2002 and just woke up or you're a major fucking troll Cute attempt for a hit thread tho.
  9. Is this gonna be a thing now?

    You mean filmed with a potato videos.
  10. If Bey doesn't care about singles, why does she keep releasing so many of them?

    Other stans LOVE being obtuse about this but it's obvious. It's not that she doesn't care about singles, she doesn't care about CAMPAIGNING for them to be standalone HITS. There's a difference. Also, she fucking loves making visuals, even for non-singles. That was established AGES ago so I don't know why op is getting onto her for doing a shit ton of videos like... duh lol Also, everything she's been on this year is someone else's song. She barely lifts a finger to be in others videos. She only "appeared" in Hymn for the Weekend last year because Chris Martin is a good friend lol. She barely promotes her own singles so you know she's not going to help promote other people's. She collaborates because she either really likes a song or really respects the artist. I don't know why people keep fishing for different answers to the same stale question.
  11. Which female is going to slay the AMA's

    It'll probably be Xtina since she's paying tribute to yet another Legicon lol but If I was watching I'd want to see Ms. Ross. Her appearances are a rarity these days and she has a real legends aura. I can pretty much predict how all the others performances/appearances are going to go lol.
  12. Can she get any more extra...?

    Her little soapbox blurb isn't wrong but I can't take this womanchild seriously.
  13. Can she get any more extra...?

    For real?? How embarrassing
  14. Fave songs from each album

    I'm doing top 3 singles and top 3 album tracks from each, in order. DNA Singles: 1) DNA 2) Wings 3) How Ya Doin? Album Tracks: 1) Madhouse 2) Red Planet 3) Going Nowhere Salute Singles: 1) Salute 2) Little Me 3) Move Album tracks: 1) Competition 2) Boy 3) Good Enough Get Weird Singles: 1) Love Me Like You 2) Hair 3) Secret Love Song (I prefer pt. ll bonus version tho) Album tracks: 1) Lightning 2) OMG 3) Love Me or Leave Me Glory Days Singles: 1) Power 2) Touch 3) No More Sad Songs Album tracks: 1) Down + Dirty 2) F.U. 3) Private Show ***Top 3 overall bonus tracks are: 1) Freak 2) The Beginning 3) Stand Down.
  15. Photos New pics of Beyoncé and the twins in Miami

    Adorable munchkins And you guys know she uses her laptop for leisure activity too just like most people. Doesn't mean "omgz new era coming djfjfjeufbsk" all the time lol. Only when you see her going in and out of Parkwood offices with it