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  1. All I'll say is Jenny is a much better actress than she's given credit for. Take from that what you will lol
  2. Most: Gaga, Mariah, Beyoncé, P!nk, Xtina Mid-tier: Madonna, Taylor, Ariana, Katy, Lana Least: Kylie, Rihanna, Britney, Selena I based mine using only their discernible skills and how well they do them. I say 'how well' because some of these girls might know how to do more than one thing but they're average at best at it. Kind of a jack of some/all trades, master at none. Let's put quality over quantity.
  3. The only "Up" I know is from The Saturdays lol
  4. 1. Lemonade / Anti 2. Liberation 3. Caution 4. Glory 5. Future Nostalgia 6. Madame X 7. Chromatica 8. Smile 9. Rare 10. Positions 11. Disco 12. Norman Fucking Rockwell 13. Folklore 14. Brightest Blue
  5. this only makes sense if... it's this or this. They better not hike up the price for no reason. I've been paying the $9.99 since 2011.
  6. lol this is one of those times were the radio edit outpaces the album version in quality. Let's Get It Started just flows better and makes more sense. For best results use the Spike mix. It uses the Started word but keeps the cussing in.
  7. Ariana - The Way. I was like "wait, is this the redhead girl from Victorious?" Beyoncé - Work It Out. Summer of 2002. Used to love catching the video on MTV or BET. I still remember when Bey and Mike Myers rolled up to TRL in a jaguar with a union jack design. Fun times. Britney - Baby One More Time. Me and my cousin had this CD on repeat back in the day. Xtina - Genie In a Bottle. see above. Dua - New Rules. I thought she was brand new and that this was her first single. Come to find out it was one of the last singles of her debut lol. The US was just slow to rece
  8. it's so obscure you can't find it on any streaming services. They band had one album that ended up being shelved by Geffen records back in 2002. This Gunboat song is the only song I know of theirs, due to the Darkness Falls end credits. It may be the only song of theirs that exists.
  9. I believe that children our are future, teach them well and let them lead the way... Greatest Love of All is quite possibly the most iconic last single of any pop diva era.
  10. Mariah Carey The Emancipation of Mimi Butterfly Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel Caution Daydream Glitter The Elusive Chanteuse Emotions Charmbracelet Rainbow E=MC2 Music Box
  11. Haunted Hip Hop Star Hold Up Heaven Halo Hello Have Your Way
  12. 1. Mariah Carey 2. Madonna 3. Beyoncé 4. Britney Spears 5. Lady Gaga 6. Rihanna 7. Christina Aguilera 8. Lana Del Rey 9. Kylie Minogue 10. Dua Lipa 11. Katy Perry 12. Ariana Grande 13. Miley Cyrus 14. Taylor Swift 15. Selena Gomez
  13. 1. Toxic 2. Baby One More Time 3. (You Drive Me) Crazy 4. Oops... I Did It Again 5. Circus 6. Gimme More 7. Womanizer 8. 3 9. Till The World ends 10. Scream and Shout 11. Hold It Against Me 12. S&M remix 13. I Wanna Go