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  1. lol I'm over it
  2. I think the extent to which she helped him is in his businessman image and international profile. I don't know how old or how well versed some of you are on American pop culture but he was already a household name by the time they (quietly) got together. As far as his post-prime musical relevance, it's been mostly younger acts that have kept him in the charts. She's one of them but not the only one. He's a rapper so that means a bajillion collabs and with his legend status, it's quite easy lol. I also think he helped her in some ways too. Specifically on the internal business side of things, though she wasn't lacking knowledge in that department. They've lifted each other up but they probably would've achieved the same things or similar had they never gotten together. They were already musically successful before and very driven. I'm thinking that is one of the things that attracted them to each other. They have a brand but then they still have their own musical legacies/identities/brands, independent of one another. A true blue power couple and arguably the most iconic celebrity pair of our time.
  3. This is kinda how I feel. I like certain kinds of musicals but it has to be half dialogue. I don't remember which part of Evita I had caught on TV one time but it went like 30 min. with no dialogue lol. I changed the channel. I'd rather just hear the soundtrack.
  4. Game

  5. Game

  6. Every one of their predecessors 5th albums are superior (bar Lotus). I still like something about each girl's 5th effort but in the grand scheme of 5th pop girl albums they don't quite measure up in any aspect.
  7. I like a few 5H songs but they don't hook me in the same way Little Mix does. I love that cheeky foursome.
  8. Something has to be rated high and often in order to even qualify for "overrated-ness." Fan favorite tracks are not enough.
  9. How is that sad?
  10. You mean do they need to stay with current top40 trends because there isn't a single pop singer whose music isn't mainstream, no matter how "experimental" they may get.
  11. It was more the media driving that comeback angle. It was kinda odd because Brit had just put out Blackout a year earlier lol. But I guess they meant it was a personal triumph and a return to positive public perception which it was.
  12. Glory
  13. And sometimes the payoff comes later.
  14. I didn't even know she had a dalliance with this creature. That's an L in and of itself. But James is messy for asking something that personal lol.
  15. I can understand the appeal of most acts, even if they don't appeal to me. There is a market for everything, even stuff I don't like. Imagine that.