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  1. When I'm drunk I love Girlfriend when I'm getting drunk I love What The Hell & when I'm sobering up and wanna cry, I love When You're Gone.
  2. When You're Gone What The Hell Girlfriend <3
  3. We'll see if this is a good thing or a bad thing. In my dream world, Britney would leave her label and they'd be SO pissed off that they'd leak all her unreleased shit (including the full Rebellion, Original Doll album & full Gimme More & IWG video etc etc etc)...then she'd take them back and everything would be back to normal. [/delusion]
  4. Awww take it you're a fan of the classics ? lol Have you heard about the brand new Lara Croft they've created for the upcoming game. I am STOKED for it, it's gonna be amazing!
  5. Yeah I've played them all <3 Underworld is amazing! Legend was - and still is - my favourite though <3
  6. Any Tomb Raider, Smackdown VS Raw's, Resident Evil's!
  7. I wanna hear Rockstar from the Blackout era SO badly.
  8. Burn her current single & never speak of it again.
  9. I just wasted 50 seconds on my life viewing this thread. +arrow+
  10. I love it. I always have a thing for silly meaningless songs.
  11. I cried at the scene when Bonnie "died"
  12. Leona probably showed up and bored them to death.