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  1. is the lyric mentality or eternity i hear both
  2. bop haters are mad its not generic electronic trap pop with a major lazer post-chorus drop seethe at ari's talent and unique sound
  3. here

    ari is tryna KILL me with that videomess1

  4. Bop i love the verses and she sounds so cute when she talks out the pickin it up part
  5. Musically her sound has always been more distinctive on her non-singles with this smooth, big vocal R&B influence and more complex melodies/lots of harmonies, but she did used to sell out her sound a bit on her radio singles. But it looks like she’s embracing it more with NTLTC and I’m here for it
  6. Discussion

    I thought one last time was a basic filler at first but now it’s my fav i also like DW and the way
  7. have y’all seen the Truman show? It’s a Jim Carrey movie and I’m convinced her pic on the stairs is a reference to the last scene
  8. are they? i hear them both to be in C major. or are my ears playing tricks on me
  9. the one who can command a stage on raw talent instead of resorting to cheap theatrics and shock value to make up for her lack thereof