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  1. still looking it up.... i never took those 3 voice classes or earned that $15 music degree of yours
  2. so did you look it up yet or
  3. vocal pedagogy is literally the term for what you're trying (and terribly failing) to display and if you knew the first thing about it...... you'd be analyzing their consistency and RESONANCE, not how far they sing from the mic you'd be looking at the DEVELOPMENT of their registers, not your fake definitions of ~power~ and ~dynamic singing~ you'd be comparing their SUPPORT and SUPPORTED RANGE, not how gaga can squeeze out a pinched G5 for a half second and if you want definitions of these BIG words... look it up
  4. then don't reply to me calling it the truth
  5. babe it's not truth it's a short novel filled with made up definitions and just flat out ridiculous statements like stop acting like seasoned voice teachers just bc you read a few pages of diva devotee y'all can like gaga more all you want but don't go calling her a contralto
  6. xtina "obliterates" bey "mic feedback" blares out from power the definitions of "power" and "projection" oh and "dynamic singing" beyonce untrained gaga a contralto please delete this post it's an embarrassment to vocal pedagogy and i am cringing
  7. on a technical level they're both pretty spectacular beyonce is better and honestly the voice of this generation, but gaga isn't far behind
  8. who told her it was okay to scream that G5 in the middle
  9. +1 ariana and mariah's tones couldn't be more different. mariah's tone is crisp and rich and metallic while ariana's is thin, soft, and smooth. they just like doing similar things like upper octave belting and abusing falsetto and that's where they get the comparisons
  10. or much else for the matter
  11. the OG tomboy anti-britney punk princess