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  1. rih > katy if she dyes her hair back to black > taylor > gaga > katy if she keeps the blonde pixie cut
  2. Nihilego

    tbh she’s more capable than the GP realizes. its just when she has bad live moments they’re really bad. like her tone just sounds really ugly if she has the wrong song katy acoustic >>>>
  3. her voice sounds HEAVENLY in her verse omg a fuckin bop such good redemption for TLIC low key wish falsettoriana made more of an appearance tho it would have sounded divine on this track
  4. demi it's time to stop trying for that Bb5 in FIL now
  5. Nihilego

    Beyonce is a virtuosic vocalist and a decent dancer Tinashe is a great dancer, and she's an underrated vocalist too Can't speak for the elderly options dunno about them
  6. did this girl cheat on mac im disappointed on a side note its so cute/fitting that the ring is shaped like a teardrop
  7. Nihilego

    Celeb News

    get that promo legend we stan a businesswoman
  8. Nihilego

    tbh I blame 100% of katy’s floppage on her hair
  9. Nihilego

    5 posts in and no one mentioned zayn
  10. Nihilego

  11. It's the milkiest of all her albums for sure, but I wouldn't say it's entirely milk
  12. Nihilego here

    i finally saw love, simon and cry3

  13. You type your posts aligned center. Let's not with the whining about how Ari doesn't type natural.