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  1. Nihilego

    You’re just... wrong. Sorry. Her technique is not really an argument. I didn’t say she sounded bad, she just sang improperly and is suffering now.
  2. how she snatch her wig from 10 bodyguards away tho
  3. Nihilego

    She strained since day 1. She has had the same bad belting technique since the beginning in that she belts with nearly all chest instead of mixing, and that basically puts so much pressure on the vocal cords and moves the sound into the throat... hence her signature rasp. She sounded better in the beginning because her voice was less damaged and could handle the extra pressure. The GP loves the sound of a chesty belt, and in the beginning that’s what Xtina did. We all know her natural tone was beautiful, but imo what happened was that she got so much acclaim for her voice in the beginning that she never felt the need to learn proper technique that would protect it... and now you can see the toll that screaming takes on the voice over time.
  4. why is cardi in pop /rock 💀
  6. Nihilego here

    not me getting fenty pumas at 25% of  original retail price ari5

  7. Nihilego here

    not me getting fenty pumas at 25% of  original retail price ari5

  8. Nihilego

    i swear nickis monster verse is the new britney wrote everytime
  9. Nihilego

    is someone gonna tell us what she really said or are we just keep repeating that its wrong
  10. Nihilego

    but nicki is classy!!11 how dare anyone praise being violent and threatening people!!11!! trash hoodrat!!1
  11. the bare minimum tbh but still good on her
  12. Nihilego

    y'all so extra, all that @ShutUpRae is trying to say is that Ari's actions may have fueled Mac's depression, not that she's to blame for his death. YES, she had every right to exit her 2-year relationship with Mac, whether because it was toxic or for whatever reason YES, lbr it was inconsiderate of Ari immediately enter a new and very PUBLICLY TOUTED relationship and become ENGAGED in a few short weeks, but it's her life and she has the right to do so YES, we can reasonably say that these events were pretty brutal on Mac, probably made him even more depressed NO, Ari is not responsible for Mac's death because 1) You can't foresee someone else's accidental OD 2) Every human has the right to walk out on relationships for his/her own betterment... sometimes, you're just not the person who can save someone. 3) Someone else's life is NEVER your responsibility EVEN IF you may influence the course of it That's reality. Realistically, Ari was definitely part of a series of events/circumstances that fueled Mac's depression and eventual OD, but she cannot be held responsible or accountable for whatever happens in his life. They're grown adults, they're influenced by others' actions but are only accountable for their own lives.
  13. Nihilego here

    remember when xtina hit an H9


    1. Chris Morlock

      nobody even remembers Liberation. moo12 

    2. Sylk

      Bitch wtf is a H9