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  1. she is boning channing tatum so who tf cares
  2. queen of supporting pedos
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    aight where are the nudes
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    kesha used to be absolutely massive until all the dr luke things. so unfair but true
  5. she’s not even dragging she’s just calling people ugly i —
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    why was she so flat on the note at the end of the first run is this what we’re praising these days
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    he’s so cute and honestly has the most adorable personality
  8. he mentioned like 5 other things before and alongside that too but go off
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    General News

    the black people with pink paint splotches all over their skin are shook and horrified
  11. Yes, that would be a Robbery
  12. she pissed the grammys off and still won
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    aris nose is literally the ideal nose
  14. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.usatoday.com/amp/2988693002 As of today she is the most followed woman on Instagram, beating out Selena Gomez. She can’t be stopped
  15. she’s not actually mad idt, i’ve been to a couple of her shows this is just her personality. she’s great at engaging the crowd
  16. i disagree that intent is all that matters. not when you’re a public figure making money off of your image and content. but i agree she meant no wrong, and that’s why i can forgive her. and i’d wish she would stop. but she is a public figure and she needs to be more conscious of this stuff regardless of her intent (which is hard to do, and people slip, and that’s okay). people like ari (and you i presume?) don’t grow up as a minority in a country where you’re pressured to assimilate to white people, when white people can get away with acting japanese-y to look cutesier or more exotic or edgy. which is why Japanese natives get excited seeing it because they’re less aware, but Japanese-Americans may find it really annoying. these feelings really do exist and i don’t think you should overlook them just because you, as an unaffected individual, think “there are bigger issues in the world” or because some twitter SJWs are being overly aggressive and annoying about it. i’m not trying to bully you or cancel you or whatever, just here to express my thoughts as a minority individual in the US who has felt the same feelings before. it is genuinely annoying.
  17. sigh You know behind those SJWs there are actual Japanese-American people there who have gotten increasingly annoyed and I understand them. Like sure, we know Ari is a weeb by now and she can get all the Pokémon or anime tattoos that she wants, that’s fine. But then she’s going on Fallon teaching wrong Japanese, getting and publicizing her kanji tattoos before she even knew the correct grammar, and putting japanese in her pink trap house video to make it feel more exotic and punk. I asked my Japanese-American and he literally said she deserved her tattoo fuckup for acting like she’s a spokesperson of the language and using it as an aesthetic. He was a fan of hers like not too long ago. So yes, SJWs are annoying and overdo it, but they actually do stem from real and genuine feelings of minorities in the US. still a stan tho bc i genuinely don’t think she meant any harm but i wish she’d stop
  18. Enough of this “omg no it’s cultural appreciation” bullshit. She is guilty of cultural appropriation. Do I think she means bad? Not at all. But non-POC have a hard time understanding the feelings of POC, and I can understand why she feels reassurance when her Japanese fans react well to her use of their culture. It isn’t easy for whites to understand feeling like your culture is appropriated because they haven’t experienced it themselves, and it’s even harder when 1000s of different opinions about the subject are being thrown at you on social media. So she is clearly using Japanese culture as a cutesy aesthetic inappropriately, but she also likes the culture and means no harm. Doesn’t make it okay though.
  19. tbh don’t think the dancing basic blonde it girl is in season right now. music is hella generic and dated too the first verse of that second song slaps tho, i wanted to like it but then it just failed to deliver beyond being generic pop
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    this is a meme
  21. ew tbh gofundme should keep the money
  22. she was 17 not 12, not 9, not 4, and he realized after the fact. calm down you dramatic ass fags
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    your fav can't do either of those sweaty, so where do we go from here
  24. pop music gays acting like experienced strategy consultants in this thread department stores are closing because consumers are shopping online and don't need an "everything" store when they can see all their options are laid out in one place already with one google/amazon search. in sears's case, they had shit management, lost clothing sales to fast fashion shops, home appliances to home depot and lowes, and overall tanked their branding ever since they were the butt of that joke in mean girls